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    FAQ/Walkthrough by amaravati

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                         Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Walkthrough
    ***************This walkthrough is base on the Japanese versions**********214**
                                                           Copyright 2006 amaravati 
    Table of Contents
    1.0 Futaba Town
    1.1 Masago Town
    1.2 Kotobuki City
    1.3 Route 203
    1.4 Kurogane City
    1.5 Route 204
    1.6 Sonoo Town
    1.7 Route 205
    1.8 Hakutai City
    1.9 Cycling Road
    2.0 Route 207
    2.1 Yosuga City
    2.2 Route 209
    2.3 Zui Town
    2.4 Route 210 & Route 215
    2.5 Tobari City
    2.6 Route 214
    2.7 Route 213
    2.8 Nomose City
    2.9 Route 210
    3.0 Kanagi Town
    3.1 Nomose City
    3.2 Mio City
    3.3 Steel Island
    3.4 Kurogane Gate
    3.5 Tengan Cave
    3.6 Route 216 & Route 217
    3.7 Kissaki City
    3.8 Tobari City
    3.9 Tengan Cave
    4.0 Trio Legendary Pokemon
    4.1 Victory Road
    4.2 Kureseria
    4.3 Victory Road
    At the beginning of the game Professor Nanakamado will begin speaking to you. 
    He will then present you with three options. Pick the third one if you want to 
    head right into the game. He will speak some more. On the touch screen touch 
    the center of the Poke Ball when you see the two rectangle icon at the end of 
    the Professor sentence. He will speak some more about Pokemon and then you can 
    choose if you want to play and a male or a female trainer. Give your character 
    a name. The default name for the male is KOUKI and the female is HIKARI. Then 
    it's time to give your Rival name. He doesn't have a default name. The game 
    will begin once you are done naming the characters.
    Go down the stairs and your mother will greet you. Then head over to your 
    Rival's house. Go onto the second floor and talk to him. Head north to exit 
    Futaba Town and your Rival will be waiting on Route 201. Go west on Route 201 
    and head into the forest. The game will automatically walk you to the suitcase 
    that Professor Nanakamado left behind. Pick your Pokemon and head into a battle 
    with a Mukku. After you have defeated the Mukkuru, leave the forest and start 
    heading back to Futaba Town.
    Once you are back at your house, talk to your mother and she will give you 
    RUNNING SHOES. Now head out of Futaba Town on to Route 201. Go east toward 
    Masago Town where Professor Nanakamado's Lab is located. At the Lab the 
    Professor will ask you if you want to give your Pokemon a nickname and then he 
    will give you a POKEDEX if you agree to travel across Shinou to collection 
    information on Pokemon.
    Pick up an ANTIDOTE by the beach on Route 219 south of Magsago Town. Return to 
    your house in Futaba Town. Talk to your mother and she'll give you a LOG BOOK. 
    Your Rival's mother will enter and give you a PARCEL to be delivered to your 
    Rival. Head over to Route 202 where Hikari will show you how to catch a 
    Pokemon. Once she is finished the demonstration, she will give you five 
    POKE BALLS. Keep moving forward until you get to Kotobuki City, but don't 
    forget to grab POTION in the grass area before entering the city. 
    Go into the building west of the Pokemon Center and deliver the PARCEL to your 
    Rival. The PARCEL contains two TOWN MAPS and he will hand one over to you. 
    Battle the two trainers standing on the blue mat. Talk the the male trainer 
    afterward and he will give you TM10. Exit the building and you will meet a 
    gentleman who will give you a POKECCHI after you bring him three coupons from 
    the three blonde jester scattering around the city. Search for the three 
    jesters and get a coupon from each one of them. Then come back and talk to the 
    Go into the building north of Poke Mart. Talk to the blonde hair girl on the 
    first floor. She will give you QUICK CLAW. Leave Kotobuki City through the 
    west exit. Inside the station talk to the fisherman and he will give you an 
    OLD ROD. Go back to Kotobuki City and head east onto Route 203.
    1.3 ROUTE 203
    There's one POKE BALL to north before the first set of stairs. Head east all 
    way up the second set of stairs to the very top. You should see a cave that 
    will lead to Kurogane City. Before entering the cave turn around and head back 
    toward the small pond on the northern side for REPEL. As you enter the cave a 
    man standing by a big boulder will give you HM06 Rock Smash. However you can't 
    use it outside of battle until you beat the Gym Leader in Kurogane City. Make 
    your way to Kurogane City by heading east toward the exit.
