What is the best master contest pokemon?

  1. Which pokemon is best for winning master contest(any class)? What moves are the best for the pokemon in the particular class it is in(ie Cute)? What berries does it need, and any help with backgrounds is needed too.

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  1. Since Smeargle can learn any move by using Sketch, I would say that Smeargle is the best Pokemon for contests.

    It's not that hard to win Master rank. All you really need is all moves being the same as the contest type (4 Cool type moves), 1 move that lets you go first next time, 1 Move that lets you get more score if you go first, 1 Highly appealing move, and 1 of any other move.

    The easiest berries to get that can make good Poffins are berries # 31-35. Spelon=Cool, Pamtre=Beauty, Watmel=Cute, Durin=Smart, Belue=Tough. These berries are obtained from your Pokemon in Amity Square (Hearthome city).

    You can get most of the Backgrounds by winning the Lotto in Jubilife City (TV Station). You only need to match 1 number, so it shouldn't be too hard.

    For more info on Contests, go to:

    For more info on the Contest moves, go to:

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  1. I'd say any pokemon that evolved twice wolud do and feed it lots of poffins that help that category.

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  2. Rhys is right feed it lots of poffins

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  3. Toxicroak for smart, Ambipom for Cute, Nidoking for Tough and Sceptile for Cool. Look through your berry pouch and find the berry in each category with the highest trait that you want. Also, make sure that each Poffin you feed is at LEAST lvl. 20

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  4. Milotic is the best Pokemon on the beauty contest, because the only way to make it evolve is to have the maxed beauty.

    General tips:

    1.-Dont teach only Beauty attacks for a Beauty Contest, because every attack will raise the exitement of the judges, and you can give easy points to the Pokemon that appeals after you.
    2.-Use high appealing attacks, no matter if the are not of the Contest category.
    3.- Max any stat of any Pokemon with Poffins and talk to the guy in Pastoria City (the house in front of the Pokemon Center), he will give you an item to help the Beauty stat is you show him a maxed beauty Pokemon, the same with the other categories.
    3.- Never miss a dancing sequence because its the easiest part of the contest.
    4.- Always use the correct accesories to dress a Pokemon.

    Here are listed the best accesories for each category:


    If you use the correct accesoris and make a perfect performance in the dancing part, hardly you could lose.

    Good luck!!

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