Where can I find Milotic,Finneon,Heatran,Arceus,Manaphy?

  1. Where can i find spirittomb,rotom,Vespiquen;aipom;misdreavus;glameow,munchlax?

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  1. Milotic - You have to evolve Feebas. Feebas is found in the Mt. Coronet "basement" room... Basically a huge room with a giant lake, that requires Defog. Feebas is only found in 6 different squares, which randomly change every day. You'll have to fish with the Super Rod on every single square in the lake one-by-one until you find one. In the squares they appear in, they're there 100%, so catch as many as you want. Then, pump one full with Dry Poffins (make them or buy them at Veilstone's Department Store basement) to max out the Beauty stat, and evolve it.

    Finneon - Fish with the Good Rod on any of the following routes: Routes 205-South, 218, 219, 220 & 221, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Mountain, Canalave City, Valley Windworks.

    Heatran - After obtaining the National Dex, you have to venture into Stark Mountain and do all the little sidequesting there. Once you're done, you can head to the innermost, deepest room (like you did during the sidequesting) to engage in battle. It's Level 70.

    Arceus - This is given out in a Nintendo Wi-Fi event via the Mystery Gift option. I don't believe he's been given out yet for English players of D/P/Pt, so keep a lookout on Pokemon news sites. If you haven't unlocked Mystery Gift yet, go to the 3rd floor of the TV station in Jubilife City. There's a man there who asks you for 2 phrases. Tell him "EVERYBODY HAPPY" and "WI-FI CONNECTION."

    Manaphy - You have to beat a secret mission in one of the two Pokemon Ranger games to get a Manaphy Egg, and send it to your Diamond game using a second DS. The secret mission in Shadows of Almia is no longer available (it was a Wi-Fi Event). The original Ranger requires you to beat the entire game and then use a special password, easily looked up on the internet.

    Spiritomb - During the main quest, you should have been given an item called an Odd Keystone. This is used to get Spiritomb on Route 209 at the Hallowed Tower. However, in order to get Spiritomb to actually appear out of the keystone once you've placed it, you have to drop into the Sinnoh Underground and talk to 32 people. Which means you need to have at least one friend helping you, and need to hop back and forth between there, talking to the same friend over and over. It's pretty tedious.

    Rotom - Go to the Old Cheatau in the back of Eterna Forest, at nighttime. Head up to the second floor and enter the room with the TV. Interact with the TV until Rotom fights you. I believe this is your only chance to catch it. It's pretty weak.

    Vespiquen - You need to evolve a female Combee. Combee is found via the Honey Trees, and is relatively common. Put Honey on a tree, wait 6 hours, and check it to see it shaking. Save the game before you interact with a shaking Honey Tree. If it ends up being a Combee, reset your game and continue interacting with the tree until the Combee is randomly generated as female. Then catch it and evolve it normally by leveling it up.

    Aipom - Like Combee, it's found via the Honey rees.

    Misdreavus - Misdreavus is not found in Pokemon Diamond. You'll need to trade one in from a GBA game, or from a friend with a Pearl game. In Pearl, they're found in Eterna Forest, or the Lost Tower at nighttime.

    Glameow - Again, Glameow is not found in Diamond. You'll need to trade with a Pearl game. In Pearl they're found on Routes 218 & 222.

    Munchlax - Found in the Honey Trees scattered throughout Sinnoh, just like Combee, but instead is incredibly rare. It will take you a long time to find one, so it's recommended you spread honey on every tree you find, in 5 minute increments. Wait 6 hours, then check each tree in the order you originally slathered them.

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  1. Milotic: attained by evolving a Feebas with high Beauty.

    Finneon: found at Canalave City, Valley Windworks, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Island, and Routes 205, 218, 219, 220, and 221 by fishing with the Good Rod.

    Heatran: found in Stark Mountain after going through it with Buck, then returning after the stone is removed from the back room (which is where you'll find it). Must be done after attaining National Pokedex.

    Arceus: not yet available; try the trading board, or otherwise some form of hack/Pokesav/whatever other method.

    Manaphy: can be attained from playing an extra mission on either of the Pokemon Ranger games, then importing an egg (you get it after in the same manner as an event Pokemon).

    Spiritomb: using the Old Keystone at the broken tower on Route 209 (almost a straight shot down from Solaceon Town on the right, it's next to the water), and then talking to 32 people underground. It can be the same person and you just talk to them 32 times. Once you've done that, go back to the tower to encounter Spiritomb.

    Rotom: the TV in the Old Chateau (located in Eterna Forest) will have Rotom in it between 8PM and 4 AM (or 22:00 and 04:00). Must be done after having the National Pokedex.

    Vespiquen: evolve a female Combee at level 21.

    Aipom: found on honey trees.

    Misdreavus: found in Eterna Forest or the Lost Tower between 8PM and 4AM, but only on Pearl.

    Glameow: found on Routes 218 and 222, again for Pearl only.

    Munchlax: found either from honey trees (very rarely) or by breeding a Snorlax that's holding the Full Incense.

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  2. @Smoke:

    Feebas is only in FOUR squares in D/P/Pl, it is Six in Ru/Sa/Em

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    Crap, really? That's incredibly lame.

    Sorry for my mistake.

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