    When you first enter the city a youngster will show you where the Gym is. From 
    where you enter the city, go to the second floor of the first building on the 
    northern side and get a DARK BALL by talking to the girl who is standing by 
    herself. If you go into the next building over, the girl on the first floor is 
    looking to trade her Abra for a Machop, which you can find on Route 207 north 
    of Kurogane City. Head onto the second floor of the building southeast of 
    Pokemon Center. Talk to the boy in blue hat on the second floor and he will 
    give you a GREAT BALL. On Route 207 you can find a POKE BALL lying around by 
    the tall grass. Talk to the man with a Machop east of the mine entrance to get 
    SUPER POTION. Go to into the coal mine to find the Gym Leader of this city. 
    Inside the coal mine you will find X DEFEND. The Gym Leader is the person 
    wearing a red hardhat. He is in the deepest part of the coal mine where you 
    can also find POTION and ESCAPE ROPE. He will return to his gym after you have 
    spoken to him.
    Friend Code
    Before you decide to challenge the Gym Leader, you should visit the basement 
    of the Pokemon Center to get your Friend Code. Once you are in the basement 
    the lady will start speaking to you. She will begin to tell you about Wi-Fi 
    and its features. She'll also give you a notebook where you can access your 
    Friend Code as well storing your friends' Friend Code. When she is finished 
    speaking. Go to your Key Items and it should be the very last item on the 
    list, its icon is a red notebook with a vertical white stripe. 
    Inside you will find three options Friend List, Add Friend Code, and Your 
    Friend Code. Friend List lets you view, edit, and delete your friends' Friend 
    Code. Add Friend Code is self explanatory. Your Friend Code shows you your
    Friend Code that you can give to your friends. However you have to set up your 
    Wi-Fi connection and make sure it works in order to get your Friend Code. Once 
    you are ready, go over to the counter with the two ladies you test out the 
    Wi-Fi features. If your friends are on the their name will show up. From there 
    you can battle or setup a trade.
    Now go and challenge Hyota, the Gym Leader. He'll hand over a Coal Badge and 
    TM76 after he is beaten. Once you have defeated Hyota the Gym Leader of 
    Kurogane City, it's time to head back toward Kotobuki City. However make sure 
    you explore the northern part of the cave that is connecting Route 203 and 
    Kurogane City, since you can now smash the rock that is blocking the northern 
    path. Head down the stairs and you'll find STARDUST and TM70.
    1.5 ROUTE 204
    At Kotobuki City, go into the Pokemon Company, it's the building with two 
    entraces. On the first floor, talk to the man standing near the counter to get 
    a Pokecchi Memopad update. Then head north onto Route 204 where you will meet 
    Professor Nanakamado and Hikari with Team Galaxy. You and Hikari will go into 
    a double battle against Team Galaxy (Wurmple and Zubat). After the battle a 
    man will come over and give you ACCESSORY CONTAINER. Don't forget to pick up 
    PARALYZ HEAL near the pond as you are heading up 204. Keep going north where 
    you will see an entrance to a cave named Areta Nukemichi. Make sure you have a 
    Pokemon that knows Rock Smash in order to make your way through the cave.
    As you enter the cave you will find ANTIDOTE and the exit to the cave on the 
    easte side. Over on the west side you will find TM39. Right above the exit of 
    the cave on Route 204 is AWAKENING. West of the twins, Sara and Sari pass the 
    white fence is TM09. Keep moving north and you will enter Sonoo Town.
    1.6 SONOO TOWN
    Go into the house north of the Pokemon Center and talk to the girl next to a 
    Clefairy to receive TM88. Inside the flower shop talk to the girl on the 
    west side and she will give you PSYDUCK PAIL. The other brunette will give you 
    a random BERRY. Go northwest of the town to find two Team Galaxy members 
    blocking a path. Head west onto Route 205 and talk to the little girl in the 
    middle of the road. She will tell you about her missing father. Now go back to 
    where the two Team Galaxy members were and enter the forest. Defeat the Team 
    Galaxy members and the man will give you and POWER PLANT KEY and SWEET HONEY. 
    Walk east onto Route 205 toward the Power Plant. A Team Galaxy member will be 
    blocking the door. Defeat him and you can use the key that was given to you to 
    open the locked door. Don't forget to pick up the POTION that is sitting in 
    front of the building. Enter the building and defeat the Team Galaxy members, 
    including their leader Mars.
    1.7 ROUTE 205
    Afterward, make your way across the bridge north of Route 205 where it was 
    previously blocked by two Team Galaxy members. Pick up X ATTACK east of the 
    bearded trainer. Walk down the stairs onto the grass area and head north then 
    west under the wooden bridge to pick up a POKE BALL. There's also REPEL after 
    you have crossed the wooden bridge. You can find SUPER POTION south of the 
    house. Now go into Hakutai Forest where Momi, a female trainer will accompany 
    you in battles until you leave the forest. Take is opportunity to level up 
    your Pokemon, since they will be automatically healed and fully revived after 
    each battle. As you enter the forest head west to pick up ANTIDOTE. In the 
    northwest of this area you will find a stationary green rock, which can be 
    used to evolve an Eevee. Head northeast of the area for PARLYZ HEAL. There's a 
    GREAT BALL you can pick up south of the psychic trainers. Now go all the way 
    east past the bug catchers for a POTION. Head all the way north toward the
    exit. On the way there, be sure to pick up SWEET HONEY before leaving the 
    area. Make your way east across the wooden bridge. At the end of the bridge, 
    pick up POTION located in the south. Walk a tiny bit further and you will 
    arrive at Hakutai City.
