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    Game Corner Guide by chocoboslayer

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    Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
    Game Corner FAQ
    79 characters? AW YEA. 
    --Legal Mumbo-Jumbo--
    --Version History--
    --Game Corner? What?--
    --Why should I play?--
    --What do I need to play?-
     >>>COIN CASE<<<
    --How do I play?--
    --Random Poke Balls and Bonus Mode!--
     >>>POKE BALLS<<<
     >>>BONUS MODE<<<
    --Credits and Contact Information--
    PROTIP: The words in the brackets can be searched for. CTRL+F will get the
            window open. Type in the word....and there you go!
    ~*~Legal Mumbo-Jumbo~*~
    This guide is copyright (c) 2007 by Justin Fauntroy. This guide may be not be 
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Portions 
    of this guide may be used in guides written by others if the information is
    written in your own words, your guide is not for profit, and a credit to me is
    placed somewhere in your guide. Guides and walkthroughs written for profit may
    not use any portion of this guide for any reason. 
    This guide may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
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    violation of copyright.
    As of now, only GameFAQS (http://www.gamefaqs.com) and Neoseeker 
    (http://www.neoseeker.com) have permission to host this guide. If this guide 
    appears on any other website, then it is in violation of the above 
    copyright guidelines. 
    ~*~Version History~*~
    v. 1.10 - 7/10/07
    Just got back from vacation, and am putting in the hints that so many of you
    wonderful people shared with me. 
    v. 1.00 - 7/4/07
    Fixed some format. Also, put in a little bit of information that I hadn't
    known before. 
    v. 0.99 - 7/2/07
    The first version. I've put down everything I can think of that relates to the
    Game Corner. If there's more out there, I just don't know it yet. If there's
    not....then expect no more major updates. 
    Now that we've gotten that out of the way....
    ~*~Game Corner? What?~*~
    In Veilstone City, in the center of town, you will find a building with 
    glowing lights and a star on it. This will be the Game Corner. There's a
    second building on that little ridge, but that will be more important 
    The Game Corner is home to the slot machine minigame. While a fun game in
    and of itself, it is also the only way to get certain Items in this 
    game....other then trading them from a GBA-game, of course. 
    ~*~Why should I play?~*~
    Well, it's a fun game. It's a wonderful and refreshing break from - oh, who 
    am I kidding? You should play this for the prizes. 
    What prizes, you say? Well, head to the building next door. You can exchange 
    your hard-earned coins for the following:
    |Item         |Cost (Coin) |Cost (PokeDollars)* |Effect                     |
    |Silk Scarf   |1000        |20000               |Boost Normal Damage 10%    |
    |Wide Lens    |1000        |20000               |Boost Accuracy slightly    |
    |Zoom Lens    |1000        |20000               |Boost Accuracy IF hit first|
    |Metronome    |1000        |20000               |Boost Pwr of Repeated Moves|
    |TM90         |2000        |40000               |Teaches Substitute         |
    |TM58         |2000        |40000               |Teaches Endure             |
    |TM75         |4000        |80000               |Teaches Swords Dance       |
    |TM32         |4000        |80000               |Teaches Double Team        |
    |TM44         |6000        |120000              |Teaches Rest               |
    |TM89         |6000        |120000              |Teaches U-Turn             |
    |TM10         |6000        |120000              |Teaches Hidden Power       |
    |TM27         |8000        |160000              |Teaches Return             |
    |TM21         |8000        |160000              |Teaches Frustration        |
    |TM35         |10000       |200000              |Teaches Flamethrower       |
    |TM24         |10000       |200000              |Teaches Thunderbolt        |
    |TM13         |10000       |200000              |Teaches Ice Beam           |
    |TM29         |10000       |200000              |Teaches Psychic            |
    |TM74         |15000       |300000              |Teaches Gyro Ball          |
    |TM68         |20000       |400000              |Teaches Giga Impact        |
    *Note: You cannot use PokeDollars to buy Game Corner Prizes. This is added so
           that if you are here just to buy Items, and not to play, you know how
           many PokeDollars you need to convert into coins. That amount also 
           assumes that you have 0 Coins. 
    ~*~What do I need to play?~*~
    The Game Corner is special in that it doesn't use your regular PokeDollars. 
    Instead, it opts to use its own coins. Before you go and spend your hard 
    earned cash on these coins, first, you need the Coin Case. 
    >>>COIN CASE<<<
    Where is this Coin Case? It too is in Veilstone City. The blonde guy in front
    of the Game Corner tells you that a clown is giving them away. So, we need to 
    find that clown. On the same ridge as the Veilstone Gym, you will find two 
    houses. The house on the right has the clown in it. Talk to him, and he will 
    ask you to pick a hand. As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter which hand
    you choose; either one will net you the Coin Case. 
    Now that you have that, you are in need of coins. These can ONLY be purchased
    in the Game Corner, so head back there. First, however, talk to everyone in 
    the room. Like in previous games, there will be people here willing to hand
    you a few coins. If you talk to them all, you should have around 70 coins now. 
    If you need more, then you have to buy them. Talk to the woman at the desk. 
    It will cost you 1,000 PokeDollars for 50 coins, and 10,000 PokeDollars for
    500 coins. If you're loaded on cash, or just here for the Items, then stick 
    with the 10k purchases. Otherwise, buy as you see fit. 
