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"Bokujou Monogatari: Korobokkuru Station imported and reviewed ^_^"

Ahh, another harvest moon game. Time for us crazed fan boys and girls to put on our best overalls, dust off our old watering cans and get ready for all out farming fun. A little mention before we go any further, this is an import review. As of the time of writing their is no English version and there are likely some things that will be different and I have no idea how they'll effect game play.

If you have never heard of BOKUJOU MONOGATARI or Harvest Moon, you shouldn't be to surprised. While although I am a long time fan of the series, it's only truly been the last couple years that this series is moving more and more into the mainstream. As you live your day to day life on the farm, you have to struggle to manage all of your time doing work, meeting and talking to neighbors, wooing one of 14 different girls, getting married and living a happy life.

This is the first version to hit nintendo's DS and I think it's a very good start on the system. Instead of making this game feel completely new, it feels like a heavily updated version of FoMT which isn't a bad thing at all. The addition of the touch screen adds a few nice new ways to interact with your animals and the environment around you. Besides it's use for interacting with animals, the second screen allows you to view any other section of your farm or in town in real time, allowing you to easily keep track of the girl of your virtual dreams or to easily track any animals that have gone astray.

The majority of the graphics for this game have been lifted straight from it's GBA predecessor which is both a good and bad thing. For a 2-D game, it's pretty standard in graphics, neither really excelling or stumbling. Still, as the DS is capable of much much more I was kind of expecting much much more from this sequel. The only thing that looks really well done are the portrait pictures of each of the characters. They have all been redone for this game and each of the girls look cuter then ever.

Music has never been a real big part in Harvest moon games. As there are only 1 song for each season, you are usually treated to the same songs over and over again which gets repetitive really fast. Luckily, the songs in this game (while still only 1 per season) feel more varied and sound a lot better then anything the GBA can produce. With the addition of the sprite radio station, you can also change the background music to any record you find or buy in the game which also helps deal with the musical repetitiveness.

Replay has always been one of the biggest values behind a harvest moon game, and I'd say this one has more replay value then any before it. With a game that theoretically won't end and the ability to play the game over and choose a different wife out of 14 total you can literally just keep playing this game. Starting over is just as much fun the 3rd or 4th time as it is the first.

Sprite's station is NOT without it's faults however. This game does feel like it was a bit rushed out of the development. Nothing feels "missing" so much as there are quite a few glitches. Occasionally getting stuck or having your items being removed or deleted is a major set back. Worse is mysteriously losing your cat when you place a building on top of it by accident. Do these ruin the game? No... but as many of us importers and japanese players know it can be very frustrating. Hopefully these will all be fixed by the the time the game is released in North America and Europe.

BOKUJOU MONOGATARI: KOROBOKKURU STATION is a great game for people who already love this series and it will definitely make a good place to start for people new to the franchise.

Graphics: 6/10
The graphics are functional and the portraits are well done but the graphics don't feel like they belong on the DS. While the backgrounds are noticeably better done then on the GBA FoMT it's still kind of lacking.

Sound 8/10
A mixed bag of really great songs, a few good songs, a song or two that takes a while to get used to, and an occasional bad song. The ability to change the background music fairly early on in the game is a big help and I'm glad to see it in.

Game play 9/10
The game play is phenomenal. Everything is as it should be in the harvest moon world. The only thing keeping it from getting a perfect 10 is the fact that the glitches often ruin would could be excellent game play.

Replay Value 10/10
You will never play a game with as much replay value as a harvest moon game. That's just a simple fact. While you may not be crawling through dungeons slaughtering everything you meet (though you can in this game too ^_^) there is always way to much things you can do and a limited time in which to do it. And with 14 different girls to get married to you'll often be replaying just to marry them and seeing what all is different.

Final Score 8/10
I think this would have gotten a 9 or a 10 if they had merely updated the sprites as well as the portraits and spent more time bug fixing. Besides that I think this game is absolutely excellent and should give it a try. If you don't want to import it (or can't understand enough japanese to play) then wait till it's released in your region THEN get it. Who knows, maybe when the game is translated the bugs will be removed and we'll see one of the best titles for the Nintendo DS.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/07/05

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