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    Putty Pea FAQ by tecarmel

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/22/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Magical Starsign Putty Pea FAQ
    Author: Tecarmel
    Version: 1.1
    |Table of Contents|
    Version history
    Putty Pea Locations
    Putty Pea Songs
    Special Thanks
    Legal & contact info
    In Magical Starsign, you can find 30 Putty Peas throughout the 
    course of the game. Once you get one, bring it to the cave where 
    you rescued Sorbet on Razen, and give it to the travelling Putty.
    The Putty Peas do not give you anything, but each one sings a song 
    that tells of the history of the Magical Starsign universe.
    Each Putty Pea has a number and name, but there are not unique 
    Putty Peas found in specific places. The first one you bring will 
    be #1, and the second #2, etc. no matter where you find them.
    I have only found 29 of the 30, so if anyone has the song the 30th
    Putty Pea sings I would greatly appreciate you telling me, 
    and I will add it to the guide and credit you.
    In the Putty Pea Location section, I only have 29 of the 30 locations.
    Again, anyone who can tell me the other one, I will add it and credit 
    It is said that if you find all 30, something happens, but I've never
    found them all so I don't know!
    |Version History|
    Version 1.0: Intro, Putty Pea song text, Putty Pea Locations
    Version 1.1: Added Special Thanks section, updated locations
    |Putty Pea Locations|
    *Planet-aligned chests only appear when the planet it is on is in 
     -Where the Stars Sleep: Planet-aligned chest
     -Kahve Ruins: Chest in top-right corner on bottom floor
     -Ships' Graveyard: Chest near the bottom-middle of the screen
     -Path of Five Organs: Room where ground shakes, middle chest
     -Path of Five Organs: Room where ground shakes, bottom-middle chest 
     -Tangerine Beach West (after Cassia unfreezes): Chest
     -Granule Island: Screen south of the boat, planet-aligned chest
     -Holy Water Pyramid 4F: Chest in the room behind the barrier 
     -Couscous Ruins: Chest near warp point
     -Couscous Ruins: After Brie Pourri, up the first ladder 
     -South of Bena Rikashi: Planet-aligned chest (thanks, steamliner88)
     -Yggsalad 5: Take the farthest right vine down from the room on 
                  Yggsalad 6 with 4 vines, chest
     -Yggsalad 5: Take the farthest left vine down from the room on 
                  Yggsalad 6 with 4 vines, chest
     -Yggsalad 5: Follow the path to the right in the above room to 
                  a vine down, chest 
     -World Seam: Planet aligned chest on the screen with the Pookas
     -World Seam: Cave with  HP/MP pots, second chest behind Gummy Worms
     -World Seam: Cave with Oven Mitts
     -World Seam: Screen with the warp point, rightmost cave
     -Shishkebab Caverns: North of the HP/MP pots, room with Gummy Worms 
                          near the light and dark doors
     -Jalapeno Wasteland: Planet-aligned chest on upper half of the screen 
                          with the warp point for Capsicum Caverns
     -Capsicum Caverns: First north exit from the first red-hot room
     -Capsicum Caverns: Bottom right corner of room below the Fire Gummy 
     -Sugarleaf Plains: Planet-aligned chest on  screen left of rocket
     -Glissini Caves: After defeating the hidden boss Umbra 
     -Cocoabutter Valley: Across the bridge north of Chocomilk Caves.
     -Cocoabutter Valley: North of Chocomilk Caves exit, chest
     -Cocoabutter Valley: Planet-aligned chest between Chocomilk Caves 
                          and Chromagar Cave.
     -Chromagar Cave: In the first ladder room, take right ladder down, 
                      go down, right, and back up to find the chest.
     -Chromagar Cave: Down from ladder area, a chest along with a chest
                      containing 8000 bira. 
    |Putty Pea Songs|
    1. Tangy - In the beginning was a song, a song sung for no one, for 
    there was no one to hear. And someone who was no one, he learned he 
    was there.
    2. Hyssop - He wandered the day, wondering who sang the song he heard. 
    The song sang the world, a song made of warmth. A song that flickers 
    and dances in warmth.
    3. Betony - The sky wrapped the earth in the warmth of summer air. 
    Where once was cold soil, there was now only warmth.
    4. Borage - The first man imagined the singer. When he pictured her, 
    she appeared to him, and she and he sung together. When they opened 
    their mouths, the winds began to blow.
    5. Indigo - The wind blew from mouth to mouth and became the first 
    word. The wind sometimes lied, and the wind spoke the truth. And 
    treachery flew on the wind’s wings, and the wind blew ever on.
    6. Mallow - Soon the wind sang a song of its won, a song that it 
    wrote on its own. The wind sang the earth out of the wind. The wind 
    sang to shatter the skies.
