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Tsk tsk tsk...02/28/06Sir Chris
I can only pray that no real court will ever work like this game.02/27/06Time_Keeper
Make the Wright choice and pick this gem up.06/18/0747pik
Tedious gameplay? Less-than-brilliant graphics? Limited sound? Why then do I love Phoenix Wright so much?10/30/06AdamLazaruso
Seamlessly ties in an engrossing story while remaining intelligent and fun. One of the best text-based games on the DS, and arguably ever.07/15/09Bearissoslow
The Truth Will Set You Free!12/17/07bluej33
Forget any REAL court laws, the only thing that matters is that this game kicks ass.07/09/08Boomerang78
Step aside, Perry Mason! There is a new guy in town, and his name is Phoenix Wright!05/14/06Celtic Forest
Your Honour, I have decisive evidence that will prove "Wright" is fun.02/06/07Chocobahn
Yes, one of my favorite games ever is a point-and-click text adventure about a lawyer.07/28/08Computerbug8
An engrossing and entertaining adventure style game.03/21/12Exodist
Take that! This game is clearly unique.02/13/06Galactus21
You Can't Handle the Truth!06/06/08horror_spooky
Incedibly Engaging and entertaining, you MUST play this game08/13/08KejeLL
OBJECTION! This is a great game... AND I CAN PROVE IT!10/19/05Kooper113
What a bad idea for a game. OBJECTION!04/10/07megaman2005
A flawed game perhaps but a great experience none the less.06/16/08MTLH
Passing the Bar with Flying Colors07/01/09Suprak the Stud
OBJECTION! This game is obvious guilty of being too awesome!01/03/07Tamad_Kiesling
Guilty of satisfaction, not guilty of boredom09/25/08tjsollosi
OBJECTION! Not owning this game is... objectionable...01/02/07Turbo Speed
And people say gaming no longer sees innovation or fresh ideas.01/25/10UltimaterializerX
My Phoenix Write-up10/17/05Vinnksama
Excellent text-based court drama/comedy with a few objections10/18/05Webapprentice
A great game but a few things hold it back.12/02/05wolverinefan
A bad game you say? Objection! Anyway.....09/26/07zoradude
Reviving Graphic Adventures, one case at a time!09/24/07Zork86
I'm sorry Edgeworth, but today Spikey Nick will win.07/24/07Zylo the wolf

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If you don't have this game... OBJECTION!03/06/07andymancan1
Um, um, HOLD IT! (Sorry, all the good taglines were taken...)11/10/05Big Bob
Instant gem. Objection! No, instant classic.05/30/08BlueBoy675
The beginnings of what should be a promising DS series04/10/09buruburu1
Jokes and Jurisprudence10/17/06BWoodhouse
An excellent text-driven adventure game.12/21/05Crank Yanker 606
This game might look boring at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving09/21/06Daredevil3181
Your honor, the defendant is not guilty of not playing Phoenix Wright03/24/10Ethenia
Wright Idea, but Wrong Execution in some places11/27/06GaminGGuY
I had no OBJECTIONS to this game05/16/14GavLuvsGA
Pointer fingers at the ready...08/20/09Gilgamesh1317
Objection! An attorney game shouldn't be this much fun!06/09/08Gruel
Phoenix Wright - Choose your own Attorney!05/11/06humantarget00
Hold It! This game is amazing! Verdict: Buy Now01/16/06idiotman7
An honest review from a veteran gamer.01/04/06ImDEVOed
Court Record - Perfection - Present03/05/08JamesWaumsley
Intricate, but overly verbose.03/06/07jimwon
A text based law game? Sounds thrilling doesn't it? You'll eat those words!02/02/10LtCardboard
The Defense Lawyer Simulator01/07/14Mafiafun
Order! I will now read the verdict and pass judgment11/14/05mcwizardx
When I grow up, I want to be an attorney. Just like my dad.04/20/09Menji
"Mr. Wrong..." *Punches Mr. White* It's WRIGHT you dummy! (An Individual Element Score Review)12/04/08MSZShadow
Phoenix Wright is rubbish! OBJECTION!!!!12/11/06pandaramaster
Entertaining courtroom action. Boring investigation scenes.08/18/06Phediuk
A fun, enjoyable, and quirky courtroom adventure10/13/08Platyphyllis
Eat Justice, Boredom!05/21/06Raditz_Mage
All objections to this game shall be overruled.09/22/06Rango
Phoenix Wright = 'Law & Order' + Beer11/20/05Rottenwood
Don't be fooled by your first impression. This game is truly made of win.11/27/06Shivan Reincarnated
What kind of gamer are you?01/04/08TheTRobbReport
The Defense is ready, You Honor09/29/08vallxtreme
Possibly the best game I've played for the DS...03/06/07WhatTheDeuce92

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I'm all out of puns... so sue me11/02/07Arkrex
The start of a great series! Phoenix deserves your time, and here's why!09/29/08Bkstunt_31
I sentence buy this game!!!09/25/06Black_Cheese
DS's most enjoyable game in 200501/12/06C Hiroki
Hold it! Does the legal system really work like this?10/24/05DavisCygnus
Objection! Ace Attorney is one of the best new games I have played in a while.01/06/08ephidel134
Objection! I Have Evidence That Clearly Proves This Games Exellence.04/19/06Fatal_Jester
Capcom takes the DS to the stand in a brilliant 2D adventure11/16/05Geiger
HOLD IT! Now play this game.03/06/13JakeCannon12
I've been playing video games for 15 years and so far, this is the best and exciting game I've ever played!01/18/06JayCMalone
If you are looking for an amazing, heavily text-driven adventure game, look no further than Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney!10/08/07JesusFreak1990
I never thought saying "objection" would be so much fun...12/18/07Jetski10
A unique game made possible by the great system the Nintendo DS is.05/19/17Junior_AIN
Addictive, jaw-dropping graphic adventure07/18/06leevo64
Is the game gulty of its shortcomings?05/28/08Mageknight
Have you ever felt like Objecting to something for some reason? Well, here's your chance with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!12/26/05MageOfLaw
Phoenix Wright--a good DS adventure.02/15/06marksolino
It's Just "Wright", Nothing More04/03/08mdawgig
I object to you playing any other court sim game.08/31/07Mortichai
One of those games you laugh at until you play it01/22/08RatchetRule
No objections with this one09/10/07Sashanan
A magnificent and innovative gameplay system brought to the nDS04/01/08SoulRaiderX
Bar Exam here I come!02/17/06SpiralSage
My cross-examination of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney10/19/05tropicpollution
No Objections Here!01/05/06Wario and Fox
For my first Review, my favorite game of all time.08/05/11zekrom9001

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