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    FAQ/Walkthrough by mithross

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    Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer FAQ
    Copyright 2008  Michael Noah
    This FAQ is still a work in progress, as you'll see as you scroll through it.
    Please feel free contact me with any information I may have missed or have 
    incorrect. My email is mithross(at)hotmail.com, and please have "shiren FAQ" 
    or something similar in the topic so I don't throw your email away.
    This FAQ is only to be posted at gameFAQs. I haven't given any other site 
    permission, so please contact me if you see it elsewhere.
    Table of Contents
    To jump to a catagory, search for the term in the brackets.
    Getting started                  [IND01]
    Controls                         [IND02]
    Hints and tips for starting      [IND03]
    Main Dungeon and Towns           [IND04]
    Sidequests                       [IND05]
    Important incidentals            [IND06]
    Postgame Events                  [IND07]
    Optional dungeon data            [IND08]
    Fay's Problems                   [IND09]
    Monster and Item lists           [IND10]
    Secrets                          [IND11]
    Getting started   [IND01]
       Here is a brief description of the game, so you know what you're getting 
    into when you pick up the DS. Shiren the Wanderer is a roguelike game, which 
    means it is turn based, and has a severe penalty for death. It's unforgiving at 
    times, although the rescue system helps some. If you don't like the idea of
    losing everything you've worked for if you die, then you may want to think 
    twice about playing this game.
       That being said, I personally love this game, enough to write this FAQ about
    it, anyway. I enjoy having time to plan what I'm going to do, and having death
    matter makes the game more interesting to me. Even when I feel like screaming
    and cursing everyone who ever worked on this title, I keep playing...
    Controls   [IND02]
    The controls for shiren are fairly simple, most of them are gone over in the 
    tutorial dungeon, but just in case, here they are again.
    L: Shoots arrows if you have them equipped. In monster form, uses the monsters
       special ability
    R: Restricts movement to diagonals only. vital when running from monsters.
    X: Opens the menu
    Y: Hold to change the direction Shiren is facing without moving.
    B: Many uses. Press to open your inventory. Hold to run until you walk into
       something interesting (a corner, a monster, an item). Hold when stepping 
       onto an item to leave it on the ground. Hold when walking into an NPC to
       switch places with him. Back out of the menu.
    A: Attack in the direction Shiren is facing. Select a menu option. Talk to 
    Hints and tips   [IND03]
    Shiren is a roguelike game, which means it shares traits with other roguelikes,
    one in particular being a certain lack of forgiveness. Hopefully these tips
    will help you avoid some deaths.
    -Take care of your items, and they'll take care of you. Character levels and 
     money disappear between attempts, but items only disappear if you die without
     taking advantage of one of the myriad ways of saving them. Storehouse jars and
     warehouses are great.
    -Along with keeping your items, upgrade your weapons. With a high level master
     sword and a high level shield, a lvl 1 Shiren can start on floor 8 without any
     problems, or even higher.
    -Solve Fay's puzzles. Even though he doesn't always give you the best items,
     early on, any item is good. Stock up on healing items before you go.
    -Get riceballs. Before each attempt, you can get a free big riceball from the
     bartender in Canyon Town. This makes him your best friend in the whole world.
    -Combine the two previous tips. Get a riceball, store it in the warehouse, and
    then do a puzzle. When you get back, you can get another riceball from the bar.
    -Time is on your side. Since monsters will not move until you do (though they
     do sometimes move twice), you have all the time you need to plan what you
     should do next.
    Main Dungeon and Towns [IND04]
    This section is still in progress. I plan on adding what monsters appear on
    each floor, as well as the terrain type and any special concerns, but I haven't
    gathered all the data yet.
    0F: Canyon Hamlet
       You'll be seeing more of Canyon Hamlet then you will of anywhere else. Each
    time you die or quit, you wake up here. There are four buildings in town. From
    left to right, they are: 
       The bar. The people here will give you hints about how to play, and the 
       bartender gives you a free big riceball each adventure. 
       The warehouse. This 5x5 room will store your items for you, and keep them 
       safe even if you die.
       The inn. You wake up here when you die, or return to town for some other 
       reason. I don't know of any other use this place has.
       Fay's house. Has Fay's puzzles, and also serves an extra purpose later.
    The exit to town is on the far right. The first time you get to Canyon Hamlet, 
    a man blocks the exit, until you demonstrate your knowledge of how to switch
    places with an NPC (hold B as you walk into him), by switching with him. Just 
    west of the exit is Hoi the missionary, who lets you begin rescue attempts. 
