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    Poketch Guide by Deezlink

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    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Poketch Guide
    Copyright 2007-2009 Deezlink
    Version 3.01
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document  
    are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders. In  
    other words,
    I don't own Pokemon.
    Table of Contents
    1. Legal
    2. Introduction
    3. Poketch Applications
    4. Nintendo Events
    5. FAQ's
    6. About The Guide
    7. Contact/What I Need Help With/Acknowledgements
    End: "Dot Artist" Contest
    Version 3.00 - Fixed Everything I've Gotten In Emails
    From The Past Year.
    Version 2.61 - A small change
    Version 2.60 - A small change.
    Version 2.50 - Added a lot of new questions.
    Got really annoyed by Nintendo Event Q's,
    added an entire section on that. Added more
    Q and A's.
    Version 2.00 - Added a new layout, (trrerid's idea :P)
    got a lot ofchanges to be made, added how 
    I found out about event Applications.
    Version 1.50 - Updated the berry route location, 
    I put 205 instead of 208. I must be losing my mind. :P
    Added more info and fixed some mistakes I had.
    Neoseeker now hosts my guide, too.
    Version 1.25 - Wow, I completely forgot that the 
    "Drawing Board" is called Dot Artist. I changed
    that (after some friendly e-mail's :P) and added
    a few other blurbs about Poketch Applications.
    Version 1.0 - Added all of the Applications I'm 100%
    positive you can get in this game. All I need now are
    to write even more tips for getting the full experience
    of the Poketch. :P
    Version 0.7 - Added even more Applications. Just found
    out some can only be gotten in Nintendo Events.
    Version 0.4 - Added applications because I found some more.  
    I think there is more out there, and I'll be looking.
    Version 0.2 - Added the missing info that I found. 
    I added Application 11-17, and am going to add on more info 
    to 17. 
    Still trying to beat Pearl and find more,
    but I'll use my brothers game to figure this stuff out.
    Version 0.1 - Added 1-10 of the Poketch Tools, Still need 
    to find out some info, Guide Created. 
    It's my first, so cut me some slack. :P
    1. Legal
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document  
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    copyright holders. In other words, I don't own Pokemon. 
    This guide can not be hosted on any other 
    site except:
    WiiAreUber Forums
    (Note: The Most Current Can Always Be Found On
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances  
    except for personal, private use.
    It may not be placed on any website or otherwise  
    distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of 
    any public display isstrictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. 
    Do not sell this guide.
    2. Introduction
    With every new Pokemon game comes something new. 
    All those that remember Silver can recall a Cell Phone  
    like device that was cut from Ruby and Sapphire.
    There was the PokeNav, but clearly...it kinda sucked. :P 
    While it did disappear, it came back in Diamond and Pearl, 
    under a new name. That name, is called the Poketch. 
    But what is the Poketch?
    The Poketch is a device that is acquired somewhat early in  
    the game.
    To get it, when you go to Jubilife City, when you 
    attempt to walk past the school, a man will stop 
    and offer you a Poketch if you find the three clowns. 
    One is in front of the door to the TV Station, one is 
    outside of the Poketch Company building, and the last is 
    behind the Pokemon Center. It has useful functions (such as  
    that can aid you as you are playing. But, you do not 
    start out with all of them. You need to find them 
    throughout the game. Although they are not very well  
    you can easily skip them. This guide will explain where  
    they are, 
    what they are, and some tips to using the Poketch.
    I finally got what seems to be all of the Applications
    listed (as well as some AR help :P) so if there are any
    more, let me know.
    ***Trainer's Tip***
    To change Poketch applications, click the big red button on  
    the side. If you want to skip to a certain one without clicking,  
    waiting, and clicking again, click it multiple times to see a 
    number of what tool you are on. This isonly for ones you have 
    3. Poketch Tools
    What the tools are and how to get them. They are in 
    the ordered of the numbers the Poketch displays them as.