    7. Santolina - Soon a world of wind was born. Windsong flooded the 
    skies, and its children grew with its song. One after another, more 
    children came into the world of wind. And before long the warmth of 
    the earth disappeared in the wind.
    8. Artemisia - The wind’s earth crumbled at the feet of the wind kin. 
    The wind kin named it the lifeless. That’s when all songs that still 
    faintly remained vanished.
    9. Honeysuckle - When all songs ended, the wind kin bore children no 
    more. They sang themselves a new song upon the cold earth. The song 
    filled the dead earth with strength, and it became solid again.
    10. Myrtle - The cold earth reflected its people. It harbored 
    infinite life, and it brought song to the wind kin again. The song 
    sang an image, the image, a head. And the wind kin faded as the cold 
    earth’s new life grew.
    11. Catnip - In the hearts of the earth kin grew songs of fire and 
    wind. The earth gave everything to the kin of her soil. What the 
    earth people hoped for took form in a shape.
    12. Enula - The earth people sang. The earth created wind and fire in 
    the songs resonating in their hearts. The wind, fire, and earth fought 
    with each other, and they became water.
    13. Mullein - The water turned to rain and poure3d on to the earth. 
    The water filled with blood and took the lives of the earth people. 
    The dead earth sunk beneath the waters and a new life was born in it.
    14. Ruccola - The water changed shape at will, and it created new 
    lives. When the water people were born later on, witless lives filled
    the water. The dead earth was singing the song of its end deep in the
    ocean. The fire under the earth and the wind in the sky also sang the
    15. Bouncingbet - The water people sang a song. That song poured 
    forth from the water. Before long, the earth’s floor rose from the 
    bottom of the water. Heat burst out of the earth and the winds began 
    to dance in the sky.
    16. Skullcap - A new life was born around the time of a great storm.
    Thus began the race of the tree people. The tree people harbored the 
    power of everything. When the people gazed upon the sky, they beheld 
    the majesty of stardust and a shining sun.
    17. Flax - Those who saw the shining sun called themselves the first
    people. Then they sang a song praising their own great glory.
    18. Calluna - The song rang through and rocked everything on the 
    planet to its core. One of the forest people declared himself king.
    Filled with great ambitions, his heart called out to the countless 
    stars he saw in the sky.
    19. Hollyhock - Five streams of light gave power to the planet. 
    The first king called himself Vermicelli, and he journeyed the skies,
    crisscrossing between the planets. Eventually, Vermicelli reached the
    sun and met a great noble being.
    20. Bergamot - Light created this world. Light was a queen. And the 
    queen was light. Enveloped in bright kindness and love, she was 
    wrapped in the sweet song of the beginning.
    21. Lippia - Vermicelli mourned as he looked at his own heavy body. 
    Even when he sang, his voice sounded leaden and stale. Yet the queen 
    happily let the king sing. They sang until Vermicelli could sing no 
    22. Yarrow - Vermicelli ran away and hid in a cave, where he sang the
    song of the beginning softly to himself. Time passed and eventually 
    his singing fell silent. When Vermicelli sensed his own death, a song
    echoed in his heart. It was the song for the dead, the song of the end.
    23. Marshmallow - When Vermicelli sang the song of the end, a legion 
    of monsters appeared. But Vermicelli did not fear them. He kept on 
    24. Chervil - The song of the end echoed throughout the universe. 
    The voice grew evil and rained heavily upon the planets and stars. 
    The song became terror and the people where paralyzed with fear. 
    The terror grew, eventually driving the people to a war between the 
    5 planets.
    25. Feverfew - The people sang a new song in their darkest hour to 
    drive away the fear. A sixth planet was born on the day they focused
    the light of the five planets. Then, the sixth song began to resonate.
    26. Heliotrope - The sixth planet, the planet of hope, was hidden 
    beyond the dark skies to protect it from the other five clashing 
    planets. The queen of light created life with the sixth planet.
    27. Chive - The universe came into being a very long time ago, but 
    the history of the universe can be condensed into a single moment. 
    This moment is when the star of hope is born. The universe’s long 
    history has included conflict, joy, suffering, and sadness. And only
    a hero who could bear the force of all these in a moment can bring 
    about a new beginning.
    28. Fennel - When the sun finally perishes, the people from the sixth
    planet will light a new fire. New voices will be heard singing there.
    New power, new feelings, and new lives will be born.
    29. Rue - In the final days, the queen of light will sing the song of
    the end. Vermicelli will sing the song of the beginning. Everything in
    this universe will unite as one. Light will be born within darkness 
    and darkness will arise from light.
    |Special Thanks|
    steamliner88: Thanks for noting that the chest on Cassia/Granule Island 
                  is planet-aligned, and for the location of the third 
                  chest on Puffoon south of Bena Rikashi.
    GameFaqs is the only site authorized to use this guide right now. 
    If you want to post it somewhere else, just ask me! 

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