Review by Blood_Nights

"Great, but still lacking"

Theres many reasons to my low score. This game, like many other Harvest Moons, was fun for those who like sim/farming games like I, but, unlike the other Harvest Moon games, this one seemed like it was incomplete, or alot of codes left in that should have been deleted that caused conflict.

When I got it was probably a couple days after its release. From that time, I found its FoMT graphics to be suiting for the game, but I didn't expect my first game to be ruined by the Ghost Town glitch. A big nuisence when it comes to a game that you're required to interact with characters to get items.

Onto the gameplay. Simple, easy to understand, waste of toach screen. The touch screen was kind of a problem when the screen isn't always right on (especially on an older system where recalibrating the screen doesn't do to much or takes two hours to complete). You would drag an item to hold, but, instead of holding it, it would go back to the slot it was in. This caused problems along with alot of wasted time.

The farming was just that-farming. Only great leap in this would be the customization. Building buildings you wanted was great. You could be souly ranching, pultry, or just plain old plants.

The best part was how many potential brides. There were 7 ido believe along with an extra 3, for a total of 10. Even though there is a few that cause your game to end, its still a great concept that they should include in later HM DS titles.

As for the over all game, it gets boring after about year 3, where everything repeats. It was almost impossible to improve plant quality and I, not once in the entire time I had the game, got a large version of a plant. There were so many bugs in the game that it ruined the fun when you accidentally got the money glitch.

Over all, the game was glitchy, and they could of easily included some sort of online trading for plants and such. An online market if you will. But, I guess farm games can't have everything, and this game was fine the way it was. The game had virtually no replay value due to the repeating and the fact that, once you got the money glitch, you got it every single year you played. This caused serious conflict with people who wanted to make a legit farm.

Final Total Score: 5/10
Replay: 0/10 (Nothing to replay)

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/26/07

Game Release: Harvest Moon DS (US, 09/12/06)

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