Who is bebe?

  1. I want to get eevee

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  1. You can find her in Hearthome City (The house next to the Pokemon Center). She's the person who made the new Pokemon Box system. Kinda like Lannet's PC in Pokemon Emerald. When you talk to her the first time, "Someone's PC" will change to "Bebe's PC." Once you get the National Dex, talk to her again and she will give you an Eevee LV. 5.

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  1. Bebe is the girl who tweeked Bill's (the 1st person 2 make the pokemon PC) PC 2 make more user friendly (u can give a pokemon an item in MOVE mode,added more boxes,has INFO mode which gives a description of the items in MOVE ITEMS mode).

    She lives in Heathome City in a little house, just 2 the right of the pokemon center.

    There r 4 ways 2 get an Eevee:
    1. Have someone from Diamond or Pearl trade 1 2 u.
    2. Bebe will give u 1 AFTER u beat the Elite 4.
    3. Import 1 from Leaf Green,Fire Red,Emerald,Saphire,or Ruby from Pal Park AFTER beating the Elite 4.
    4. If u already have 1 (which i know u don't), u could breed that w/ a Ditto & make more.

    *If u want an Eevee 2 evolve him/her into 1 of Eevee's forms, here's what 2 do:
    Vaporeon=water stone
    Jolteon=thunder stone
    Flareon=fire stone
    Espeon=high friendship, then level up at 4:00am-7:59pm
    Umbreon=high friendship, then level up at 8:00pm-3:59am
    Leafeon=level up near the moss rock in Eterna Forest
    Glaceon=level up near the ice rock in Route 217

    Hope this helps!

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  2. Bebe is the creator of the pc

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  3. Bebe is the creator of the new and improved Box Storage System. It stores the other pokemon you have that aren't traveling with you on your team of six. To answer your second question, there are actually five ways to catch an Eevee. The first way is to catch them in the Trophy Garden of the Pokemon Mansion. You have to talk to the owner and he'll tell you if he saw an Eevee in his garden. If not, try again the next day. The second way is to have someone trade you an Eevee. The third way is Bebe will give you an Eevee once you defeat the Elite Four and the Champion. You can find her in the house next to the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City. The fourth way is to import one from Leaf/Green, Fire/Red, Emerald Ruby or Sapphire. The last way is to breed an Eevee with a Ditto to get an Eevee egg.

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