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    Elite Four Door Glitch Guide (JP) by L255J

    Version: Final | Updated: 04/10/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               POKEMON DIAMOND AND PEARL:
              ELITE FOUR DOOR GLITCH GUIDE (For the Japanese Versions Only)
    Author: Harry Sam "L255J" Shaw
    Version: Final
    Version Date: 4/10/08
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    [1] Copyright and Legal Information
    [2] Introduction
    [3] Preparations
    [4] Exploiting the Glitch
         1) Finding Darkrai
         2) Finding Sheimi/Shaymin
         3) Skipping the Elite Four (by leebui)
    [5] Frequently Asked Questions
    [6] Contact Information
    [7] Credits
    [8] Revision History
    [9] What to Expect in Future Updates
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    appreciate it. Sometimes permission for a website to host my guides is granted 
    and taken away. I will always faithfully and carefully note which websites 
    actually do have such permission for each new version.
    The Pokemon games by Game Freak have been known for their solid gameplay as 
    well as a healthy dosage of secrets. Aside from the standard batch of creatures 
    that roam the regions that you travel in, there are always a special few 
    Pokemon that you have the one rare opportunity to challenge and either defeat 
    or attempt to capture. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, not only is this still the 
    case, but to an even greater degree. You have a lot more of the rare kind this 
    time around, and you're still given that one measly Master Ball. It's simply
    something all players of Pokemon games will have to deal with once again.
    However, encounters of the rare kind do not all occur in simply the same way.
    In all of the Pokemon games, there have always been a certain rare Pokemon, or 
    two, or more that could not be searched for and found by normal means. You 
    absolutely could not find these Pokemon. Nintendo usually has had this sort of 
    rare species reserved to be given out as a part of some kind of a promotion, 
    such as one for a new movie. An example is the "Holographic" Mew collectible 
    trading card for Pokemon: The First Movie.
    Two creatures, one known as "Darkrai" (#491 in the National Pokedex), and 
    another known as Sheimi/Shaymin (#492 in the National Pokedex), are those two 
    rare Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl that cannot be found by merely looking for 
    them. Nintendo has set aside these fourth-generation Pokemon for a promotion.
    There are a few things that the gamer can do about this:
    -------------------------------- Option 1 -------------------------------------
    You can wait until Nintendo does this planned promotion, and give them 
    whatever money that they ask for in exchange for access to these rare Pokemon 
    as the "bonus" gift. I'm sure that is the only reason you'd go to them anyway.
    If you were interested in going through the trouble to do any of that, you'll 
    need to know that you are looking for two things. One of those "bonus" gifts, 
    that you probably went to those events for in the first place, is called the 
    "Member's Card". This item will allow you to enter a once-closed hotel where 
    you get the opportunity to confront Darkrai. The other of those "bonus" gifts 
    is "Oak's Letter", which upon receiving causes Professor Oak to appear standing 
    in front of a certain white rock at Route 224. Meeting up with him will allow 
    you to begin the quest to find Sheimi/Shaymin at an unlocked "Flower Paradise".
    -------------------------------- Option 2 -------------------------------------
    You can trade for these Pokemon online with someone else who has hacked it
    into his or her possession. Through the Global Trading System, "GTS", you would 
    have to ask for a Darkrai or a Sheimi/Shaymin in exchange for whatever you were 
    willing to give in return. 
    There exist a couple problems here. For one, there is absolutely no way you can 
    tell if what you got was legitimately obtained, if that even concerns you. 
    Why would that concern you? For your information, many consider it ethically 
    wrong to trade a legitimately-acquired and useful Pokemon for one that came at 
    no significant cost or time spent. Why should you care? Ostracism is very 
    There are many people who fear gaming contact with those who play online with 
    illegitimate acquisitions or enhancements. Having played the very first online 
    console RPG, Phantasy Star Online, I can tell you right now that ostracism is a 
    very real possibility. People won't think twice before shunning you if they 
    believe you to be illegitimate or a cheater. People can and will be mean about 
    it, and that is something that could easily disadvantage you when trying to 
    play with others online.
