What do i do next after i beat oreburgh,eterna,veilstone and pastoria gym leader?

  1. pls help i don't know what to do next after i beat the 4 gym leaders, i can't use the move STRENGTH i already beaten the pastoria gym leader. first i beat the oreburgh gym leader, next eterna gym leader, next is veilstone and last is pastoria gym leader. and where can i find the berry map thingy? thanks a lot pls help me i already tried to have a new game whenever i can't use the move strength

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  1. First you have to go to the Great Marsh and there will be a galactic guy. Hey will tell you not to follow but follow him. you will have to beat your rival when you deafeat him the galactic guy will be gone. If you remember the beach then go there and you should find him. (If you can't remember the beach it is by sunnyshore.) When you beat him Cynthia will give you a potion. If you go to solaceon you go near the psyduck and you hit the "A" button the psyduck will move Cynthia will say thank you and give you a old charm. You will have to go to celestic town and talk to Cyntias grandmother she will tell you that there is some guy blocking the entrance to the ancient ruins. If you go to the ancient ruins you will see a galactic guy talk to him and you will battle . When you beat him go inside the ruins and go near the 3 figures on the wall. Hit the "A" button and Cynthias grandmother will come in and she will give you surf but take the old charm. Go to Hearthome and go in the gym this time th gym leader will be there. Hope I helped.

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  1. There should be a team Galactic member next to the Pastoria Great Marsh. Chase and defeat him, and then Cynthia will give you some medicine to use on the Psyduck above Solaceon.

    The berry checker is obtained from the Berry Master on Route 208.

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  2. After you have defeted the pastoria gym leader there are are a few things to do.
    1. Find and eradicate the galactic man in pastoria. After he escapes, cynthia will give you the means to progress past the psyducks north of solaceon.
    2.Clear out the pathway west of Pastoria and South of Hearthome
    3.Defeat the Hearthome gym leader and get surf to go to Canalave City

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  3. the next gym leader is in Canalave City After Hearthome,then u go back to Pastoria and go to Sunny Shore City

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  4. I agree

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