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"Well it does have a lot to do..."

I love this series, as I imagine most of the other reviewers do, but this is far from my favorite in the series. This game did not make me want to play it. There was plenty that I could do, but there was almost nothing that I actually wanted to do. It didn't keep me wanting to play it. For whatever reason, this installment to the series just could not keep my interest, so let's delve into the possible reasons why.

Story 5/10

The witch princess makes the harvest goddess go bye bye. It is naturally your job, as a farmer, to bring her back. You do this by finding all the little harvest sprites, who of course outnumber the people of Forget-Me-Not-Valley in population. I never exactly played these games for the story, but I prefer the older stories. Even if they were simple, they still set up the story nicely. My favorites are when you inherit the farm from a family member. It brings a comforting quality to the game, whereas this game is set up in a magical world controlled by a witch...who doesn't actually do that much throughout the game and who the NPC's never even notice.

The story does not make much sense, and does not effectively establish the world that you will be playing in. The pure quality of the story is also lacking.

Graphics 8/10

Harvest Moon graphics should be fairly simple, and given the nature of the game, relatively cartoon-like. There is no real flaw with these graphics, just that they are the same as the graphics from the GBA games. There could have been major improvement, but I like how Harvest Moon games always keep their graphics simple.

Gameplay 7/10

This game plays about the same as the other Harvest Moons. Not much is added to make it more fun, and not much is taken away. There is no time limit, so there's really nothing pushing you to succeed in anything, and there's no competition to drive you further, like there is in Magical Melody. One nice feature is that you can now use the touch screen to open the menu, making it easier to access information and items. Doesn't help much though, as the old games worked just as well. Also, as with most HM games, there is the occasional bug or glitch, which can become annoying

Overall 7/10
Story lines have always been slightly insignificant in Harvest Moon games, although it does add a decent amount to the fun of playing in the world that the games establish. Also, if you count marriage as part of the story, then the story holds one of the main focuses for many people who play this game.
A Harvest Moon game will never be used to showcase the power of a next generation system. Their graphics are simple and sweet, and fit the style of the game well.
There is no major difference in how this game plays that will revolutionize how you see the series. It is the same, or if anything, a bit duller. If you play the Harvest Moon games for the gameplay, then you might as well get FoMT for the GBA or another one in the series, as this one is basically the same thing.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/19/07

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