    Walk up north of the Pokemon Center and you will run into a trainer who will 
    give you HM01 Cut. Go into the house next to the Pokemon Center and talk to 
    the old man. He will give you a key item, EXPLORER KIT. Where you can use it 
    outside to dig into the underground world. 
    Head into the building next to the Poke Mart. A boy is looking to trade his 
    Perappu for a Boizeru. Talk to the old man if you want to give your Pokemon a 
    nickname. On the second floor there's an old lady who will give you TM67. Go 
    into the building south of the city, talk to the scientist and he will give 
    you EXP SHARE if you have seen 35 or more Pokemon. Go behind the gym to pick 
    It is time to challenge Natane, the Gym Leader of Hakutai city. You have to 
    defeat the other trainers inside her gym in order for her to show up. There 
    are four of them hiding inside the gym, find and defeat them all. After you 
    have defeated Natane, you will receive a Forest Badge and TM86. You will also 
    have the ability to use Cut outside of battle. 
    Now go to the building north of Poke Center. Go to the very top floor and 
    defeat Team Galaxy leader, Jupiter. After you have exited the building head 
    east for TM46. Don't go to the Bike Shop otherwise you will not be able to 
    leave Hakutai City through the west exit onto Route 205 toward Hakutai 
    Forest. Go south of the Hakutai Forest entrance where you have to use Cut in 
    order to advance. Go into the rocky part to get SILVERWIND and TM82. Go back 
    to the entrance of Hakutai Forest, Hakutai City side. Go into the forest. Walk 
    west and use Cut to access the Ghost Mansion. There is an ETHER outside the 
    mansion. Inside the mansion, go onto the second floor and then into the room 
    in the west wing. Inside pick up a FOREST JELLY. On the second floor go into 
    the room in the north wing. Go to the last room of the hall on east side to 
    pick up TM90. In the very last room on the opposite end is FEAR PLATE.
    Go back into Hakutai City and leave the city using the east exit onto Route 
    211, go down to the lowest level under the wooden bridge for TM12. Back at 
    Hakutai City, go to the Bike Shop the owner is back at his shop and will give 
    you a BIKE with as a reward for saving him from Team Galaxy. 
    Leave the city through the south exit onto Cycling Road. You will meet Hikari 
    at the end on Route 207 and she will give you BATTLE SEARCHER. First make 
    sure you have plenty of REPEL. You need to go back onto Route 206 east of the 
    entrance to Cycling Road where you have to use Cut to advance. FULL HEAL is 
    hidden between the third and the forth tree. You have to use Cut to get it. 
    After you have crossed the wooden bridge, pick up BURN HEAL under the Cycling 
    Road. SUPER REPEL is located east of Cycling Road. You can get POISON BARB by 
    going west under the Cycling Road past the bearded trainer. 
    You will come to an entrance to a cave at the very top. You field of vision is 
    greatly reduced inside the maze like cave. Now is a good time to use REPEL 
    to make it easier to move around the cave. It is very difficult to give a 
    clear direction on where you suppose to go. Your purpose is to have to rescue 
    a girl named Miru who is lost inside the cave and can't find her way back out. 
    She is located somewhere northeast of the cave. Explore the cave throughly so 
    you won't miss TM32, RARE CANDY, and ESCAPE ROPE inside the cave.
    There is another cave hidden under the cycling road. It is between the obvious 
    cave entrance and the bearded trainer.
    2.0 Route 207
    Head east of Route 207. You can get DIRE HIT sitting on the other side of the 
    wooden bridge. A SUPER POTION lying between the two blue posts. From Route 
    207, go into Tengan Cave, make your way to to the exit onto Route 208. There 
    is a X SPEED below the wooden bridge. Make your way across the wooden bridge 
    to the other side use Rock Smash to get a POKE BALL near the waterfall. Go 
    down the stairs and walk east into the house with a green roof. Talk to the 
    old man and he will give you an ORAN BERRY. The little girl will give your 
    Pokecchi an update, allowing you to search for berries.
    Go talk to the man where a red hat standing in the middle of the street. He 
    will take you to the Pokemon Contest building. Talk the woman blocking the 
    entrance, so she will leave, so you can enter the building. In the Contest 
    building the girl will give you KIRAKIRA POWDER to be put in your Accessory
    Container. You can choose to participate in the contest now if you want to.
