1. After cresselia flies away where dose she go?

    User Info: eeveedragon2

    eeveedragon2 - 9 years ago

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  1. If you have the marker application on you Poketch, use it and it will tell you where Cresselia is located, because it is in a random spot.

    User Info: FrozenTime

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  1. She will randomly appear in the grass of Sinnoh. Run around the grass of different routes and she will appear after some time. Sam deal with Mesprit.

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  2. Here's some advice for catching cresselia. First talk to it and it will fly away. Then get the Pokeapp that finds cresselia (the pokeapp boss in Jubilife gives it to you). Go to Floarama town and go right to the Valley Windworks. As you move to Valley Windworks, Cresselia will move. If she is at Valley Windworks, then run in the grass and you will find her. If not move left a little to the route. Cresselia will move again. If she is in the area then run in the grass a little bit north of there and you will find her. If not, go back to Valley Windworks. Repeat this until you catch her. If you run into her you will need to catch her with a Master Ball or have a level 60 and up Golbat, Crobat, Dugtrio or something else another pokemon that has arena trap or knows mean look. If you use mean look cresselia cant run away and you can throw a bunch of ultra balls at it. Hope this helps.

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  3. to catch cressilia, just go to jublife and walk back and forth along the route from jublife into the route untol cressilia is there, then get a pokemon with mean look (arena trap doesnt work, it's got levitate) and damage it to yellow, then chuck ultra balls like theres no tomorrow. Some timer balls won't go amiss either, as they get very powerful after a long battle, and dusk balls at night. i caught cressilia in a timer ball after a 20 turn battle and after i used sleep powder on it. DO NOT POISON IT! Parylasis works too, as well as freezing, though slepp is most effective. Burning should never be tried, and ALWAYS SAVE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO CATCH IT, or you can say bye bye to cressilia....

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  4. Cresslia is just like Mesprit after it flies off, you have to run after it!

    A Way to Catch Cresselia:
    1. Stock up on Quick Balls or get a Pokemon w/ Arena Trap/Mean Look (The one with Mean Look must be a fast Pokemon like Crobat)
    2. Head to Jubilife City
    3. Run in and out of the routes surrounding Jublife until it ends up in the same route as you.
    4. Save then find the Cresselia.
    5. Battle and Capture.

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  5. It's just similar to Mesprit, use the same strategy(like how u did to catch Mesprit) and you'll catch it

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  6. The location of Cresselia appears in the Marking Map poketch app.
    I liked to go to Jubilelife town, FLY again to jubilelife, go to one route, ONLY ONE!!!, if Cresselia wasnt there, I used FLY to go to Jubilelife again, over and over until Cresselia appered.I used FLY because the location "resets" after each FLY.I caught Cresselia a nigth with a Dusk last Dusk Ball, I guess that Im lucky!!!!! Good luck to you!!!

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  7. Forgot to say that you must damage Cresselia any time you can!!!!! Save before trying to hit it.

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