How do i get to the last gym badge?

  1. Ok i need specific details i already went to the galactic factory and free'd the 3 pokemon i visited the caves and they are not there when i go by the route to get u to the town with the last gym a fat boy is standing in the way and he says that the town has had a black out and pushes me

    WHAT DO I DOOO!!!! lol

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    Np thanks sooooo much

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    Ugh is mount coronet the one that says oreburg gate ? and if it is in the middle u go up use rocksmash and go down the stairs?

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  1. hi what you need to do to get through mt coronet is go to oreburge city, go up to that biker just standing there go up the sandy slope then go right till you reach the cave, then you surf across the water on the top of it to the right, you keep going right till you reach the land on the far right, (not the land closer you can ignore it unless you want the item) then you use rock climb to get up thr rocks then you follow along the maze and its all pretty easy, all you have to do is keep going and as long as you see galactic grunts your going in the right direction. At the very top of mount C. it gets confusing cuz the door in is practically unseeable, so you have to walk around and walk down into that deeper part with the grass at the bottom BUT, ignore the door to your right, instead use rock climb to go up the slope on the LEFT then you walk left all the way and keep on the higher levels untill you can't go anymore, and on the left side of the mountain should be a door if you look closely enough, you walk in and follow the grunts to the very very top, then you leave the cave part and see two more grunts standing there side by side at the top of some short stairs you just walk in between them and then battle em, make sure to save cuz the following parts are really hard unless you train really well. I know i sckipped a bit of it but i've practically memorized this game.

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  1. Lol. ok I'll help you, Go through mount Coronet. This would be you second visit. I dont know how to get through the cave. But after you pass through there will be 2 battles you have to fight. MARS and JUPITER from galactic. It will be a double battle. Dont worry Your rival will help you. Then you have to fight Cyrus. After you have to fight DIALGA!!!!! I hope ive helped you and GOOD LUCK.

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  2. I just figured it out . On the orehburg side go int the mountain. then go up swimm across the water rockclimb up the wall then keep going. Sorry about all this confusion.

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  3. Anytime: ) But no that leads to orebirgh city but since your there go through the gate to oreburgh city. Then go up where you see that biker on route 207. go up that sandy wall thing with your bike then go to the right to until you get to a cave and you will be there. : )

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  4. Get through mt coronet and beat dialga/palikia then fly to pastoria city and go to the hotel at valor lakefront.go to where the guy that wont let you go to sunnyshore city will be gone.walk across the beach to get to sunnyshore city and walk on the solar panels and go north then turn left to get to the gym.then beat volkner to get it.

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  5. Use the Orebourgh/Hearthrome Mt Coronret entrance and look for the place where u can use rock climb then make ur way up the mountain then fight the two grunts then the 2 admins and then the boss and capture diagla then when ur done head to the route where that fat person blocks the way saying Sunyshore City has a blackout and u can access Sunyshore city then once your there u'll meet Flint of the Elite 4 and then head to the gym Flint will say hes not there so head to the lighthouse then go up the elevator and u'll see Volkner blah blah blah head to the gym and u can fight him

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  6. Ok pretty much what they said only better.

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  7. you gotta go through mount Coronet and fight the galactic people then go up and catch Dialga (after watching a cutscene) you have to go through this HUGE maze in the snow and watch Cyrus make some chain and get dialga to come. THEN go all the way back down, go to the resort area, and go to sunnyshore. BTW team galactic blew up the lake to get Azelf. then the fat man lets you through.

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  8. You got to go to a light house and talk to the gym leader and then go to the gym and go into the gym.

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  9. Beat the gym

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  10. Okay, so you go to Oreburgh and go up, then go into the cave (theres a biker and a muddy slope there). You will need strength and rock climb. climb up after surfing across a small lake, then dclimb up the stairs. Go through the cave, and come out on top of Mt. Coronet, then make your way to spear pillar. I honestly got off with a bunch of level 39 pokemon and a level 29 Luxio, but it was hard, then go fight Mars and Jupiter. they have 2 Bronzors, a Purugly, a Skuntank, and two Golbats, then go fight Cyrus, who is better then in the warehouse, and has a Honchcrow, a Gyrados, a Weaville, and a Golbat. then go fight Dialga or Palkia, depending on whether you have Diamond or Pearl. Watch out for Spacial Rend, or Roar of Time, as they will probably kill your Pokemon. I would damage it, then chuck Quick Balls for the first 5 turns, then chuck Ultra Balls, then Timer Balls if you get that far. I used Super Fang, then chucked Quick balls to no end. Palkia has Water Pulse, so avoid Rock or Fire types, and try to catch it fast. then either used a Escape Rope or get out with a move, or hike back down, as fly does not work here for some reason. Then go to Pastoria and walk to Sunnyshore (try healing first). Then kill the Sunnyshore leader, who uses Electric types, so use Ground though some Psychic types will appear, then make your way to the Elite Four, and kill them.

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