    1. Digital Clock
    Function: Tells the time according to your DS internal
    Use: By touching the screen
    when the clock is on, it lights up. This is basically for
    if your DS internal light is off. It is also helpful for
    events that happen at a certain time (like when Rotom
    Obtained: When you get the Poketch.
    Tips: ALWAYS keep your DS time and date correct for this
    game, because it will be critical for some things. :P
    2. Calculator
    Function: Performs simple (and a little complex)
    math equations. It displays up to 10 digits and
    will give a ?????????? if it can't solve something.
    Use: To solve any equations that might come up during the 
    journey. Breeder's can find this useful.
    Obtained: When you get the Poketch.
    Tips: Ever playing Pokemon at a place where money is
    handled (like a store)? Help get the cost before the
    cashire finds out.
    Cool Dude sent me this e-mail that said,
    "I had found something interesting about the Calculator function.
    You'll hear the sound of the Pokemon whose number matches the answer
    (After you hit =) if the Pokemon is in your Pokedex. 
    For example, if you put in 5x5, when you press = and 
    get the answer of 25, the game will play Pikachu's sound."
    3. Memo/Note Pad
    Function: To jot down notes.
    Use: Draw on it to keep track of notes. Press the
    eraser button to erase manually.
    Obtained: Talking to the PokeEtch president in Jubilife  
    after receiving the first gym badge.
    Tip:Notes disappear when you change applications! So,
    if you need to erase something fast, change the
    4. Pedometer/Step Counter
    Function: Counts how many steps you have taken.
    Use: Press clear for the step counter to 
    reset. When you go past the maximum
    amount it resests.
    Obtained: When you get the Poketch.
    Tips: Need to hatch an egg? Keep track with this!
    (Note, when you change applications, the steps
    don't reset).
    5. Pokemon List
    Function: Lists all the Pokemon in the party. Displays
    if they are carrying an item and what their health is.
    Use: To see if the Pokemon in your party.
    Obtained: When you get the Poketch.
    Tips: It shows if the Pokemon in your party have a 
    statuseffect (their picture turns a gray-ish 
    Touch them to hear their cries. 
    It also displays their HP (Hit Points) and if 
    they are  carrying an item (useful if 
    they have a honey gather ability or pick-up). 
    6. Friendship Checker
    Function: Indentifies Pokemon that like you.
    Use: (All credit for this goes to trrerid).
    "If you tap anywhere on the screen that there
    isn't a Pokemon, Pokemon with a high attracion
    will come to your stylus.  Also the levels 
    of friendship shown are 
    1.No hearts  
    2.Small heart.  
    3.Two small hearts  
    4.Two big hearts."
    Obtained: Talk to the brown haired girl in the Enterna City 
    Pokemon Center.
    Tips: The TM Return (Does more damage if the Pokemon
    likes you) can be more powerful if you teach it to a
    Pokemon that likes you. :P
    7. Downsing Machine
    Function: To find invisible items that might lie about.
    Use: Touch  any where on the radar, and if an item 
    is there, it will show up on the radar. The origin
    (center) of the grid is where you are, and each
    line is a step. It shows up briefly, though. It is
    only when a circle is flashing you have found an item.
    Obtained: Talking to Dawn when you arrive at Route 207.
    Tips: If you are ever in a place where there is an
    empty room, or you had to use rock climb to find
    an empty cliff, use this. I'm sure it's not really
    empty. :)
    8. Berry Searcher
    Function: To see where berry trees have 
    berries on them.
    Use: Look at the map to see where the icon's are,
    and walk there accordingly. Touch the application
    to refresh the map.
    Obtained: At Route 208. Talk to the girl in
    the Soil Shop and answer “Yes” to receive this.
    Tips: If you love Pokemon Contests, use this often
    to keep track of berries so you can maximize your
    9. Day Care Checker
    Function: Show's the Pokemon in the Day Care,
    what level they are at, gender, and if there 
    is an egg.
    Use: Touch the touch screen to refresh the application.
    Obtained: Drop off a Pokemon at the Day Care,
    and talk to the man inside of the day care.