    Leave the building and go into the house east of the Poke Mart and talk to the 
    man in the middle of the room to receive POFFIN CASE. Go into the house next 
    over, then go up the elevator and talk to the girl to receive SHELL BELL. Go 
    south of the city and you will meet your Rival. You can now exit the city 
    through the east exit.
    2.2 ROUTE 209
    On Route 209 go north through the tall grass to pick up SWEET HONEY. Talk to 
    the fisherman standing by the pier and he will give you GOOD ROD. On the land 
    near the boulder in the water is X ACCURACY. Once you make it past over the 
    water area, continue heading north of Route 209. Go west through the tall 
    grass and if you can make it up the muddy hill, there is a CALCIUM to be 
    picked up. Go east past the man stading in front of Lost Tower. To the south 
    of him, use Cut to get TM47.
    Lost Tower
    On the second floor there is a ROUND STONE. Pick up REVIVE as you past through 
    the third floor. TM27 is on the forth floor. On the fifth floor, one of the 
    old lady will give you a CLEANSE TAG and the other one will give you HM04.
    2.3 ZUI TOWN
    As you enter Zui Town, talk to the man in the middle of the road to ge another 
    Pokecchi update. The Breeding Center is the building at the very northwest of 
    of the town. Go east around the back of the town. You will see two houses with 
    a green roof. Visit the one below and the lady in there will give you SHELL 
    CONTAINER. It is a contain to put in stickers to decorate your Poke Balls. If 
    you go further east you can visit ZUI RUINS.
    Once you are in the cave, go down northwest stairs and pick REPEL under the 
    rock. Head back up the stairs. This time take northeast stairs > southwest > 
    southwest into a room. Get ESCAPE ROPE that is under the rock. Leave the 
    room and go to the northeast stairs > northwest > southeast into a room to 
    pick up BIG MUSHROOM. Head back up the stairs and take northwest stairs > 
    southwest and you will be in a room with 4 poke balls containing, RARE CANDY, 
    These are Unown symbols that I converted into alphabets. I have no clue what 
    it says, since I don't know what Japanese kana each Unown symbol stands for. 
    2.4 ROUTE 210 & ROUTE 215
    Go north onto Route 210. Ride your bike up the muddy hill and walk east to a 
    girl who is standing by herself at the corner of the ledge. She will give you 
    TM51. On the west side of Route 210, there is a GREAT BALL to be picked up. 
    You will reach a cafe with trainers inside at the top. There are wild Psyducks 
    blocking a path northeast of the cafe.
    Go east and you will be on Route 215. It will start to rain. There is an ETHER 
    lying around in the middle of the path. Keep going until you see a man in a 
    karate gi. Talk to him and he will give you TM66. Carefully search the area 
    for FIST PLATE, GUARD SPEC., TM34, and FULL HEAL. Walk a little bit further 
    and you will in Tobari City.
    Go into the Department Store. Talk to the old lady on the first floor and she 
    will give you an accesory for the super contest. On the fifth floor talk to 
    one of the two gentlemen standing together and you will receive STICKY BARB. 
    Talk to the bald man standing near the two houses before the Gym to receive 
    TM63. Go into the house furthest from the bald man and you will meet a jester 
    inside. He wil make you guess which hand he is holding the COIN CASE. If you 
    can guess correctly the the COIN CASE is your to keep. Now you can play the 
    slots at Game Corner if you want to. Next go to the Gym to challenge Sumomo. 
    You have to solve the puzzle by moving the screen doors around to reach Sumomo 
    the Gym Leader. After you have defeated her, she will give you Cobal Badge and 
    TM60 as a reward.
    Head northwest of the city to the Warehouse, where two Team Galaxy members are 
    blocking the way to the building. Once the path is cleared enter the warehouse 
    above. You will find HM02 Fly inside. Leave the city using the southeast exit 
    onto Route 214. 
    2.6 ROUTE 214
    Walk straight down, up the stairs and enter to cave for TM28. Exit the cave 
    and go all the way east and walk south for SPECIAL GUARD. Walk down the picket 
    fence maze to find LARGE ROOT. From the sign post go west into the grass for 
    MAX POTION. Continue going south and you will enter Risshiko no Hotori area. 
    There are two man blocking a path. Pick up PARLYZ HEAL lying around a little 
    bit further south. 
    2.7 ROUTE 213
    Walk up the stairs and head west to the Restaurant. It's the building with an 
    umbrella on top of the roof. You can challenge the people inside to a 2 on 2 
    battle. If you keep heading west you can pick up PP UP lying around south of 
    the pool. From the Restaurant, go south onto Route 213 and into the building 
    on the west side. Talk to the jester inside to get TM92. Continue heading 
    south through the Hotel and pick up RED SHARD that is lying around. Go west 
    along the beach, but don't forget to pick up TM40 in the area. The next area 
    over is Nomose City.