    Later in the game a cartwright opens just south of the exit, who takes you to
    the other stopping points. I jumped up floors too quickly, and don't know
    exactly when he opens, but I do know it's tied to the highest floor you've 
    reached in the main dungeon.
    1F: Old Cedar Road
    2F: Old Cedar Road
    3F: Mountain Stream
    4F: Mountain Stream
    Rest floor: Bamboo Village
       Bamboo village is the second resting point you reach. It has a few
    buisnesses not found in Canyon Hamlet. 
    The furthest left building is a store. If you drop your items on an empty 
    space, then speak to the shopkeeper, he will make you an offer on them. 
    Two buildings to the right is a blacksmith. Once per adventure he'll upgrade 
    one weapon by +1 for 1000 gitan. Not a bad deal. 
    Down the southern path another cartwright will eventually open up, though 
    again, I missed exactly when on my first play through.
    Further down the main path from the blacksmith is a bar, which has some NPCs
    and not much else.
    5F: Pegasus Ridge
    6F: Pegasus Ridge
    7F: Mountaintop forest
    Rest floor: Mountaintop Village
       Mountaintop village is probably the most useful rest floor after Canyon 
    Hamlet. It only has a warehouse and an inn at first, but after completing a few
    sidequests, it gains a resturant and a jar shop. It's also the highest point
    a cart will take you until you reach the post game dungeons.
    The warehouse here is the same as the one in Canyon Hamlet, but it's 8 squares.
    The inn here fully heals you and fills you up, but costs 1000 gitans.
    The resturant, when it opens, will increase your max fullness, and your hp,
    for free, once an adventure.
    The jar shop sells jars, mostly jars of holding, of change, and chiropractic
    jars, but the rare jars do show up occasionally. Unfortunatly, the jars here
    are not always identified, so you may have to buy one, leave town, and 
    return to town to find out what you paid for. You can only sell jars in this
    store, and you have to make an open spot by picking one up first. If you pick
    up a jar you can't afford to sell another jar, you may end up stuck and forced
    to give up, so be careful.
    8F: Old Mine
    9F: Old Mine
    Rest Floor: Janus Valley
       This floor has a bridge. That's it. Later on it has a point.
    10F: Cavern in the Cliff
    11F: Cavern in the Cliff
    12F: Cave Mtn. Spirits
    13F: Cave Mtn. Spirits
    14F: Cave Mtn. Spirits
    Rest Floor: Cryptic Rock Valley
       This town has a Parcel Place, and inn, and not much else. The parcel place
    is the same size as the one in Mountaintop Town, and is the highest storage
    area. It won't open until save the little girl in the dungeon, detailed in the
    sidequest section.
    The inn works the same as the others, and costs 1500 gitan. The only other 
    point of interest in this town is a spoiled little girl. She is usually inside,
    but occasionally appears outside with her mother. When you see her outside, if
    you speak to her she'll ask for a random item in your pack (she asks by number,
    so if you don't get to double check what she wants). Give it to her for a
    reward. In my game it was a katana +10.
    This is the last floor you can backtrack from. Once you go to 15F, you can't
    turn around.
    15F: Waterfall Marsh
    16F: Waterfall Marsh
    17F: Table Mountain
    18F: Table Mountain
    19F: Table Mountain
    20F: Table Mountain
    21F: Table Mountain
    Rest Floor: Stream Village
       This town is the most limited of them all. It has a small shop and an inn.
    The inn costs 2000 gitans. The people here have some information on what's 
    coming up, but none of it is particularly useful.
    22F: Table Mountain
    23F: Table Mountain
    24F: Table Mountain
    25F: Table Mountain
    26F: Trial of Illusions
    27F: Trial of Phantoms
    28F: Dragoncry Trials
    29F: Final Trial
    Rest Floor: Golden City
       That's right, you've made it! But... nothing is covered in gold, and it all
    looks destroyed. Koppa points out a stone to read, and there are several more
    that tell you what happened here, and what you have to do. After you read
    them, follow the path to a waterfall, and walk behind it to reach...