    Tips: Don't waste time checking back at a Day Care
    for an egg. Use this to see all you need to know
    10. Pokemon History
    Function: To find out the last 12 Pokemon you have 
    recently obtained
    Use: Touch the Pokemon to hear the cry.
    Obtained: Talk to the man outside of Solaceon Town near the 
    Pokemon Center.
    Tips: None.
    11. Counter
    Function: Counts...well...anything.
    Use: Press the + to count...well...anything.
    Obtained: Talking to the third from the top lady at the 
    Veilstone Department Store on the second floor.
    Tips: Resets when you change applications.
    12. Analog Watch
    Function: Tells the time with an Analog Watch.
    Use: By touching the screen
    when the clock is on, it lights up.
    Obtained: Go to Celestic Town and talk to the Karate 
    Guy inside of the house around the southwest side 
    of town.
    Tips: Parents, need your kids to learn time? Make
    them use this clock instead of the digital!
    13. Marking Map
    Function: A non-detailed map that you can mark places
    and other things on.
    Use: To mark locations on the map by dragging symbols to  
    the designated area. There are five symbols:
    Obtained: Talk to the Poketch President after
    receiving 3 gym badges.
    Tips: Cresslia and  Mespirit's location show up on this map.
    14. Link Searcher
    Function: Finds if people are on wireless.
    Use: Touch the screen and it will show these catogories:
    Union Room
    I know there is one more, but I'm working on Battle
    Tower right now, so I will add it in later.
    Obtained: Talk to the Poketch President after receiving 5 
    gym badges.
    Tip: You can only use this if you are 
    standing still!
    15. Coin Toss
    Function: Flips a coin.
    Use: A coin flips around and has a 50% chance of being 
    heads or tails. 
    Maybe use it for Pokemon trades? :P
    Obtained: Go to route 213 around Valor Lakefront. Look for 
    a house you can rock climb down to. Talk to the guy 
    inside to receive it.
    Tips: None.
    16. Move Tester
    Function: To find out what type is weak to what type.
    Use: Choose an attack type, and choose the receiver's
    type. The more !, the stronger it is.
    Obtained: Talk to the Poketch President after receiving 7 
    gym badges.
    Tips: None.
    17. Calendar
    Function: States the date.
    Use: By touching a date, it will change
    to a lighter color, allowing you to remember 
    a certain
    Obtained: You get this from a resident in Sunyshore City by
    bringing him a Pokemon with a Serious Nature.
    18. Dot Artist
    Function: Create a picture.
    Use: Okay, I was filled in (and I had fun with this  
    myself). What this does is kind of like MS Paint, except
    by touching a square, you can go through a pallet of 4
    colors and make a picture. See the contest in the contact
    section for a cool little game I made. 
    Obtained: You get this from a resident in Sunyshore City by
    bringing him a Pokemon with a Naive nature.
    19. Roulette
    Function: Spins around and stops by your command.
    Use: A simple Roulette, start and stop it spinning by  
    clicking on the buttons. 
    You can draw anything you want on it.
    Obtained: You get this from a resident in Sunyshore City by
    bringing him a Pokemon with a Quirky Nature.
    Tips: None, really. I guess this is just for fun. Or
    maybe take spin the bottle to the next level. :P
    20. Poke Radar
    Function: Find out the Pokemon you have seen most 
    using the Pokeradar.
    Use: Use the Pokeradar (A key item you get by getting
    the National Dex) and find as many Pokemon as you can.
    Obtained: By getting Pal Park.
    21. Kitchen Timer
    Function: A kitchen timer. It counts down.
    Use: From one second to 99:99 minutes, you can time it.
    I believe it lets out a Snorlax roar.
    Obtained: Show the brown haired girl in Pal Park
    a Snorlax. (A note, she is in the bottom left hand
    Tips: Cooking? Keep track with this.
    22. Color Changer
    Function: Changes the screen color of the Poketch.
