How can you tell when you've maxed out your EVs for specific stats?

  1. Is there any way to tell when you've maxed out the EVs on a pokemon's stat? I thought counting how many EV reducing berries you need until they're ineffective, but apparently the first time you use them, it takes the EV down to 100 (if over 100), so if I'm at 101 EVs, or 255 it'll only take 11 berries...

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    theKleptoman - 8 years ago

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  1. Vitamins do not tell you when your EVs are maxed out in a stat. A Pokemon will not eat a vitamin if it has over 100 EVs in that Stat. For example, if my Porygon-Z has 106 Speed EVs, it will not eat a Carbos, because 106 is over 100. Therefore, whether a Pokemon eats a vitamin or not does not tell you whether or not the EVs were maxed in that stat, because my Porygon-Z would not eat a Carbos even though its speed EVs were not maxed. There is no way to tell if EVs in a certain stat are maxed. However, you can tell if your total EVs are maxed by going to a person in Sunyshore who will give your first Pokemon a ribbon if it has 510 EVs.

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  1. You can try using a vitamin for that specific EV. If it is not maxed out, the pokemon will eat it. If it is, it will say something to the lines of that the pokemon cannot gain anymore for this stat. In other words, the EV is maxed out.

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  2. There is no actual way of knowing your EV level, but what was mentioned above does clarify when they are maxed...

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  3. Use the Counter Poketch App to keep track of how many EV's of a particular stat you've raised. The vitamins (or drugs) go to 100. You will have 155 EVs left to train with. You can have a max of 510 EV's. The lady in Sunyshore next to the Seal Seller will tell you if you have max EV's by giving the Pokemon an Effort Ribbon.

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    D2the_M - 8 years ago 1 0

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