How do you trade with gba?

  1. I'm wondering if it's possible to trade pokemon from sapphire over to diamond when both are in the ds?

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  1. Yes it is possible:
    First you have to beat the Elite Four.
    Than go to Sand-Gem Town and surf down the water and to the right until you hit land.
    Keep going right until you look up and there is a building. That is Pal-Park.
    That is when you go inside and talk to Professor Oak.
    Than you save your game, turn off your DS, put in the GBA game into the GBA Slot (Bottom of DS)
    Than you turn on your DS, and in the menu where it says: "Continue, New Game, etc." go down until the option: Transfer from GBA. (IMPORTANT: You HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST 7 POKEMON IN YOUR GBA GAME!)
    When you press A on that option it will make you sync your games you MIGHT have to wait 24 hours.
    When thats done you there will be two options: "Transfer" and "Cancel" hit "Transfer"
    That will bring you to your PC in the GBA game.
    Than you just choose the six Pokemon you want from there, none can have HM moves.
    And go back to Pal-Park and talk the the man blocking the desk entrance and talk to him and say "YES".
    Than you just catch the Pokemon you choose and your done!

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  1. put the gba game in the gba slot in your ds,
    Then visit the pal park
    then save your game and turn it off and on,
    at the title screen there will be the option to transfer pokemon from ________
    choose that option and pick six pokemon from that game that are in your storage boxes
    then go into your game and complete the pal park which is capturing your pokemon without fail in a spacific area ofthe pal park

    notes:1) not sure if you have to visit the pal park once before you are given the option to trade but you still need to go to the pal park in the end.
    2) you need to have beaten the elite 4
    3)all stats, items and anything that has to do with your pokemon are kept the same

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  2. just thought i should add, that when you migrate pokemon from GBA versions to DS versions.. YOU CANNOT TRADE THEM BACK. they will be put onto the DS versons PERMANATELY

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  3. Sammy_dude10 Answered:
    2) you need to have beaten the elite 4

    No you just need to unlock the National Dex, Which can technically be done before the E4.

    To Unlock the National Dex you need to have at least Seen every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex. All are in the Game somewhere, the two most people are missing without outside help are Palkia (See Old Woman in Celestic Town after defeating Dialga), and Spiritomb (if you don't have friends to trade for/Unlock the only one seen is in the E4)

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  4. To all: You DO NOT need to beat the Elite four.

    First see all 150 Pokemon in Sinnoh. The hardest is the opposite-game legendary. These are seen in Celestic Town, at big house up north.

    Go to Prof. Rowan's and talk to him. You have the National Dex.

    Go south, then east of Sandgem until you reach the Pal Park.

    Save on the DS.

    Get the Pokemon you want to have on the DS on the GBA PC with no HMs or glitch items (like ??????????). Trust me, it won't work... Six must be in the PC, no EGGs or Bad EGGs.

    On the DS Pokemon, at the New Game/Continue screen, select "Migrate From _____". Select the six you want to import to the DS game.

    Start a Catching Show. Finish by finding all six Pokemon.

    Note that a Pokemon retains gender, stats, has/had/never had Pokerus, Original Trainer, ID No., moves, shiny/not shiny, caught Pokeball, nature, Contest stats, Ribbons, and item held (except ??????????, as it cannot be held during migration). It will not retain happiness. I am not sure about EVs/IVs.

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  5. First you need to check if the games are in. Next,you go to the main menu in diamond.(you need the national dex) then select migrate from saphire. you need to make sure that you didnt migrate 24 hours ago, you have at least 6 pokemon that don't know hms in your pc, and the time in both games is the same. (if not, you say yes to the option and wait 24 hours) then select 6 pokemon from saphire 's pc and you have sucsessfully migrated! now go to pal park ( surf under sandgem town when you have the national dex) and talk to the worker who will take you to the catching show and you just surf and go into wild grass ( maybe fishing) and use park balls that you recieved and catch the 6 pokemon. At the end you may get a berry. The guy asks you if you want them in your pc and say yes. It worked with my ruby so it should work withyour saphire.

    Hope this helps!

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  6. This can be done with Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green.

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  7. Sammy_dude is right!!!!

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  8. First, you must have completed the local Pokedex ( you must have seen all the pokemons in the sinnoh region). Then visit Prof. Oak. After that, you'll get the national pokedex. You then go to Pal Park, and you will receive a notification that Pal Park is now open. After that, here's what you should do:
    * Save your game.
    * Turn off the DS.
    * Put the Pokemon Sapphire game in the GBA slot.
    * Turn on the DS.
    * On the menu screen of pokemon diamond, there will be a new option: "migrate from sapphire to diamond (or something like that)".
    * Press that option.
    * You will now be able to migrate pokemon from sapphire.
    * After that, continue you diamond save file.
    * Go to the Pal Park and talk to the man behind the counter.
    * You will then be sent to a field with pokemon.
    * Capture the pokemons and voila! You now have the pokemons from sapphire.
    Note: You must migrate 6 pokemon (no more, no less)

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  9. Basically use pal park.

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  10. You don't trade between ds and gba versions. it's a transfer as you gain the pokemon on diamond but it gets erased on your gba version.
    after you've obtained the national dex and pal park has been unlocked
    have both cartridges in the ds and turn the console on
    when it come up with the title screen press a but don't load the game
    there should be an option saying transfer from (insert version here)
    after this it asks you if your sure a few times and then you get to select the pokemon to transfer
    once you've selected the pokemon it automaticaly loads and asks if you wish to continue (note again your pokemon will be erased from your gba version if you continue so don't complain to me if something goes missing)
    after you continue it comes up saving don't turn off the power
    after it's saved go to route 221 where pal park is located and play the game to catch the pokemon you transfered (note the pal park balls have a 100% catch rate and you will need surf to get to some areas)
    once again you pokemon get eresed from your gba version so don't blame me for them going missing on there and sorry for such a big answer

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  11. Well, I did this by putting whatever GBA game into my ds and than select the button on the main menu that says trade with GBA (not exact words) and it should start the process.
    But be warned! This will only send pokemon from the GBA to the ds

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  12. Thats easy you put your gba pokemon,ruby,emerald,sapphire,fire red or leaf green, into the bottom part of your ds and turn it on. then you go to your pokemon diamond,perl or platnium.and start the game once your at the game menu you have these options. the top one is obviously your file, the next one is new game, below that it'll say migrate from either ruby,emerald,sapphire,fire red or leaf green.Then it'll ask you if you want to migrate from gba,you say yes then it'll give you your pokemon pc boxes then you pick which ones you want to migrate! its that easy!! but pokemon that have either tm's or hm's can't migrate unless you delete them

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  13. Finish the sinnoh dex and put a gba game in the gba game slot. Turn off game before insert gba game. Turn on ds. Start ds game. Select migrate from ____________ choose six pokemon that do NOT know a hm move.

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  14. Everyone is right. what they said,ur pokemon cant have any HM's.

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  15. You need to have beaten the game with Pokemon Diamond and go to the pal park i think you'll need surf it's far down the map
    Go there with gba game in the game boy slot and go in there talk to some people
    and catch them in the migration park you have to do like 6 at a time
    you can do on legendaries and rares
    But otherwise there's no way to "Trade" a gba game with a DS game.
    you have 100% to catch them dont worry just run in the grass in certain areas like if its grassland pokemon run in grass sea pokemon surf and u'll catch them all

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