What are all the things that you can do "once per day"?

  1. I'm trying to make sure I do all the "daily events" at least once a day, but I'm not sure I'm doing them all. I'm also trying to keep track of which things simply change daily. This is what I have down:

    1. Check for the new Swarm at Sandgem Town.
    2. Get free berry from Floaroma's accessory store.
    3. Get free berry from the Berry Master on Route 208.
    4. Check the Marsh for different Pokemon.
    5. Play the Lotto in Jubilife TV Station.
    6. Get a massage in Veilstone.
    7. Add another Pokemon to the Trophy Garden(if possible).
    8. Fight a/another Drifloon at Windworks.

    Is this list complete? Or have am I missing something?

    User Info: 40yoTruckDriver

    40yoTruckDriver - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can also:
    9.Get free berry from girl in Pastoria city
    10.Get a new thing to say in Snowpoint city
    11.Get massage in resort area
    12.Transfer 6 pokemon to Pal Park
    13.Get different seals each day in sunyshore city
    14.Get a great ball in Celestic town Pokemon centre
    15.Vs your rival at fight area
    16.Get some belts in Route 221
    17.Tell a girl a story in sunyshore city for a ribbon
    18.Get differnt people to battle you in the 7 star restaurant at Valor Lakefront
    19.Show a pokemon for pokeballs in Solaceon Town.
    20. Get different items underground
    21. Battle someone in Jubilife TV station

    That is all.

    Thanks to Serebii net for info.

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    DJ183 - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Note that Drifloon only appears on Fridays. It's not there every day.

    User Info: Thunderbird8

    Thunderbird8 - 8 years ago 0 0

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