    Use: Have you ever thought that the dull green on the 
    Poketch is boring? This allows you to change the colors
    of the Poketch! All of the colors are:
    -Standard Green
    -A Lighter Red (Pink)
    -A Grayish Like Color
    -Lighter Blue
    Obtained: Show the girl (see above for which) in 
    Pal Park a Kecleon.
    Tips: Show this off to your friends who don't know about
    this. :P
    23. Matchup Checker
    Function: A simple way to check if two Pokemon can breed.
    Use: The closer the Luvdiscs come to each other, the better
    chance they have of breeding.
    Obtained: Participating in a Nintendo Event
    Tips: None.
    I have received an email from Tucker and Kmhiat that this
    app can also be gotten in Platinum by a different way:
    "In my game, I got the app in the Safari area.
    Before you go in, there's a little cowgirl inside in 
    the bottom left corner. If you catch I think 5 different 
    pokemon, she gives you an app. The app she gives you 
    is the Matchup Checker."
    Thanks guys!
    24. Stopwatch
    Function: Well, a stop watch. It counts time up.
    Use: Press the Voltorb in the center to 
    start and stop it!
    Obtained: Participating in a Nintendo Event.
    Tips: None.
    25. Alarm Clock
    Function: The functions of a simple Alarm Clock
    Use: Set a time, (and according to your DS's time) 
    it will go off then with a loud Pokemon roar. :)
    Obtained: Participating in a Nintendo Event.
    Tips: Useful for an in game event.
    4. Nintendo Events
    What are Nintendo Events?
    Of course, you all know thats how you can get rare
    Pokemon. But Nintendo also will give away the three
    last Poketch Applications this way.
    But how do they work?
    Well, I'm not exactly sure. My guess is that 
    there will be a guy in the Union Room 
    (but a machine, really) and by talking to him, 
    it will download the Poketch App.
    into your game. THIS IS NOT A 100% WAY THIS 
    WILL WORK, it's only my guess. 
    Nintendo puts a download machine
    thing at a bunch of places (a common one being
    Toy's R' Us') and you can get it that way. I do not
    know when or how this will work, and there has only
    been one event in Japan, but that was for a rare
    Pokemon. If anyone has info on this, I would gladly
    like it. America and other countrys have not had any
    events yet.
    EDIT: Can someone send me in info on how the one event
    that has gone on worked?
    5. FAQ's
    Q: When I show the lady in Pal Park my Snorlax, I talk
    to her again and she doesn't acknowledge my Kecleon
    in my party. Whats wrong?
    A: You need to exit, and then come back in.
    Q: How did you get the Nintendo Event Items.
    A: I was fooling around with one of my friends
    Action Replays, and found them in it. After looking
    around on some Japanese websites, I concluded that they
    are Nintendo Event items. :P
    Here is the code:
    94000130 FCFF0000
    B21C4D28 00000000
    B0000004 00000000
    000013B8 01011903
    C0000000 00000017
    200013BC 00000001
    DC000000 00000001
    D2000000 00000000
    To activate the code, press L+R at the same time. 
    It gives you all the applcations. To imput 
    custom codes, go to my codelists, make one 
    named Pokemon (Enter game name here) and 
    copy and paste your Pokemon version (either 
    Diamond or Pearl) here. Right click, and go 
    to enter code. Then copy and paste this into 
    your action replay.
    Q: Hello, i read your guide on gamefaqs and 
    just had one farily strange question. When 
    you find something on the item locater app, 
    how do you pick it up?
    A: Press A in the empty space where it is.
    Q: i've got a little question about the 
    poketch faq.
    to get the calender you have to show a 
    pokémon with a serious nature to someone 
    in sunyshore city but what kind of pokémon are that.
    and the pokémon with a quirky and naive 
    nature can you give a few exemples please.
    A: It all depends on the Pokemon. Go to the 
    summary of the Pokemon, and look at it's Nature.
    my friends and your guide said that I can use the 
    marking map to find rare pokemon. Well I've 
    tried finding out how and why but I just can't 
    figure it out. So could you please tell me how to 
    use it?