    Visit the Safari Zone located north of the Pokemon Center. Find the lady with 
    a green hair inside the safari. She should be standing east of the entrance. 
    She will give you HM05 Fog Clear. You are in area 6 when you first enter the 
    safari. Go north and then pick up PARLYZ HEAL near the pond. If you get stuck 
    in the mud, press the D-PAD in to spin the character around and he will be 
    able to free himself from the mud. Now go west to area 5 pick up ANTIDOTE. 
    Walk along the western edge and toward north direction into area 3 where 
    SWEET HONEY is located. You can use the train you go to different area of the 
    safari. In area 1 you can find POTION and SUPER REPEL. There is a GREAT BALL 
    laying around in area 2. In area 4 you can find a POKE BALL as well as a 
    Walk over to the house west of the Poke Mart. The lady inside will give you 
    a random BERRY. Go to the City Gym to take on the trainers and the Gym Leader. 
    Defeat Makishi to receive Fen Badge and TM55. Now it is possible to use HM05 
    outside of battle. You can explore part of Route 212 west of the city, but you 
    need to use Surf, too fully explore the area so I suggest that come back to it 
    Go talk to a Team Galaxy member standing in front of the Safari Zone. He will 
    flee east. Continue to follow him through Route 203 all the way to Risshiko no 
    Hotori where he will battle you. Defeat him and go north to talk to the blonde 
    trainer who gave you HM01 back in Hakutai City. This time she will give you 
    SECRET MED. It's a medicine to feed a group of Psyducks blocking the path at 
    Route 210.
    2.9 Route 210
    Go talk to the Psyducks and feed them the medicine. The blonde trainer will 
    show up again and give you an OLD AMULET. Go into the area the Psyducks were 
    blocking. Walk west to find SUPER REPEL. There HYPER POTION in the middle of 
    the field. Go past the wild tall grass. In the wild grass an ULTRA BALL tucked 
    away on the east side. Keep moving forward until you see a plank. Use the 
    plank to cross the waterfall. Continue walking forward and you will be able to 
    pick up TM30. Back track to the wooden bridge. Take the one leading south and 
    pick SMOKE BALL sitting right below. Right after Route 210 is Kanagi Town. 
    3.0 Kanagi Town
    Go talk to the man inside the house located northwest of town. He'll hand over 
    KODAWARI GLASSES. You will get another Pokecchi update if you go talk to the 
    man inside the house west of of the Pokemon Center. Go and confront the Team 
    Galaxy member standing in front of the cave. An old lady will come and speak
    to you after the battle. Go inside the cave and look at the drawing on the 
    wall. The old lady will follow you in and give you HM03 SURF. Go west onto 
    Route 211 and enter Tengan Cave. Inside go south to pick up ESCAPE ROPE. Exit 
    the cave and go to Yosuga City, where the 5th Gym is. The evelator is now
    available. Defeat Merissa, the Gym Leader for Relic Badge and TM65. You 
    will also have to ability to use HM03 outside to battle.
    3.1 Nomose City
    Now that you can Surf there are many areas you should explore before moving 
    ahead. Go to Nomose City. Use Surf on the water east of the Poke Mart. Head 
    north to find MYSTIC WATER. Go to Route 213 onto the beach and use Surf. You 
    should be able to find WATER STONE to the east. 
    Go back to NOMOSE CITY and leave the city onto Route 212. Walk straight up 
    under the plank to find MAX REVIVE. There is TM06 just southwest of the 
    trainer. Go across the plank and head west. You will find X SPECIAL is just  
    off the path. Pick up ZINC that is lying on the ground further up the path. Go 
    across the bridge with the fishermen standing around. Take the south path and 
    go up the stairs. Cross the plank back east for TM62. Go west and use Surf on 
    the pond for TM84. Continue moving west and you will find ANTIDOTE near a 
    Keep moving forward until you reach an area where the rain stopped. Go behind 
    the sign in front of the pond for MAX ELIXIR. Cut down the bush north of the 
    pond for TM11. Keep moving north while staying on the west side. There is a
    FLOWER INCENSE on the opposite side of the pond.
    Fly to Sonoo Town go behind the Power Plant off of Route 205 for TM24. Go to 
    Tobari City. Leave the city using the south exit. Use Surf on the pond to the 
    east on Route 214 for a RARE CANDY. On Route 209 use Surf past the rock east 
    of the trainer wearing a Pikachu costume. Follow the stream to find TM19. Go 
    to Route 207 and enter Tengan Cave. Use Surf on the north end to get PROTEIN. 
    Now go use Surf on the south end of the cave to retrieve AWAKEN STONE.
