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Reviewed: 10/27/10

The worst glitch that can happen in this game is that you don't buy it.

I’m not a newbie to Harvest Moon and I’ve played other instalments in the series, but when I played this game, I just couldn’t put it down. My friends called me crazy, and tried to drag it away from my glued hands, but their efforts were in vein. This is a very appealing game that I am very hay to have the pleasure to own and I don’t think that I have any other DS game that is a addicting as this.

Plot (4/10):
Unfortunately, the plot is really practically useless. The Witch Princess is irritated with the Harvest Goddess, because she keeps on yelling TA-DA and thus casts a spell which makes her go to another world and also transports all 101 harvest Sprites to the other world. It’s a really weak storyline and the point of having to save at least 60 of those 101 sprites is extremely annoying. And once you finally save the Harvest Goddess, all she does is say one thing and then disappears like nothing has happened. Not a celebration or anything and business goes a per normal. Not that plot has to much importance in a Harvest Moon game, but it would be nice for something worthwhile.

Sound (7/10):
The music of the game is like every other Harvest Moon Game. The music corresponds with the season and is a small tune that endlessly loops, throughout the day. The music plays practically everywhere and can get annoying if videogame music has that effect on you. However, if you feel like a change, you can always go to channel 5 of your harvest Sprite Television Network and change the music to an old song from a previous game, that you have bought from the harvest Sprite Tree. The little bleeps and bloops whenever you do something like walk, move an item, pick up something e.t.c., can get irritating and the animal noises are annoying too when you have to feed them, but apart from that the sounds are ok.

Graphics (9/10):
The first Harvest Moon game I played was Friends of Mineral town and I loved its graphics thoroughly. Luckily for me, the same graphics were used for this game and I was so pleased. It looks really nice and It is pretty clear to see what everything is. Also, when you talk to someone, a close up headshot appears on the bottom screen with their text so that you can see what they look like up close and what expression they have on their face, unlike the older Harvest Moons.

Gameplay (10/10):
Of course the main aspect of any game is the gameplay and HMDS has a very vast amount of gameplay elements. You farm, you take care of animals, you befriend villagers, you get married, you go mining, the possibilities are near endless and you still have heaps of fun once you’ve completed most of the game. The only main drawback is that this game is the glitchiest game I have ever encountered. Some of these glitches can damage your save file and make it unplayable, and some of them can give you a billion bells instantly. Most, however, are just little things that can be easily forgotten about. But don’t let those glitches stop you from buying this game. It is a master piece and no glitches should stop you from having a good time. The farming aspect can get a bit annoying with how much you have to do if you decide to plant heaps of plants, but if you hire the harvest Sprites help, it become a breeze. And who could forget marriage. An age old tradition from the first Harvest Moon and there are around 9 wonderful ladies to choose from. The Marvelous Muffy(My choice), The Lustrous Lumina, The Courteous Celia, The Flowering Flora, The Natural Nami and the five other special girls who are harder to marry. And then after marriage comes kids! After he’s born the game ope up a whole lot of extra sidequests which make the game even better.

Replayabilty (10/10):
As I stated before, This game goes on forever and that makes it last for a lifetime. And if you get bored of one save file, you can use the other one and try to do things differently and marry a different person and change the way you play in a utterly new way. If you didn’t want to replay this game you would probably be crazy.

Rent or Buy:
Definitely buy. Not that you could really rent it, but why would you want to? You’d just end up buying it any way, so safe your self a few dollars by not renting it and just buying it.

Overall opinion (9/10):
How could you not resist such a good game? It is pure gold and if your going somewhere, take it with you, because it will entertain you if you go somewhere boring and entertain you when you go somewhere fun. It’s the perfect game for curling up in a special place and playing for a very enjoyable couple of hours.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Harvest Moon DS (US, 09/12/06)

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