    A: Well, the Pokeman's names are Azelf, Mesprit,
    and Uxie.If you go to the lake near the start of
    the game, and surf, you'll find a cave. (you 
    have to catch or at least see Palkia or Dialga, 
    though). When you talk to the Pokemon in there, 
    it's released into the wild. To find it, it 
    shows an icon on the marking map on where it is.
    There are two other caves in the game to find the
    two others, but that's not what my guides about. :P
    Send in a question for it to be answered. :)
    6. About The Guide
    Why did I make this?
    When I got the Poketch, I was entrapped. I love it. It's 
    so cool what little gadgets and things are on it. 
    So, I looked on GameFAQ's (my favorite FAQ site :P) 
    and I saw there was no guide to these wonderful little  
    I got close to beating the game, and I decided to join 
    GameFAQ's to trade Pokemon and stuff on the message board.  
    I decided to write this soon after I joined. My brother  
    Diamond, so I'll be using both of our games to figure  
    things out. Oh yeah, I side note, I submitted some of
    the Diamond Box art.
    I would also like to add here that if you bought this
    guide, you got ripped off and should get your money
    If you have any suggestions for this guide, please look in  
    contact section for ways you can tell me.
    7. Contact/What I Need Help With/Acknowledgements
    Before I give out my ways, let me put this forth.
    What I will accept via e-mail:
    -Things I Need Help With
    -CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism
    -Any Additional Questions You Need Answered
    What I Will Not Accept:
    -Flames/Hate/Pokemon suxxorz
    -Any Kind Of Malicious Software Program
    -Any answered questions about Nintendo Events.
    If you send in anything that helps the guide, I will give  
    100% credit for it. :)
    This is my email, remove the POKERULZ before you 
    send. I do this so I don't get spam.
    Being my first guide, I might need help with a few things  
    or need 
    missing info.
    Here they are:.
    -Formatting ideas
    -Anything helpful.
    -Info on any Nintendo Event Application event dates.
    -Any Questions Not Answered In The Guide
    -My family, for supporting me with everything I do
    -My teachers, for teaching me a lot of things :P
    -My brother, for being a Pokemon Expert and letting me 
    use his game
    -The WiiareUber forums, for supporting me in this.
    -Kilo, for giving me info about the Match-Up application.
    -B-Ryan and L255J, for letting me know what girl
    you need to talk to in Park Pal. L255J also let me know
    about my dumb "Dot Artist" mistake. :)
    -Purple100 for letting me know you can draw on the
    roulette, and that the calendar dates can light up.
    He also let me know that it’s the "Dot Artist", not
    the Drawing Board. :P
    -Patrick Lee for letting me know it's Route 208, not 205.
    -Iggy Koopa, for letting me know about the step counter 
    -Everyone who sent in my Item Radar mistake. :P
    -trrerid,trrerid,trrerid...I can't thank you enough
    for correcting me, giving me suggestions, and for
    giving me a new layout. I am under your debt. :P
    -Shadow Master for correcting the misspelling of the
    Pokemon names below. :P
    -Everyone who sent in info on Mesprit and Cresselia.
    -Everyone for putting up with me not updating this in
    -Anyone who has send in info.
    -You, for reading this :P
    I bet you saw that last one coming, right? :)
    Dot Artist Contest!
    What can you make with this little tool? Create a picture
    with it, take a picture of it, and send it to my e-mail
    with the subject "Dot Artist Contest" and a link to
    the picture (sorry, no attachments). I"m sorry, I could
    not accept and post ones that were attachments.
    I decided to include all entries. I'll still accept them.
    This one is by Hannah, aka Generic_Pancake! Picture is 
    of Snorlax
    BPM submitted three! Mario, Megaman, and Link!
    Grey Papaer submitted this great entry of a portrait of
    Trent Reznor!
    Dementis doodled out Darth Vader!
    Samantha/Whirley_Girl sent out this entry to me!
    Sage did this one of Lucario!
    Alice drew up this one:
    Thank you all for submitting!
    Copyright 2008 Deezlink

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