    Go to Masago Town and head south onto Route 219 and onto Route 220. Head south 
    until you reach a small sandy island where you will find ETHER sitting at the 
    north end and WATER PLATE and the south end. From where the Water Plate is go 
    south and east and you will come across CARBOS sitting in the shallow water. 
    From there up north and continue east. Soon you should be able to spot PROTEIN 
    sitting at the corner of the land. Once you are on land, head east and pick up 
    SWEET HONEY just behind the fisherman. Stay on the path where Sweet Honey was 
    sitting and walk straight east and you will soon come across TM81. Within the 
    area there is a buidling, Pal Park. West of where the Pal Park is sits a small 
    house. From the house go west to pick up CLEANSE INCENSE. Pal Park is a place 
    where you can transfer the Pokemon from you GBA cart over to the DS cart. This 
    feature will only be available only after you have the National PokeDex.
    Go to the cave north of Kotobuki City. Once inside the cave, head west and 
    surf up north. Get onto the directly north of where you are. You have to use 
    Rock Smash to make you way through. You will come to a dead end where you will 
    find LUCK INCENSE. Surf further up north and you will find TM03.
    Now go to Kotobuki City and leave city through the west exit onto Route 218. 
    Walk to the pier and use surf. There are two fishermen standing by the edge of 
    the land west of the pier. One of them is standing next to SWEET HONEY. 
    3.2 MIO CITY
    Go into the very first house, talk to the lady inside and receive TM48. There 
    is a move deleter inside the house north of Poke Mart. Walk across the bridge 
    to the otherside of the city. Go to the Gym and challenge Tougan, the Gym 
    Leader. After his is defeated you will receive Mine Badge and TM 91. You can 
    now use HM05 Strength outside of battle as well as having the ability to 
    control Pokemon up to level 70.
    Go to the third floor of the Library located north of the city. After the 
    event is over you should be able to use the boat sitting in the water south of 
    the city. If you want to sidetrack and get Rioru, a Lucario pre-evo then use 
    the boat if not then head over to. However make sure you make one slot open in 
    your party to receive the egg.
    Before you go make sure you only have five Pokemon in your party, so the you 
    can receive an egg at the end of the event. Go up the stairs and into the 
    cave. Take the stairs on the west side. Pick up the BLACK ORB. Go back up and 
    take the other path. Walk down south to pick up ESCAPE ROPE. Now go east while 
    staying on the edge to get SUPER REPEL. Take the elevator down to the floor 
    below. Take the path on east side. There are TM23 and MAX ETHER laying around 
    to be picked up. Go out of the room over to the room on the otherside. 
    A trainer named Gen will join you. Go south to pick up MAGNET on the ledge. A 
    HYPER BALL is located northwest of the room. Pick upMAX POTION that is sitting 
    southwest of the room. There's an HP UP near Team Galaxy members. Go in battle 
    with Team Galaxy members. After the battle Gen will give you a Rioru egg. Take 
    the elevator to exit the cave. There is a LIGHT STONE lying around near the 
    exit of cave.
    Go back to the cave that is between Route 203 and Kurogane City. Go down to 
    the bottom floor. Surf west along land mass and you will find TM31 sitting in 
    the north area. You actually could have gotten this TM earlier with the bike 
    by riding through the ramps to jump over the rocks. Continue to Surf west a 
    little bit further to pick up EARTH PLATE and TM01.
    Go to Risshi konohotori, the lake right below Route 214. The two man that was 
    blocking the path earlier will no longer be there. Make your way to southern 
    area of the lake where a cave is located. Go inside to battle Saturn, Team 
    Galaxy leader. Now go to Shinjiko no Hotori, where you got your starter 
    Pokemon. Battle the Team Galaxy members and Mars again.
    Go back to Kanagi Town. Go west into Tengan Cave. Begin heading north by using 
    a Pokemon with Strength to move the boulder that is blocking the way. Use Rock 
    Smash on rocks in the west direction to get to a RARE CANDY. Keep heading 
    north. Clear the fog in the next area. Pick up STARDUST. Go north a bit 
    further and then walk down onto the second ledge to the east and head north 
    for SOFT SAND. Explore the rest of the eastern side for REVIVE, FULL RESTORE,
    ELIXIR, and LIGHT CLAY sitting on an island in the pond. Exit the room when 
    you are done.
    3.6 ROUTE 216 & ROUTE 217
    The next floor will lead to the exit onto Route 216. Go up and cross the 
    wooden bridge. Continue on that path to find ICE HEAL. Get back down and keep 
    moving west. As you enter Route 217 you will encounter a snowstorm. Visibilty 
    will be low. Just walk in a straight line heading north and you will come 
    across IRON. Continue in the same direction and you will find TM07 and then 
    HM08 Rock Climb, directly northeast of a house. Go inside the house, talk to 
    the man inside and you will receive ICE PLATE. Go slightly east and head north 
    to find another house. Inside the girl will give you SPELL TAG. There is also 
    a stationary ice rock north of the house that you can use to evolve an Eevee. 
