How do I get Wormadam's different forms?

  1. I tryed evolving a female burmy in the desert on route 228 but it was its standard form. Am I doing it wrong? What is the best place to get both other forms?

    User Info: janemba2

    janemba2 - 9 years ago

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  1. Burmy has three different forms:
    Grass Form (Green) - Make Burmy take part in a battle in grass
    Ground Form (Brown) - Make Burmy take part in a battle in a cave
    Steel Form (Pink) -Make Burmy take part in a battle in a building (ie, the trainers in the restaurant on Route 213)
    However, Burmy's type will always be bug, but if it's a female*, and you evolve it (level 20), then Wormadam will have the form that Burmy had when it was evolving, and will be that type and bug. The differences between the forms include, as well as type, different stats, weaknesses (obviously), and a couple of different moves based on their type.
    *Evolving a male Burmy at level 20, regardless of the form when evolving, always produce the same Mothim.

    User Info: theKleptoman

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  1. Alll you have to do is to level your burmy up in a certain location, and it changes
    (Inside Building for steel, Cave for ground, and anywhere else for grass)
    and when you evolve to a Wormadam, it changes anyways depending on where you evolve it.

    User Info: Uber_Fuller

    Uber_Fuller - 9 years ago 1 2
  2. There are three forms and you have to battle in three areas. the grass form is when you use it in a battle outside. The ground form you have to battle with a Wormadam in a cave. As for the pink one (normal type?) You have to battle in a building (Jubilife radio station is best for that).

    User Info: no1yoshifan

    no1yoshifan - 9 years ago 1 2
  3. Grass - Have Burmy enter a battle in a grassy area
    Ground - Have Burmy enter a battle either in a cave OR on a road.
    Steel - Have Burmy enter a battle inside a building. The daily battle on the ground floor of the Jubilife TV building is best for this. The trainer's pokemon will always be at level 17, I've found.

    Once you've done this, Burmy's appearance changes to suit the type. All you need to do then is evolve it while it is in the corresponding form.

    User Info: gamingsmylife

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  4. it's simple. first, get a 3 female burmys. next battle in different places:
    burmy will always be a bug type but will have different forms.
    plant (grass): thats the wild one.
    sandy (ground): battle in a cave, etc.
    trash (steel): battle in buildings.
    turn all 3 into these forms then get them to lvl. 20. u have all forms of Wormadam!

    User Info: Pokeboy814

    Pokeboy814 - 9 years ago 0 1

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