    30F: Cave behind the Waterfall
       This is a scary place. In this cave is the Tainted Insect, the final boss
    of the story. You'll know him when you see him, he's larger then any other
    monster. He has a ton of hp, and hits like a tank. A number of other monsters
    are in the room with him (I don't know which ones, I didn't take notes when
    I first made it to this floor). When the Tainted Insect dies, all the other 
    monsters here will despawn. There are no tunnels to fight in. My strategy for
    beating the Insect was a little cheap. I hit him with a weak monsters meat,
    then killed what he turned into. Killing the insect this way still despawns
    all the other monsters, but you don't get the XP for the win. Then again, as
    soon as you finish him off, you can go to the top center of the map, hit the
    wall, save the condor, and return to town... and to level 1.
    Sidequests     [IND05]
       There are several sidequests in this game, and most of them start in the
    dungeon, randomly. Following is a list of all the sidequests, how to complete
    them, and the rewards.
    Finding your 'little brother' - When you first reach Bamboo town and enter the
    store, you'll see a clumsy shop worker trip and break a pot. Speak to him, and
    he will ask you if your name is shiren (or whatever your name is). If you
    tell him it is, he'll ask you to meet him in the bar. Do so. He will tell
    you that he is your brother, and ask you some questions. You can answer any
    way you'd like.
    The next time you reach Bamboo town, make sure you have at least 1000 gitans,
    and speak to Pekeji again. He'll ask you to meet him in the bar again. when
    you do, he'll say he's in love, and wants to open a shop with his girlfriend, 
    but they don't have the money. Ask him how much he needs, then, when he turns
    to leave, volunteer the money. He will take it and run off.
    On your next adventure, Pekeji will no longer be in the store. Go to the
    bar to watch him get thrown out, drunk. You have the chance to ask him
    three questions. Pick all three in any order, then punch Pekeji. He will decide
    that the punch means you really care, and ask if he can join your party. Let
    him. From then on you'll find him wandering the dungeon as an NPC, and he
    will join you if you talk to him and select the option "Punch him".
    Pekeji is a horrible party member... at first. He starts fairly weak, he
    asks for riceballs every floor or two (throw one at him to give it to him),
    and he punches you (for damage) about one attack in four. But if you keep him
    around and feed him when he asks, the next time you have him join you, he'll
    spout some nonsense about training, which means he's leveled up. Each time
    his message changes it means he's gotten stronger. As he gets stronger he
    asks for food less frequently, hits you less frequently, and hits much harder.
    At max level, he stops asking for riceballs completly, and, I think, stops
    hitting you completly.
    Oryu, the Blinding Woman - Another party member who starts off as a pain in
    your butt. You'll eventually meet a woman wandering the lower floors of the
    dungeon (before Bamboo Town). When you talk to her, she offers to give you a
    surprise, if you close your eyes. Agree to do so, and she'll blind you, then
    run off. Reach Bamboo town, and you'll see two men near the entrance who 
    complain about being blinded.
    On the same floors (1F-4F) on a later adventure, you may again run into the
    blinding woman. When you speak to her she will claim to be the twin of the
    first woman, and apologize on her twins behalf. She'll offer to give you some
    thing... bam! and blind you again, then vanish.
    After this event, at some point, in bamboo town, you'll see the two other
    men who complained about being blinded cornering the blinding woman. Go up
    to them and choose to help the woman. You'll fight the two men (who are
    weak), and then Oryu will offer to join you. Accept. She'll blind you again,
    but she doesn't run off afterwards. When you can see, you'll have her in your
    As a party member, Oryu is nice. Every so often the message log will show a
    "Bam!" with no description, which means Oryu has blinded whoever she just
    pointed at. Most enemies, when blind, will wander aimlessly, but some (like
    the cannon monsters) will continue to shoot at random.
    The Massuese - As you travel in the first four floors of the dungeon, you may
    encounter keichi, the massuese. He will offer to cure all your woes for 200
    gitan. Pay him, and he will screw up, lowering your current fullness, and 
    hurting you. He'll offer to fix it, for another 200. He does have a small
    chance to not screw up, but it's not really worth it. 
    After Kechi hurts you, on a later adventure you may see him in Bamboo town,
    on the path to the farmer and Wagoner. He will be attacked by four men, and
    beat them all himself. Speak to him then leave.
    Saving a little girl - Somewhere between Mountaintop Town and Cryptic Rock
    Valley you may see a little girl in the dungeon. When you speak to her she 
    tells you that she's lost. Take her with you, and then get her to Cryptic Rock
    Valley, which is easier said then done. Doing so will open the Parcel place.