    Walk a back down south and head west, you should find a path that will lead to 
    Eichiko no Hotori and eventually Kissaki City.
    Go north on a path right before the entrance to Kissaki City. You will find a  
    HYPER BALL. There isn't much to do in Kissaki City. You can go to a house in 
    the northwest section of the city and trade a Medicharm for a Haunter. Then 
    head for the Gym to challenge Suzuna, the Gym Leader. After she is defeated 
    you will receive a Glicia badge, TM72, and the ability to use HM08 Rock Climb 
    outside of battle.
    Backtrack to Route 217 to where two Team Galaxy members were blocking a path. 
    Enter it to find your Rival with Jupiter. Go back to Route 216. There is a 
    place where you can use Rock Climb. It is very difficult to spot with the 
    snowstorm, but it is right next the a set of stairs with a trainer standing 
    still to the east. Go up and head east for MENTAL HERB, HP UP, and TM13. 
    Go to Nomose City. Leave the city using the east exit onto Route 213. At the 
    sandy part of Route 213 you should be able to spot a place to use Rock Climb. 
    TM05 is located at the very top. Continue to head east all the way back to the 
    Restaurant at Risshiko no Hotori. You can use Rock Climb southeast of the 
    Restarant. Inside the building you can get a Pokecchi update. Further down 
    below is a PROTEIN. Now go use Rock Climb by the building directly north of 
    the pool. Go in the east direction you will reach TM85.  
    Go to Kanagi Town and exit the town onto Route 211. Use Rock Climb on the 
    north side of Route 211. You will find TM29 at the top. Talk to a trainer 
    directly south of where you can use Rock Climb for TM77. At Tobari City, 
    go near the Gym and use Rock Climb to pick up FULL INCENSE.
    Go to Team Galaxy base, the one with a sattlite dish outside located 
    northeast of the city. Talk to one of the members standing outside. He will 
    run away and drop WAREHOUSE KEY. Now go to the Warehouse north of the 
    Department Store. Behind the door is a DARK STONE. Go down the stairs to the 
    next floor until you meet a Team Galaxy member. After the battle, continue on 
    the same path. Pick up IRON sitting in a room right before meeting the next 
    Team Galaxy member.
    Move forward until you come across two teleportation spots. Use the one to the 
    east to get TM49. Go back and use the other one. Continue moving forward until 
    you come to a room with a teleportation spot on the west side. Remember that 
    you need need to come back to this room. Use the teleportation spot and go 
    down to the next room where you will meet a scientist trainer. Defeat him and 
    move on. Soon you will reach storage room with TM36 and GALAXY KEY. Now make 
    your way back all the way to the room I mentioned earlier. Go past the Team 
    Galaxy members up the stairs. Keep going until you come to a closed door. 
    Inside the room is TM21. Leave the building and go back to Team Galaxy base.
    Team Galaxy Base
    Use the middle or the west door to enter the buidling. Keep walking until you 
    come to a room with a G insignia painted on the foor in front of the room. 
    Walk past the room and use the teleportation spot on the bottom corner to get 
    to MAX REVIVE in the next room over. Go back and head inside the room with the 
    G insignia painted in front of the room. Use the teleportation spot inside the 
    room. Go up the stairs to face two Team Galaxy members. Move on until you 
    reach an area with three teleportation spots. Use the the top west one to get 
    MAX ETHER. Go back and take the lower telteporation spot. Move forward, up the
    stairs and then through the door to find Akagi. Defeat him and he will hand 
    over a MASTER BALL. Walk east to find another teleportation spot. Use it and 
    it will take you to Saturn. Battle and defeat him. Press the button on the 
    controls to free the locked Pokemon.
    You are about to go catch a legendary Pokemon, so make sure you stock up on 
    Poke Balls and healing items, since you will not be allowed to leave the area 
    until the Pokemon is defeated or caught.  
    Go to Route 207 and head east into Tengan Cave. Take the north path by using 
    Surf. Continue walking foward a bit further and you should see a spot where 
    you can use Rock Climb. Pick up MAX POTION on the next floor. Follow the path 
    down south to find ESCAPE ROPE. Go north up the plateau and walk back down 
    south to an exit outside the cave onto Route 207. Use Rock Climb to come down 
    and pick up IRON. Go back into the cave. Head north across the wooden bridge 
    and back down south again for TM80. Head back up north to pick up REVIVE at 
    the top. Go east and gross the other wooden bridge. Then walk under it all the 
    way into another cave entrance. Leave the room and go to the next floor. Go 
    down the stairs on the opposite side. Pick up MAX REVIVE under the middle rock 
    in the south direction. Leave the room and head north to find a Team Galaxy 
    member. Keep walking until you find the exit to the cave.
