Where can I find money?

  1. Alright, i want to know what trainers on what route offer the best cash (other than the elite 4 + champ)

    User Info: Garion15

    Garion15 - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Where do i get the amulet coin ?

    User Info: storyfame

    storyfame - 8 years ago

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  1. There are plenty of ways to earn money in this game. The best is to fight trainers several times with your lead pokemon holding an amulet coin or luck incense, a hot spot being the four constant trainers near the Pokemon Mansion on route 212, another is the Seven Stars Restaurant at the Valor Lakefront.

    Another way is to just fight the Elite Four several times, swithching the amulet coin or luck incense between your different lead pokemon

    If neither of those has any appeal, carry a pokemon that has the ability Pickup, some of those items can be worth a decent amount of money, or just go into the Underground and sell whatever treasure you may get that you don't want

    User Info: Gametraveler

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  1. The rich people in front of the mansion south of Hearthome give a lot of money.

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  2. The Gentleman and Socialite near the entrance of the Pokemon Mansion south of Hearthome will both give you thousands for each battle.

    Make sure the Pokemon you use is holding either an Amulet Coin or a Luck Incense. These items double the amount of money you get for winning.

    User Info: LoZKing

    LoZKing - 9 years ago 2 0
  3. I go into into the Underground. almost anything you find is woth money

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  4. Either use the Vs. Seeker to have rematches with trainers, or go to the restaurant at Lake Valor. You can also sell useless items you've picked up.

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  5. On Route 222 outside of Sunyshore City you will find a trainer named Rich Boy Trey. He gives $8800 in prize money each time you beat him. If you battle him over and over using a Vs. Seeker you can earn a lot of cash. Also, I suggest using either a Luck Incense or an Amulet Coin. Both of these items double your intake of prize money.

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  6. On Route 212 on ur way to trpohy garden there r two trainers,a gentleman,and a socialiste,with amulet coin u get 16 000 from each of them,repeating the process with vs seeker,and they r also very easy to defeatt since they only have 1 pokemon each,the gentleman has a chatot and the socialiste has a roselia,good luck

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  7. Amity Square in the top right corner inside the left building

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  8. ^^^Exactly

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