    Opening the resturant - On 1F or 2F you may see a man in a cooking outfit. If
    you speak to him, he will tell you that he wants to make a dish out of mamel
    meat, but he's run out. If you agree to get some for him, he'll give you 
    Bufu's Staff[0]. This staff will turn whatever you throw it at into meat. 
    Find a mamel, turn it into meat, and return the meat the Naoki for a meal
    that increases your max fullness.
    Later, in Mountaintop town, there may be a new resturant built on the northern
    most point of the cliff. If there isn't, go into the original resturant, talk
    to everyone, and check again on your next adventure. when the new building 
    appears, go inside and try some food. If you don't have enough money, it's on
    the house. This is for the best, because otherwise you pay for poison. The food
    is so bad, you will lose hp and max fullness. You'll stumble out of the place.
    At some point, you may run into Naoki in the dungeon again. If you talk to him,
    he'll ask you to escort him to Mountaintop town. Agree to do so, and then get
    him there. After you reach the town, go to the Cliffside resturant, and
    watch the scene. Naoki will refuse to work for less then 10000 gitans. Offer
    to pay the debt. You don't have to pay him all at once, you can pay over
    multiple adventures.
    After several trips to the resturant, if you've paid Naoki off, 
    (you may have to talk to everyone each time), Toshio, the owner, will declare 
    that word of mouth will not bring in enough buisness, and will ask for ideas.
    You will be asked if you know of anyone who would be famous enough to bring
    in customers. Suggest Gaibara (the potter). Toshio will give you a letter to 
    take to him. When you do, Gaibara will head for the resturant, and you should 
    follow him. After a scene, Gaibara will leave. Go to the other resturant, 
    you should see either a conman speaking to the head cheif (talk to them both),
    or Gaibara. (I'm not sure if you have to see the con man before Gaibara will
    show up). If Gaibara isn't eatting there, on your next trip he should be.
    Watch him throw stuff, then go back to the Cliffside resturant. Naoki should
    have left, leaving you his Bufu's Staff, this time with 4 charges. After this,
    Bufu's Staff will randomly appear in the dungeon, though rarely.
    Gaibara, the Potter - If you have a spare pot when you reach Mountaintop Town,
    put all the pots you want to keep in the warehouse, then go to the potter's
    building in the bottom right corner. Inside you will see Gaibara, master 
    potter, break his 99th pot. When he notices you, he will see the pot in your
    pack, and ask to see it, then break it. He'll apologize and offer to give you
    his masterpiece when it's finished.
    On each trip through Mountaintop Town, stop in to see Gaibara. He'll show you
    several pots he's finished, but become dissatisfied with each and break them.
    He creates the Worthless Pot, then the Unbreakable Pot, then the Resentment 
    Dispelling pot (which explodes >.> ). Finally he creates, and gives you, the
    Melding pot. After this you will be able to find Melding Pots randomly in the 
    Important incidentals   [IND06]
    It may be bad form, but there are just too many incidental things in this game,
    things that may be important, but just don't take enough space for a catagory
    all their own. Most of those things go here, in their own little subsections.
    It is possible to steal from the stores you run into through the dungeon, as 
    well as the stores in town. There are no repercussions for doing so, as long as
    you can survive the guards and guard dogs that spawn to chase you when you
    steal. There are a few methods of stealing that work fairly well.
    -In a dungeon, use a great hall scroll, after clearing that floor enough that
    you aren't woried about the monsters killing you. The shop keeper will move to
    stand on the staircase. Grab whatever you want, use a switching staff on the 
    shop keeper, and take the stairs.
    -If you put the item you want so it's directly in front of the door, but one 
    space back (you can't put anything where the shop keeper stands when you try to
    buy an item), then walk out of the store and use a walrus jar, the walrus will
    grab the item for you. This gets you the item, but no guards will spawn. This
    doesn't count as a steal in the log, however.
    Melding Jars
    Melding jars fuse two or more items together into one single item. They're the
    key to making some of the best items in the game. In particular, the melding
    jar is the only way besides scrolls to upgrade your shield, and the only way
    to transfer a piece of equipments special abilities to something else.
    Whatever item you put into a jar first is the item you get back when you're
    done. Each other item will disappear as soon as you put it into the pot, and
    it's traits and bonus will be added onto the first item. A charge of the jar is
    also used. When the jar has no charges left, break it to get your item back.
    A few tips on melding:
    -If you meld a pickaxe onto your weapon, your weapon will dig holes, but it 
    will also break. Wait until you get the unbreakable pickaxe if you want a
    weapon that can dig.