    By choosing this method for getting what you want, another thing could get in 
    your way. The Pokemon sent to you could have been hacked into his or her 
    possession incorrectly, possibly acting like a virus when it enters your game, 
    easily ruining it. There were many issues people had to deal with back in the 
    days of the Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow games when people started to meddle 
    too far into using Missingno., and it's alternate, 'M. The games of many all 
    over were screwed to high heaven due to capturing and simply having them in 
    possession. You, yourself, might run into a bad hack when trading online.
    -------------------------------- Option 3 -------------------------------------
    On your own initiative, you can hack these Pokemon into your possession. 
    Again, you ought to know what you are doing, and you should know beforehand the 
    possible repercussions that would result from such an action, most of them 
    mentioned already.
    This is problematic for many gamers. In many of these circumstances, you have 
    to give away time, effort, and maybe money. Not only that, but you can ruin 
    your game and possibly even your reputation. However, this should not be cause 
    for worry.
    A glitch has been discovered that will allow anyone to gain common access to 
    the locations where Darkrai and Sheimi/Shaymin reside. Now anyone with the 
    earlier Japanese versions can access Newmoon Island, where Darkrai resides, and 
    the "Flower Paradise", where Sheimi/Shaymin is, without any trouble whatsoever. 
    While people may still not trust you, you are legitimate enough in my book if 
    you caught the things yourself, regardless if you went through that silly Hotel 
    Dream quest, or whether or not you went to bother Professor Oak.
    That's not the only thing you can do with this glitch. In actuality, you can go 
    almost anywhere you like in the game, but due to the dangerous nature of this 
    glitch, I have provided safe directions to specific locations of interest. In 
    addition to finding Pokemon normally not obtainable, if you would like to, you 
    can skip the entire Elite Four themselves. While it may arguably be easier to 
    beat them yourself, with this glitch you now have the option to skip them at 
    your choosing.
    This isn't something that can be done as soon as you start up your game, as one
    might have surmised. You have to be a considerable length into the game before
    you can try to go after Darkrai and Sheimi/Shaymin--actually, you have to be at 
    the very end. This glitch begins at the Elite Four, which is the typical ending 
    point for all standard Pokemon adventures, or at least the story part of them.
    In addition to having almost beaten your game, you will need a Pokemon that can
    use "Fly" (so you can leave once the glitch is done with), the Explorer Kit 
    (so you can actually perform the glitch), and a Pokemon that knows "Surf" (for 
    the same reason as the kit).
    Also, know beforehand that neither Pokemon will be a problem for you. Darkrai 
    will confront you at the level of 40, and Sheimi/Shaymin at the level of 30. 
    Most of Darkrai's attacks aren't a problem, but Darkrai's field-affecting 
    ability, "Bad Dreams", will cause all sleeping Pokemon to lose 1/8 of their Hit 
    Points (but not to Darkrai's benefit) every turn. Darkrai also knows the move 
    "Nightmare", allowing it to take away an additional 1/4 of the Hit Points of a 
    sleeping Pokemon. This gives Darkrai the capability of deducting 3/8 of your 
    own Pokemon's Hit Points every turn that it is asleep. With this in mind, you 
    will need to make sure that you can cure the status ailment of sleeping as 
    often as possible. 
    Sheimi's/Shaymin's abilities, although make it one of the few Pokemon that have 
    a base stat of 100 in all areas, are hardly threatening when you fight it. You 
    will have absolutely no problems dealing with this Pokemon.
    If you plan to capture either of them, chances are you've used up the game's 
    one Master Ball that it gave you during the course of the story. Because of 
    this, make sure to bring as many Ultra Balls as possible to both encounters. 
    Don't, and you are jeopardizing your chances of success. 
