Where can I find a fishing rod?

  1. I want a fishing rod but I don't know where you get one.

    User Info: DarkMarth01

    DarkMarth01 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Go towards canalve from jubalife and talk to the fisher

    User Info: dot921

    dot921 - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Which 1?

    OLD ROD: go 2 JUBILIFE CITY. there go 2 the left of the big building with a flashy sighn(Global Trade Station). keep going 'till u go down the stairs & into the building w/ a guard & a man in red (fisherman).Talk 2 the fisherman. He'll ask u if "an Old Rod is a good thing". Say YES & he'll give u an OLD ROD!

    GOOD ROD: In ROUTE 209 (nearest 2 Hearthome City) go straight 2 the left. U'll see a fisherman (same outfit). Talk 2 him & say YES & he'll give u a GOOD ROD!

    SUPER ROD: Sadly, u can't get the last rod u ntill u beat the ELITE FOUR & get the NATIONAL POKEDEX. 2 get NATIONAL POKEDEX, beat the ELITE 4 & see every pokemon in Sinnoh world (150), then go SANDGEM TOWN & talk 2 PROF. ROWEN. the only pokemon u'll have trouble w/, is Palkia (Pearl) or Dialga (Diamond) depending on the version u have (after u catch Palkia/Dialga, go 2 CELESTIC TOWN in the biggest house & talk 2 the OLD LADY. She'll show u the pokedex 4 the 1 u don't have).
    After elite 4, ur rival will ask u go 2 SNOWPOINT CITY. When u get there, go all the way down 'till u see a man standing by a boat. Talk 2 him & say YES 2 get 2 FIGHT AREA. Next, go UP from where u arrive (if 2 people r blocking u by the sighn, u haven't gotten NATIONAL POKEDEX yet) & talk 2 the Fisherman in front of the building. FINALLY, he'll give u a SUPER ROD!!!

    *Both Fisherman (Jubilife & Route 209) will tell u how 2 fish if u talk 2 him again after u get the rod they gave u.

    And that is how u get all 3 rods! Happy fishing!

    User Info: PokeZeldaFF_Inc

    PokeZeldaFF_Inc - 8 years ago 1 0

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