How do you tell if your pokemon is hacked, if traded over wi-fi?

  1. Once, i traded a lvl 22 roserade and i wanted a machamp, when i came back to see my pokemon, i got a lvl 100 machamp. i also got a lvl 100 deoxsys for a lvl 77 blaziken, deoxys stats were in the 400's, except for special defense.

    User Info: WindGarrison8

    WindGarrison8 - 8 years ago

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  1. The most common ways are:

    -Check to see where it was caught. If this seems awry, then its probably a hacked Pokemon. To double check which Pokemon are found where, has a tool which shows all of the pokemon worlds in detail.

    -Check its level: If a certain Pokemon was met at a level higher/lower than it should be (such as a Palkia/Dialga met at a level that is NOT 47), then its hacked.

    -Check its stats: Like the above user said, go to, and check the Pokemon out there. It will list what the maximums/minimums can be at level 100, which is very handy if you also have an IV calc/natures matchup chart.

    Other than that, its just common sense, ie moves not normally learned, stats CLEARLY wrong (ie 999) and LV 100 Shiny Pokerus Master Ball holding etc. are also generally the creation of hackers.

    User Info: Chaet_legend

    Chaet_legend - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Best you can do is find an IV calculator. Put in its level, nature, and try to guess its EVs; probably by checking Smogon sets to see what spreads are most common.

    User Info: EliasoPataso

    EliasoPataso - 8 years ago 1 0

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