Cynthia, Celastic town, Cave, and the Psyduck?

  1. Okay apparently I need my 5th badge now. Everyone says go to Celastic town to find the gym leader. Only problem is the two routes that lead the Celastic are blocked by Psyduck and a cave boudler needing strength to move. Does this Cynthia person really help if so where is she and how on earth do I get to Celastic Town!?

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  1. Go into Pastoria fight Crasher Wake then talk to the Galactic Grunt follow him all the way to Lake Valor eventually you'll fight him beat him walk upwards a bit and Cynthia wll give the potion hope my answer helps ;) BUT the 5th badge is in HeartHome thats why you have to u go all the way to Celestic town beat the Grunt walk into the cave and look at the wall Cynthia's mother will then talk to you then voila Fantina the GHOST type user will or should be there to fight :)

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  1. Talk to the team galactic guy in pastoria city and follow him then at the end you will see cynthia and she will give u the potion to use on them

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  2. Go to hearthome. That's where the 5th gym leader is. She's a ghost type user.

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  3. What you need to do is chase the Galactic Grunt, who is standing outside of the Pastoria City Great Marsh, all the way to Lake Valor. Then you'll have to defeat him in a battle. Cynthia will appear and give you some Super Potion to give to the Psyduck that are blocking the way to Celestic Town. After you give the Super Potion to the Psyduck, go to Celestic Town and talk to Cynthia's grandmother. After a whole scene with Team Galactic, go back to the gym in Hearthome City and Fantina will be there to have you challenge her.

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  4. In pastroia city,theres a g-grunt. talk to him and he will run off but not that far. go east and eventually youll see him again(still in pastroia)but this time after you talk to him your friend/rival comes and you face him.then continue on to route 213 and youll see him again.every time you see him you have to talk to him untill you get to valour he will start to wonder why hes running from you. continue on to lake valour and this time he will fight you. and then (the pokemon league champion) cynthia comes and she gives you some necklace and a potion to make those psyduck run use strength you need to go to the to the tower on route you go to hearthome city and fight the gym leader to be able to use strength outside of battle.

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  5. You first go to pastoria, after you beat crasher wake go talk to the galactic grunt next to the great marsh, then he'll run off to the entrance of pastoria, go talk to him again and he'll run off again, after that your rival will come and battle you, after you beat him keep on talking to the grunt that runs off, then he'll finally battle you, so battle him.After that pick up the item he dropped and then head north you'll see Cynthia standing in front of lake valor, talk to her and she'll ask you if you've seen the psyduck on route 10, say yes and then she'll give you the secret potion to move the psyduck out of the way on route 10.Go to route 10 and use the secret potion on the psyduck, after that Cynthia will ask you to take a charm to her grandmother in Celestic town thats how you get there.This is how you get strength if you haven't already gotten it.First you go south of Solaceon to pokemon tower, go to the top floor and talk to one of the ladys and she'll give you strength.

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