What is the best strategy for Scizor the 'revenge killer'?

  1. someone suggested that my team needed a revenge killer either scizor or weivile and since scizor fit in my team better yeh, but i've never really heard of a revenge killer or anything or even how to use it. I have a jolly scyther with technitian ability. So i think im ok with this I jut need help thinking of how to use him and all that... please and thanks


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    Draco_Lady - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Im thinking of giving her pursuit and double hit, so pursuit with her ability would be 80 power, and double hit would be 120. i think you add scizor in after one guy gets killed in battle right? so I should give her all attack moves?

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    Draco_Lady - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Item Ability Nature

    Choice Band Technician Adamant

    ~ U-turn / X-Scissor
    ~ Bullet Punch
    ~ Superpower / Brick Break
    ~ Pursuit
    EVs 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe

    Choice Band Scizor is a real force, being able to revenge kill many threats with Bullet Punch, or even tear through whatever switches in with its 591 Attack stat (with Choice Band).

    U-turn is usually the better option here, as it allows you to scout for your opponents Scizor counter, and score a big hit before switching to your own counter. X-Scissor does have a 10 base power advantage, though (and doesn't force you to switch). Bullet Punch is still one of the main attacks for this set, as you can still revenge kill, or pick off a lot of weakened enemies. For example, Gengar with no HP or Defense EVs is always OHKOed by Bullet Punch, while a Salamence with no HP or Defense EVs takes a minimum of 58.73% damage (not factoring in Intimidate). Due to the Stealth Rock weakness, youre even able to pick off threats like Salamence rather easily. Superpower is preferred due to the higher base power and for its ability to OHKO most Heatran and Magnezone, both common switches to Scizor. However, Brick Break does OHKO a Heatran with no HP and Defense EVs if switching into Stealth Rock. It also has the advantage of breaking Reflect or Light Screen and doesnt lower your Attack and Defense stats after using it.

    Pursuit is an interesting choice, as it allows you to threaten Pokemon such as Gengar, Azelf, Starmie, Cresselia, and Blissey even more. If Gengar and Azelf decide to stay in, theyre risking a likely KO from Bullet Punch. If Starmie or Cresselia stay in, U-turn or X-Scissor will be doing insane amounts of damage. Blissey will be really worried about Superpower (or Brick Break), and your Bug-type attack. The likelihood of them all switching is high, so Pursuit is the best way to rid of them.

    Scizor does get Night Slash and Iron Head, but the ability to hit switching foes with Pursuit and the priority of Bullet Punch are generally better.

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