    Why bring so much stock when you can save right in front of both of them? The 
    earlier Japanese versions of the game also sometimes had other issues with 
    them. In many instances, players were unable to fly away from Newmoon Island or 
    the "Flower Paradise", causing them to turn off their game in order to safely 
    lose their progress. I suggest that you also do this if such a thing ever 
    happens to you. Make sure that you can leave either location by flight before 
    you save.
    I cannot stress enough that you bring sufficient stock along. This is not a 
    glitch you want to exploit more than you have to. An Ultra Ball will merely 
    increase your chances of capturing a Pokemon by two times, and a Great Ball by 
    1.5x. Bring even many Pokeballs, as I personally have gone through 99 Ultra 
    Balls, 99 Great Balls, and over 50 Pokeballs before successfully capturing a 
    rare Pokemon that was in the worst health condition possible. Even if you do 
    have a Master Ball, because both of these Pokemon aren't that powerful, I 
    suggest that you do not use it. Save any Master Ball you have for the higher-
    leveled or more-elusive creatures that you might encounter in the future.
    If, however, that you do not want to stock up on so many Pokeballs, you still 
    have another barely-legitimate option. Sometimes a person is not fond of using 
    up so much time in preparation, or is interested in the particulars of the 
    individuality (such as it's Nature or "IV") of a Pokemon. Those people can make 
    use of the Ditto Item-Duplication Glitch.
     ===Ditto Item Duplication Method by Buretsu===
     Someone, known as "Buretsu", told me how to duplicate items using Ditto and 
     another Pokemon that knows the move "Thief" in a Double Battle. 
      His method:
     1) Enter a Double Battle in your game.
     2) Send out a Ditto with no item and a Pokemon with the item you want to 
     3) Have Ditto use Transform on the Pokemon with the item.
     4) Switch the Pokemon that was stolen from with a Pokemon that can use Thief.
     5) Use Thief on your own Ditto.
     6) Win the battle.
     Now the player obviously has two of that item. Thank you very much Buretsu! 
    Performing the glitch isn't a problem at all. In fact, it is a very, very easy
    process. However, while the glitch is easy to execute, and can work for anyone 
    with an earlier Japanese version, it is still a dangerous glitch. If you make 
    it to either Darkrai or Sheimi/Shaymin, then you're safe. However, absolutely 
    every single itsy bitsy thing you do in between the first room of the Elite 
    Four and the "Flower Paradise" or Newmoon Island can be very dangerous. 
    Make sure you follow directions very correctly. People have lost valuable data 
    due to not performing the glitch exactly right. It is an easy process, but it 
    can also be safe if directions are followed. While I would not want to hurt 
    anyone's saved data, there are still those "completionists" out there that are 
    just as bummed out as I am that they'll probably never acquire either Darkrai 
    or Sheimi/Shaymin legitimately unless they go through with this. 
    Anyway, the first thing you do is travel to the room of the first fight of the 
    Elite Four. When you arrive there, walk back towards the door that locked 
    behind you when you entered. While looking towards that door, and as far as you 
    can walk up to it, have a Pokemon use "Surf". Crazy, huh? That's not supposed 
    to work, right? After all, it's ridiculous to surf on...concrete. However, for 
    whatever reason, your character will jump through the door onto that now-
    surfing Pokemon!
    You have now wound up past the game's normally travelable areas, past 
    boundaries and into a void. Again, don't worry. You can walk in throughout this 
    void as far as you please, but because this is a very dangerous glitch, you'll 
    need not to move an inch, but only in the right direction and distance! Don't 
    move yet! From here, you will have the ability to visit a number of places. I 
    have provided safe directions to three significant locations: Where Darkrai and 
    Sheimi/Shaymin are, and right in the middle of the Hall of Fame.
