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  1. So, what's the best starter to use and the best team you can form around it?

    So far I've beaten the game twice, both with Empoleon, the 2nd time with only Empoleon.

    I've heard potential about Chimchar, but it's level up moveset just doesn't fit for me. But, perhaps someone could help me a build up a good storyline team around it?

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    Retribution999 - 7 years ago

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  1. Infernape is one of the best Pokemon around right now, competitively, due to how versatile it is. Its big downfall is its inability to take hits, but since it can hit so hard - physically, specially, or BOTH on the same moveset - and is really fast, you'll be wiping things out in the game pretty easily, especially with two 120-power STAB moves. I had a pretty simple team built around him in my old Diamond game; Floatzel, Roserade, Luxray, Bronzong, & Lucario. In Platinum I swapped the last two out for Garchomp & Gallade.

    Torterra I don't have any experience with, but the guy is pretty good as a tank, with his stats leaning toward the physical side. He's sure got a good physical set to go with Grass and Ground STAB, and naturally he's super slow. I'd probably run a similar storyline team around him as well, though naturally without Roserade. I'd probably try out something new & interesting in Roserade's place, or just settle on Staraptor or Rapidash.

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  1. I would pick either water or grass because the 1st gym is rock and type doesnt really matter when u 1st start the game because u dont learn any special attacks. I chose turtwig because it evolves faster than the others making it a little stronger. You should then catch a starly a flying type will be good in the future. Make sure if u do decide 2 choose turtwig to train really hard before you get to ourberg (i know i spelt it wrong) and maybe in the cave u could catch a geodude which not many ppl do but a golem would b pretty awesome as long as u could evolve the gravellor through trade.

    I hope this helps u out and i would like 2 find out what u ended up choosing and how u go at the gym. I would give u my friend code but i live in a hole town so wi-fi doesnt work!
    Good luck on ur adventure and try not 2 get hooked (to the game)

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  2. As far as the best starter goes you should choose Infernape. Torterra ends up having a double weakness to ice, and Empoleon has a double weakness to elecricity. Being both fire and fighting type means that Infernape has no double weaknesses and also having both fire and fighting moves help a lot in gyms. I dont know how you fight, but i would consider getting a Water/Ground type like Gastrodon or Wiscash. You will also need a rlly strong (and fast) flying type, like Starraptor or Honchkrow. You might also want a dark pokemon or a pokemon who knows strong dark moves. A psi pokemon with that will tie things together nicely, as will a grass type. After this get an ice type, prefferabley amabasnow. now since abamasnow is a grass type, he can replace the above mentioned grass type, but youd do better just to teach abamasnow mostly ice moves.

    Although Infernape is the best starter, I personally perfer Torterra, but thats only because I like to have a good grass type on my team and the other grass types in the game are pretty much useless. Also Torterra deals out some pretty good special attacks, which have saved me many times in gyms and such.
    Currently Im playing through with a Torterra, Lucario, Honchkrow, Wiscash, Raichu, and Alakasam (sp?). So far its a pretty good team, and I havent run into any problems.

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  3. Empoleon is a great starter Pokemon because of its multiple resistances and its versatility. But there are better Pokemon, like Infernape. It has a varied move pool including Grass Knot and many others (thanks TMs). It has equal attack and Special atk, making it very varied and very unpredictable, especially that monster Speed stat. If you don't kill it first (virtually impossible with that speed stat) it'll probably OHKO you. Its weakness is that while so versatile, it can only have 4 moves, so once you figure out what the enemy Infernape has, you can take it out.

    Torterra isn't as strong, but it's the toughest of the three. High defense and HP make it the perfect Sub-Seed staller, as well as a great wall, dishing out lots of damage as well. Problem is, it should have debuted earlier- Pokemon carry Fire to wipe out Skarmory and Bronzong, Pokemon carry Ice to wipe out Dragon types, and it's weak to both, especially Ice. (source:

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  4. I think that torterra is the best even though it has a double weakness. One reason is that it has an extremely high hp and defennse against hell its even good at most gyms. Right now my team consists of 6 lvl 100s. They are arceus, darkri, torterra, shiny deoxys (attttack form), garchomp, and lucario

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  5. According to me the best pokemons are the ones which are fast and have a very high attack. That's why I didn't choose slow pokes like torterra and empoleon. Infernape is very fast and has a very high attack. You might not even need defence when you have a high speed and attack, because you get to attack your enemy first (more speed allows you)and your attack will be very high too. So you can KO it on first hit. You should always choose rare pokemons that are difficult to get, in your party. Such pokemon have very stats and good moves. I had infernape, lucario, and garchomp for my battle tower team.

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  6. Empoleon is the best because when a piplup it can learn peck for the 2 gym although better to get starly.I have a empoleon,luxray,starapter,pachirisu,manaphy and steelix.Empoleons the best if u know the moves to teach it.But its up to u.

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