How do you get a darkrai in diamond?

  1. I know it has somthing to do with the building in canalave wite the door that wont open.PLEASE HELP!!!

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    dragonman5198 - 9 years ago

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  1. I read on that there is a Darkrai event going on until January 30, 2009 in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia that gives you a mission in which you can catch Darkrai and transfer it to Diamond or Pearl. But you need the new pokemon ranger game.

    You can also get Darkrai by going to a Nintendo event that gives you a key item that lets you enter an inn in Canalave City and capture Darkrai there.

    Or you could trade for a glitched one, or hack it yourself with action replay.

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  1. you must go to the event that gives you the membership key (has not happened yet) or trade with someone that has the membership key (only hackers have this) or get a actionreplay to activate the event(hacked) or just go to an event that give u darkrai (just happened recently in Australia but already happened in the US called ALAMOS Darkrai) so just go to the trading board if you have wifi, if not, just look on Bulbapedia and they have a list of events and when they happen

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  2. Sorry the easiest is AR or trade

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  3. it is possible to get darkrai in the global trade station, but it's unlikely that you'll find a legal one (one not gained through a cheat device). The only legit ones you'll find are likely to be in japan, since they can redily catch darkrai in the japanese version, due to a glitch with the pokemon league. you can use the action replay option if you don't care about it being legit. Check the faqs section for the legendary faqs, it has the codes for the membership key and instructions on how to get him.

    best of luck

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  4. First go to the jubilife tv station and go to the third floor talk to reporter and put everyone happy then he will ask for feed back saywifi connection then save the game turn off the game and go to the main menu screen and there will be an option to get mystery gift lick on that then download it than go to any pokemart to see a ma n in green and he will give you the members pass next you can go in the looked door and go to a new island and catch on well hope this was usefull

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  5. There were a few events that gave away Darkrai around the world. The only legit way to obtain it now is by trade (which could be risky because many people like to hack) or to download and play the Darkrai mission in Pokemon Ranger 2 and then transfer it to your D/P game.

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  6. There are several toysRus events that will give you Darkrai through wonder mail.

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  7. Darkrai was given out in May 2008 at Toys R Us stores in the US. You had to take your game and DS to the store, go to the video game area (they had a Darkrai poster up) and use Mystery Gift to download Darkrai. Then you pick up your new Pokemon at any Pokemart.

    The event in Canalave City that you might use to get a chance to catch Darkrai, as far as I know, has not actually been used. And the Darkrai's that have been given out (in the US and Japan) are unique in that they have both Dialga and Palkia's special moves, are in Cherish Balls, and have special ribbons. I don't know anything about the Pokemon Ranger 2 Darkrai.

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  8. Well there is an easy way to get darkrai without cheating or gts
    just trade it from a pokemon ranger game whe you finish the special mission or in the gts i can give you my darkrai just reply and let's see which pokemon u will give me.

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