                      =-      1) Finding Darkrai       -=
    To access Darkrai, from where you should now be standing, and using the 
    Poketch's built-in Step Counter, walk 146 steps to the east. After that, walk 
    254 steps south, for a total of 400 steps.
    If you feel you've messed up, you can either attempt to fly from where you are 
    to the game's other areas or retrace your steps if that does not work. The next 
    part is what can mess some people up very easily, as you will have to be 
    unusually still for a certain amount of time.
    Now, use the Explorer Kit to go underground. This will cause you to save. When 
    you go underground, DON'T MOVE! Simply resurface. Guess where you are? You're 
    at Newmoon Island! The place looks a little messed up, but don't worry about 
    that. Maneuver yourself west around the glitchy visuals for a short distance, 
    or look at your Map Key Item to help clear it up, then afterwards travel north 
    into the woods. Floating right before you is the rare Pokemon Darkrai!
    Common statistics:
      National Pokedex entry number: 491
      Height: 4'11", or 1.5 meters
      Weight: 111.3 lb., or 50.6 kilograms
      Gender Ratio: (Genderless)
      Base Happiness: 0
      Species: Darkness Pokemon
      Evolves into: Not Applicable
      Evolves from: Not Applicable
    Battling statistics:
      Type: Dark (It's the very first pure Dark-type legendary Pokemon.)
      Ability: Bad Dreams (Constantly deducts 1/8 of a sleeping Pokemon's HP)
      Level found: 40
      Catch Rate: 3/255 (The higher, the better; unfortunately for you this time)
    I would like to congratulate you for having the rare opportunity to somewhat-
    legitimately fight this Pokemon, and for most likely capturing it. You will not 
    be able to fly away from Newmoon Island, so simply take the boat on that island 
    to the mainland.
                      =-   2) Finding Sheimi/Shaymin   -=
    Sheimi/Shaymin is also acquired in the exact same way, but it's in a different 
    location. It is easier, when you start all over again, to reset your Poketch's 
    pedometer, as you can very easily get lost. You shouldn't have to needlessly 
    lose time, because again, this is a very easy glitch. After you wind up once 
    more in the void outside the door of that same room, walk 200 steps east. 
    Afterwards, walk 363 steps south, totaling to 563 steps taken. After that, walk 
    722 steps east, totaling to 1285 steps. From where you stand, walk 19 steps 
    west, for a total of 1304 steps.
    Don't think you can shorten the 722 steps east by 19 to reach the same place--
    trust me, it won't work. Make sure you go 722 steps east, and only then take 19 
    steps west. It is important that you follow directions for your safety. Again, 
    go underground with your Explorer Kit, and without moving, immediately 
    resurface. Look at your Map Key Item to help take care of the visual 
    glitchiness you are probably experiencing. You're now below the "Flower 
    Paradise" with Sheimi/Shaymin straight ahead of you.
     ===Faster Method by leebui===
     Another person, known as "leebui", has given me directions as to how to get to 
     where Sheimi/Shaymin is, but in a much faster and simpler way. From right 
     outside that Elite Four door, walk 903 steps east. After that, walk south 363 
     steps, for only 1266 steps. That's 38 steps shorter, and two steps less! All 
     you do after this is go underground with the kit and resurface--you'll know 
     what comes next. Anyway, thank you very much leebui!
    Common statistics:
      National Pokedex entry number: 492
      Height: 0'8", or 0.2 meters
      Weight: 4.6 lb., or 2.1 kilograms
      Gender Ratio: (Genderless)
      Base Happiness: 100
      Species: Gratitude Pokemon
      Evolves into: Not Applicable
      Evolves from: Not Applicable
    Battling statistics:
      Type: Grass (And it's the very first pure Grass-type legendary Pokemon, too!)
      Ability: Natural Cure (Every time this Pokemon is withdrawn from battle, all 
       malignant statuses are automatically cured, which of course won't affect 
       your battle with it.)
      Level found: 30
      Catch Rate: 45/255 (The higher, the better; this instance is in your favor.)