    You will end up outside in a snow area. Head east and then north to use Rock 
    Climb north of the wild grass area. Ignore other paths and go west to find a 
    cave entrance. Once inside, use Rock Climb to go up and make your way past the 
    Team Galaxy members all the way to the exit on the other end. You will end up 
    outside again. Head to north and notice that there is a cave entrance. Inside 
    at the very bottom floor, a Team Galaxy member is blocking another cave 
    entrance that will lead to TM02. Just remember to return to this area after 
    the event is over. Ignore the cave for now and continue north. Use Rock Climb 
    on the west side. At the top, continue to walk west and look for another cave 
    entrance. Go inside and make you way forward until you reach a temple ruins at 
    the top. Once you have caught the Pokemon make sure you head all the way north 
    and pick up a hold item DIAMOND ORB or PEARL ORB it left behind depending on 
    the version of the game you have.
    You can now go hunting for the Legendary Pokemon. Each one of them can be 
    found in a cave in the three lakes. Yukushii is located inside the cave in 
    Lake Risshi south of Route 214. Agunomu is located inside the cave in Lake 
    Eichi near Kissaki City. Emuritto is located inside the cave in Lake Shinji 
    west of Route 201. However Emuritto will flee upon the encounter. Use the 
    marking map feature of the Pokecchi to be able to spot the current location of 
    Surf north of Nagisa City onto Route 223 until you come across a sailor 
    trainer staning in shallow water. There is a PEARL north of him in the shallow 
    water. Keep going until you come across a waterfall. Use Waterfall to climb up. 
    Go inside the cave, Victor Road. There is TM41 on the lower ground west of the 
    entrance. Go back up and head west across the othe wooden bridge. Go down and 
    fight the trainer below. There is a FULL HEAL north of her. Go across the 
    other wooden bridge to the east and use Rock Climb to come down. Go west up 
    the stairs past the trainer and onto the next foor. Go in the south direction. 
    Then continue to head east past the old trainer. You will come across some 
    ramps. Ride you bike over the ramps to be able to hop over the rock and get 
    FULL RESTORE. Do the same thing with the ramps to the north and you will get 
    Back track to where the old trainer is and leave the room. Cross the wooden 
    bridge gand Rock Climb down. Move forward until you reach the exit to the 
    room. Use Surf and go in the south direction until you see and exit to the 
    room where you will find a RARE CANDY over in the next room. Head north and 
    use Waterfall. Go down the second waterfall for TM59. Head out the the exit of 
    the room. In the next room, go down the path in front of the old trainer. Head 
    west to where you can use Rock Climb. Cross the wooden bridge into the next 
    room to pick up TM79. Back track and walk past the old man all the way to a 
    dead end where you will find SHARP CLAW. Now go up the stairs behind the old 
    man. Cross the woooden bridge over to the east side for ZINC. The man blocking 
    the cave entrance will be there until you have beaten the Elite Four and have 
    retreived the National PokeDex. For now, go down the path in front of the old 
    man again, but go east use Rock Climb. This path will lead to an exit where 
    you will meet the Elite Four just up the waterfall.
    The following areas are acessible only after you have beaten the Elite Four 
    and have a National PokeDex. 
    After you have beaten the Elite Four, go to Professor Nanakamado's Lab and 
    talk to him. If you have seen all 150 Pokemon, Professor Oak will enter and 
    give you a National PokeDex. Once you have the National PokeDex, go to Mio 
    City. Go inside the house west of the boat that you took to Steel Island. 
    Talk to the sick boy inside and then take the boat to Full Moon Island. 
    Inside the forest you will meet Kureseria. It will flee, but you will be able 
    to track it with you Pokecchi using the marking map. Kureseria will leave 
    CRESENT FEATHER behind pick up and return to the sick boy. Tak to him and his 
    sickness will be cured.
    You need to return to Victory Road by going Elite Four building and go down 
    the waterfall back into Victory Road. In that first room, there was a man 
    blocking an entrance to a cave, but now the cave is no longer blocked, so head 
    inside. You will meet a trainer, Mai who will accompany you. From where you 
    meet her, go all the way north to find MAX ETHER and DARK STONE. You can only 
    get both by leaving the room to reset the position of the boulders. Walk east 
    until you see an exit where Mai will leave you. Go up the stairs opposite of 
    the exit and pick up BIG PEARL. LEFTOVERS is located across the pond near where 
    you met Mai. Leave the cave onto Route 224. Walk past the first trainer and go 
    west into a path that is some what hidden Surf around the back of the land to 
    get RARE CANDY. Go back to where you were and head east onto the beach. Go up 
    the stairs north of the berries and pick up RED YARN in the wild grass area.
    Go to Kissaki City take the boat that is sitting the the water south of the 
    city. It will take you to Fight Area.
    More coming soon.

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