Where can I find surf?

  1. Please help!

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    Lillyssa - 8 years ago

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  1. What you have got to do is clear the psyduck blocking the path outside Solaceon Town and then make your way through the path towards Celestic Town then battle the galactic grunt blocking the cave enterence. Once you have go in and look at the markings at the back and a lady who you have to give the old charm to will give you surf.

    To use it outside of battle you must defeat the gym leader Fantina.

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  1. Surf - Given to you by Cynthia's grandmother after you give her the relic necklace and take care of the team galactic grunt outside the cave. After he is defeated go inside and press A while facing the part of the wall with the cave paintings. She will then walk over to you and give you a long, pointless speech, at the end she gives you surf. This then allows you to challenge the gym at Hearthome City.

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  2. Go to the town where you find the pictures of dialga and palkia (its in the storyline) and the old lady will give it to you

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  3. From the elder of Celestic Town. (After examining a fresco.)

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  4. It is given from the elder of Celestic Town and to use it on real water you must defeat The 5th Gym Leader which is Fantina of Hearthome City. That should help. Anyway I need an info how is waterfall used outside of battle?

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  5. First, you must clear the Psyducks out of the way so you can get to Celestic Town. Once you clear the Psyducks, Cynthia gives you a necklace. You need the HM defog to get to celestic town. Once there, give Cynthia`s grandmother the necklace. Then there is a galactic member in the way to the cave. Beat him and go observe the 3 spirits with the circle in the middle. Cynthias grandmother gives you surf then.

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  6. Thereslt, have you beat the last gym? If you have then its given by the person on the beach on sunnyshore. There are waterfalls on the way to the pokemon league. You must have someone who knows waterfall to get to the pokemon league. Then you must find your way through victory road. Then there is another giant water fall on the otherside of victory road.

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