    This fight will be a pushover. However, I still suggest that you bring with you 
    as many Ultra Balls, Great Balls, and Pokeballs that you think you'll need. You 
    don't want to risk more than you need to by saving at the "Flower Paradise" 
    unless you've checked beforehand that you have that option. Once you're done 
    with either capturing or killing it (if you have beaten the game, Sheimi/
    Shaymin won't give you any problems), you can fly away at your earliest 
    convenience. If you can't, know that that sometimes can happen in some Japanese 
    games, so turn off your game and try it again.
    I would like to congratulate you on successfully and legitimately capturing 
    either of these Pokemon. I'm sure it turned out to be fun and easy. Either 
    that, or at least much easier compared to the less rare and much tougher other 
    legendary hunts. However, there is one more way you can safely make good use of 
    this glitch, and that is by skipping the Elite Four.
                  =- 3) Skipping the Elite Four (by leebui) -=
    Not only has leebui provided easier directions to Sheimi/Shaymin, but he has 
    also given me directions as to how to skip the Elite Four altogether, allowing 
    one to enter his or her team into the Hall of Fame! Before you begin, you will 
    need to return to the Elite Four and surf through that same door once again, 
    back into the void.
    Once you are right below the door at the bottom of that room, travel around it 
    while hugging the walls until you are immediately above the door at the top of 
    that same room.
    Reset your pedometer. From there, walk a total of 225 steps north. According to 
    leebui, you should "make sure you are on the 5th route" and that you should 
    "see 5 text boxes at the top left (part of the screen)". 
    Go underground with the kit. Here's the scary part--you'll have an error! Don't 
    worry, as according to leebui, "the game should reload the area!"
    From where you wind up, go south 197 paces until you reach a "wall", for a 
    total of 422 steps. Go north just 1 step, totaling to 423 steps. From there, go 
    west 12 steps for a total of 435 steps registered on your Step Counter.
    Next, go south 166 steps for a total of 601. At this point you ought to check 
    your map to make sure that you are now in the northwestern area. Continue south 
    for another 61 steps for a total of 662 on your pacer. Refresh your map ("the 
    key item one"). At this point, the waters near Full Moon Island ought to be to 
    the right from where you now stand.
    Walk in the direction opposite of where the water is for only two steps. The 
    total number of steps registered in your pedometer should be 664.
    Go underground again, but this time it should work! Resurface, making sure not 
    to move an inch while down there, just as before.
    At this point you will be refreshing your Step Counter quite often. Refresh it 
    now. Walk 39 steps east. Refresh your pedometer and look through your item bag 
    (or anything that will cover the top screen completely) to make the water 
    Run 447 steps downwards, where you'll catch the sight of a Full Moon Island 
    intact. Refresh your step counter.
    Now run east for 94 steps. At this point you should be near some trees. 
    Reset your step counter.
    And finally, run north 35 steps and you'll wind up in the Hall of Fame 
    Congratulations for beating the game the "easy" way! Personally, I would rather 
    have taken the Elite Four on myself than go through all that! That may have 
    been the most difficult exploitation of the glitch to perform, but I bet that 
    you'll really have some fun showing your friends your Hall of Fame team,
    consisting merely of that one little level 6 Pikachu that you brought along!
    Have a question not addressed in the guide?
    Here, I have provided answers to the some of the better questions that I've 
    been asked, as well as to many others that I've been most frequently 
    QUESTION: Is this glitch exploitable in the NTSC (American English) versions?
    ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. Even the newer Japanese versions have this glitch 
     patched. Unless you have an Action Replay device, which would allow you to do 
     much more powerful things, you cannot surf through the door.
    QUESTION: Does even that item duplication glitch work in the NTSC versions?
    ANSWER: I'm sorry, but not. Nothing described in this guide is applicable to 
     anyone playing the game as released in America, Europe, or Australia. Again, 
     even if you have a newly-bought Japanese versions, it will not work. Only the 
     _early_ Japanese versions have either glitch.