    -Upgrading a katana or a windshield to their next form will remove all traits
    you might have on the weapon, so be careful with what you put on them before
    you do so.
    -upgrading a shield will not reduce explosion damage, only putting a blast 
    shield trait onto your shield will do that.
    Postgame Events     [IND07]
    There are a few changes made to the game after you free the Condor. The Wagoner
    finds new paths, and can take you to Janus Valley, the fourth town, and to the
    Golden City. The barman stops handing out free riceballs for a couple of
    adventures, and most people have something new to say.
    There are also many post game dungeons that become availible after you complete
    the main story. I don't think they're all listed here, so if you know of one I
    missed, feel free to email me. I'll credit you with giving me the info.
    The Kitchen God's Shrine - Located in Bamboo village. You must have completed
    the resturant side quest and unlocked Bufu's staff to open it. After you do so,
    and beat the game, go to Bamboo village, and go up the path midway through the
    town, to where the pillar used to be. Now there's a hole in the ground,
    surrounded by people. Talk to them for warnings about the dungeon. When you
    enter the shrine, you lose all your items and experience, and get a riceball
    and Bufu's knife, which randomly turns a monster you kill with it into meat.
    This dungeon (unsurprisingly) focuses on using monster meat to it's full
    potential, and the goal is to find Naoki.
    The trap cave - Located in Mountaintop village. You must have completed the
    Gaibara sidequest and unlocked the Melding pot to get to it. After you beat the
    game, go to Gaibara's work room, and Suruyama will tell you that Gaibara went
    into a cave to get clay and hasn't returned. He asks you to enter the cave, 
    which is located in the same room, and rescue Gaibara. When you enter the
    dungeon you lose all items and experience, and are equiped with the trap 
    bracelet. With the trap bracelet you become immune to traps, and enemeies 
    set them off. You can also pick up traps that haven't been used, and place
    them in new places. Completing this dungeon gets you the Resentment Dispelling
    Fay's final problem - After opening the first two postgame dungeons, and 
    completing all 50 of Fay's problems, go speak to Fay in Canyon Hamlet. You may 
    have to go on an adventure if he doesn't mention his problem, then talk to him
    again. It seems that Fay dug too deep in attempting to create a new problem, 
    and now he's created a super dungeon. He wants you to solve it.
    I haven't come close to beating this dungeon, but from what I've seen of it, 
    it's nasty. Almost all items (including herbs and scrolls) are unidentified
    when you find them. You enter with nothing except a Big Riceball, and you are
    set back to level 1.
    The Tainted path - All you have to do to reach this dungeon is beat the game.
    After you've freed the Golden Condor, a traveling man in Canyon Hamlet may 
    mention that it's odd that you didn't find anything mentioning how the tainted
    Insect made it into the Golden City. After he does, go back to the Golden city
    (the Wagoner can take you there, but I wouldn't really recommend it), and
    go in the first door, where the second tablet was.
    When you enter the room, part of the wall falls apart in an earthquake, 
    revealing a new tablet and the entrance to the new dungeon. This dungeon is a
    continuation of the story dungeon. It starts on 31F, and you are allowed to 
    take in your items and keep your experience. That's why I don't suggest you
    take the Wagoner up on his offer.
    Optional Dungeon floor listings [IND08]
    *In progress*
    Fay's Problems solutions    [IND09]
    *In progress*
    Monster and item lists [IND10]
    *In Progress*
    Secrets     [IND11]
    -There are two secret pieces of equipment that I know about, and there may
    be others I don't. If you raise a katana, or wind shield to the
    maximum bonus, then ask a blacksmith to forge it, it will upgrade into a new
    type of equipment. These all have a very high strength level, and start at
    +0. They lose whatever traits you've put on them when they transform. though.
    The unbreakable pickaxe - After you beat the game, if you ask a blacksmith in
    one of the towns to upgrade a pickaxe, he'll ask you to leave it with him. Go
    back on another adventure, and he'll return it to you, with a new trait. You
    now have a pickaxe that will never break. Digging (and thus stealing from 
    shops) just got easier.
    grav_ : for telling me that you can sell an item in the Mountaintop Town jar
    shop, and for a starting tip.
    Version History
    V0.30 - First version. 3/11/08
    v0.33 - Minor update. Added melding jars, stealing, and an update on 
            Mountaintop Town.

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