How do I get Spiritomb?

  1. I want him because he has virtually no weaknesses, but the pokedex says his location is unknown. Is he a legendary?

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    untrustful - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. No, he isn't legendary. There are two ways to get a spiritomb:

    1. Get an Odd Keystone (a rare item that can be found when digging in the underground), and go to the Spirit Tower Well below Solaceon City in Route 209, and press A on the well. It will ask if you should put the Odd Keystone in the Well; say yes. After this, you have to go to the Underground and talk to people 32 times (not including the hikers down there, and you can talk to the same person you link with all those times). When you go back to the Well, and press A, you will then battle spiritomb (it's a level 25). Be sure to save before you fight him though.

    2. Trading for one.

    You can also get an Odd Keystone by talking to the blackbelt near Hearthome on route 208; or by getting one at one of the trees in the pond in Twinleaf Town.

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