    QUESTION: I have wound up stuck in some water currents, so what do I do now?
    ANSWER (By Korinku Rokushio): What you need to know first and foremost is that 
     you do not ever turn off your game at this point. Attempting to go underground 
     in order to relocate yourself will do you no good. As you are, stuck in the 
     water currents, use surf so that you are released from the glitch. Travel 
     south, below the pathway to Sheimi/Shaymin, until you reach land, where you 
     will hopefully have the opportunity to fly away. However, if you do otherwise 
     and land off to the side of the island (on a small, brown strip of land), I 
     believe that you have hurt yourself beyond repair.
    QUESTION: Isn't there another way to do the item duplication glitch?
    ANSWER: There are many different ways to go about dulicating items. The several 
     methods all have a Ditto, held items, and a Pokemon that can use "Thief" in 
     common. I felt that it was only necessary to list one of those various 
     versions, since they all did the same thing.
    QUESTION: What should I do if I mess up in the black void?
    ANSWER: At this point you do not want to risk much. As best as you are able, 
     try to retrace your steps to the starting point in front of that particular 
     door in front of the Elite Four. In addition, many people have had problems 
     flying away from Newmoon Island and the "Flower Paradise", so make sure before 
     you save at either locations that you have the ability to fly away. If not, 
     then turn off your game and go after them all over again.
    QUESTION: Does the jump through the door count as a step?
    ANSWER: No. In fact, I believe that while going after either Darkrai or 
     Sheimi/Shaymin, both start out going east, and when skipping the Elite Four 
     you will be starting out either west or east. You jump south through the door.
    QUESTION: Can you go other places and do other things?
    ANSWER: Definitely. You can go almost anywhere you like through the void, and 
     almost end up anywhere too. However, due to the dangerous nature of 
     exploiting this glitch, I suggest that you don't go anywhere you please unless 
     you know exactly what you're doing.
    QUESTION: Can other rare Pokemon be found by exploiting this glitch?
    ANSWER: Of course! Many have found other rare Pokemon such as Regigigas and 
     Kureseria/Cresselia, but anyone can get those by normal means. I have only 
     provided paths for the two Pokemon that the gamer unfairly has no other way of 
     obtaining. In addition, to make life slightly easier for some people, I have 
     provided directions to skip the Elite Four entirely, though only that.
    QUESTION: Can Arceus/Aruseus be found using this glitch?
    ANSWER: I'm sorry, but that Pokemon cannot be found by exploiting this glitch.
    QUESTION: What happened to the Pal Park directions in your version 1.4?
    ANSWER: I'm embarrassed to say this, but I made a mistake. The glitch allows 
     you to travel to many places, but I only wanted to provide directions to 
     places that would actually be useful, but not places that were accessible 
     otherwise. The Pal Park building can be visited at any time, but the actual 
     Park where you recapture your old Pokemon cannot, however. Because of this, 
     traveling there through exploiting the glitch actually does not benefit you in 
     any way. You are forced to get the National Pokedex regardless to be able to 
     make use of it.
    At this point you probably don't want to contact me asking questions about
    this game, because since my Nintendo DS Lite has been mysteriously smashed, I
    no longer can play the game myself. This means that I can no longer stay
    familiar with the game, and thus, be able to answer any questions you might
    have. Sorry about this. The best thing you can do if you're still confused over
    something is go to the Pokemon Diamond or Pearl General Message Boards at
    GameFAQs to ask your question(s) there, or consult other guides at GameFAQs.
    If you still want to contact me knowing that, you can do so by e-mail.
    However, please make sure that you've read the section of my guide that your 
    question(s) is(/are) concerned with. Furthermore, please read the Frequently
    Asked Questions section of the guide to see if your question(s) has(/have) been
    asked before as well.
    You can contact me, L255J, by e-mail. If you would like to e-mail me, I'm 
    [7] CREDITS
    Sometimes it's difficult to write something all on your own, so I would like to 
    thank the following for helping me make this guide into what it is now:
    Andrew "Drayano" Brooks: His "Legendary FAQ" at GameFAQs provided useful 
     information about Darkrai and Sheimi/Shaymin that I did not know of before.
    Buretsu: Through the GameFAQs Pokemon Diamond message board, he provided me the 
     method of duplicating items in the game.
    Jesse "Super Slash" Winstead: I was given helpful information from him 
     concerning the presentation of my guide.
    Korinku Rokushio: Korinku e-mailed me information that would be very helpful 
     for those who have screwed up and looked for answers in the Frequently Asked 
     Questions section.
    leebui: This person told me how to skip the Elite Four so that one could enter 
     his or her team into the Hall of Fame, in addition to giving me very helpful 
     information about the Pal Park. I give thanks to him also for his much faster 
     and much more simple directions to Sheimi/Shaymin.
    Michael Volling, Jr.: This person pointed out an inconsistency in this guide 
     about Darkrai's special ability; particularly, how much it deducts.
    Sean "Kirbix" D'Hoostelaere: He provided helpful critique concerning my guide's 
    The Original Crew: It took a great number of people to figure out this glitch. 
     Those people include TBF Bri 10 for finding the Elite Four Door Glitch, 
     Kabigon for finding Darkrai, as well as Kryptonite X, shadowboyz, nehckered, 
     teebs192, psp91, 5hadows, Tamer5, Bo916, victoryroadrage, Mystic_Gohan2k5, and 
     The_Fallen_User. The hard work of all these people has given many others the 
     chance to better enjoy their gaming experience. I cannot thank them all enough 
     for their hard work and effort!
    TripleJumpMB: He also gave helpful critique about my guide.
    Current Version: Final
    Current Version Date: 4/10/08
    3/21/07 Guide, version 1.0 is constructed
    3/22/07 Corrections made to increase safety while executing glitch, version 1.1
    3/23/07 Inserted into guide more in-depth safety instructions, version 1.11
    3/23/07 Created a Table of Contents and added dividers, version 1.2
    3/25/07 Created a Frequently Asked Questions section, version 1.3
    3/26/07 Legal section updated, version 1.31
    4/03/07 Added directions through void to Pal Park, version 1.4
    4/04/07 Replaced Pal Park directions with Hall of Fame directions, version 1.5
    4/05/07 Inserted into guide leebui's Sheimi/Shaymin directions, version 1.51
    4/05/07 Corrected information about Darkrai and Sheimi/Shaymin, version 1.52
    4/07/07 Almost rewrote the entire guide, version 2.0
    4/08/07 Corrected information about Darkrai, version 2.01
    4/12/07 Legal section updated, version 2.02
    4/16/07 Corrected serious help information in FAQ section, version 2.1
    4/18/07 Corrected information about how to leave Newmoon Island, version 2.2
    4/23/07 Credited many important people, version 2.21
    5/10/07 Corrected minor information, version 2.22
    5/11/07 Updated Frequently Asked Questions section, version 2.23
    5/15/07 Minor correction made, version 2.24
    5/22/07 Minor changes to the guide, version 2.25
    4/10/08 Finalized Guide, sadly, version "Final"
    Nothing. Sorry about that. I came home from college one evening to find that my
    Nintendo DS Lite had been broken in half by someone. Unfortunately, I don't
    know who it was, and I have no plans to buy myself yet another Nintendo DS
    Lite at this point.
    This means that there's no way for me to confirm any corrections or suggestions
    made by anyone through e-mail. Though I was patiently waiting for the rare
    Pokemon to be released through promotions and then write about them in my
    guide along with other material, obviously I cannot do that now.
    Copyright 2007-2008 Harry Sam Shaw

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