    ~*~How do I play?~*~
    You have some coins. You're ready to play. So, let's begin. 
    I shouldn't have to tell you this, but go up to the machine and press A. Now 
    that you've done this, you're in the game. You will see on the top screen the 
    slot machine. On the bottom screen is a scene. Don't worry about that just
    yet.....but it WILL be extrememly important later. 
    Press X to insert your coins. Unlike other games, you don't have the option of
    1, 2, or 3 coins. This game forces you to place three coins in at all times. 
    This also allows you to win in 5 directions as opposed to the normal middle row
    only. After you do this, press either the down button or the X button again to
    start the reels. 
    You see the letters Y, B, and A under each reel? That is how you stop the reel. 
    There is no order that you must follow, so you can stop them at any point. If 
    you get three in a row either on the top line, middle line, bottom line, or 
    diagonally, you win. 
    |If you get.....     |You will win.....|
    |3 Sevens            |100 Coins        |
    |3 Galactic Symbols  |100 Coins        |
    |3 Moon Stones       |15 Coins         |
    |3 Replay Symbols    |Respin/15 Coins* |
    |3 Pikachus          |10 Coins         |
    |A Cherry            |2 Coins          |
    *Note: 15 Coins can only be won with the
           Replay Symbols during Bonus Mode.
    ~*~Random Poke Balls and Bonus Mode!~*~
    By now, I'm sure you've noticed on the bottom screen that various Poke Balls 
    will roll out randomly. This is a good thing. Each Poke Ball that shows up 
    has the potential to make a certain reel symbol "sticky". This means that with
    a particular Poke Ball on the field, you have a much higher chance of getting 
    3 of a particular symbol. 
    >>>POKE BALLS<<<
    |If you see.....  |You should get....  |
    |Ultra Ball       |Pikachu             |
    |Great Ball       |Replay Symbol       |
    |Safari Ball      |Moon Stone          |
    |Premier Ball     |Random*             |
    *Note: The Premier Ball seems to be 
           random in the prize it wishes to
           give out. 
    Clefairy is extrememly important to the Slots. Clefairy shows up randomly from
    an on-screen Poke Ball. When this happens, the odds of getting Galactic
    Symbols and/or Sevens significantly rises. In fact, there is a way that you can
    time it so that you get these. If you look, you will see that Clefairy will 
    randomly clap. When this happens, you will want to stop the reels one at a time.
    After each clap, press one of the buttons to stop the reel. As far as I have
    seen so far, it doesn't matter what order you stop them in, but I would think 
    it's best to just stop them from left to right in order.
    Soon enough, you will get three of either of those. Once you get that, and 
    your 100 Coins, the Bonus Round starts. 
    >>>BONUS MODE<<<
    As stated above, the Bonus Mode begins once you have gotten 3 Galactic Symbols
    or 3 Sevens. The slots look the same way in this mode as in the normal one, but
    the bottom screen is the important part. 
    In the upper left corner, there is a counter that says BONUS. It starts at 15,
    and counts down to 0. That is the number of spins remaining in this round. 
    In the bottom right of the screen is a counter that says GET. It is there to
    tell you the number of coins you have earned in this mode. In the middle of 
    the screen is Clefairy, and at the top is a moon. 
    When you hit X to deposit coins, you will only deposit 1 coin. In Bonus Mode, 
    only the middle line will pay out. The coins you deposit do come out of the
    GET counter amount, so don't be surprised when it goes down by 1. Hit the 
    button to start the reels, and look down. Clefairy will point at one of the 
    three reels. If you press the button corresponding to the reel Clefairy is
    pointing at, you will get a Replay symbol to stop in the middle line. Do this
    for all three reels, and you will get three Replay symbols. This earns you
    15 coins. 
    As long as you follow Clefairy's lead, you are guaranteed 15 coins per spin. 
    Since it costs 1 coin to play, this is a profit of 14 coins per spin. Not bad,
    huh? However, watch out for the moon. When it glows red, do NOT push anything. 
    If you do so, Clefairy will grow fatigued, and the Bonus Mode will end much
    There is something else, however. Occasionally, you will notice that just as 
    the moon glows red, it will glow white. This white moon seems to have the 
    opposite effect of the red moon. This means that pushing the buttons during
    that will help extend your bonus play. 
    When your BONUS counter gets to 0, if your Clefairy is not fatigued, then a
    pair of Pikachu will appear. They will dance (or something like that) for a
    couple of seconds, and then your BONUS Counter is refilled back to 15. 
    Another round of the Bonus Mode has begun. There are a couple other things that
    could happen in place of the Pikachu dance. Clefairy may just make a sound, 
    she may just stand there doing nothing, or she may even retreat into her Poke
    Ball, and randomly pop back out. 
    This will loop until your Clefairy leaves. You then see a screen telling how
    many rounds you lasted and how much you earned. If you've made it at least
    10 rounds, go to the woman at the counter for a reward. This reward would be 
    TM 64, Explosion.  
    The type of the Poke Ball is a good indication of the length of time your bonus
    round will end up lasting. The better the Ball, the more likely the round will
    last. From what I can tell, it goes Safari > Ultra > Great. The Premier Ball is
    just random. 
    Another great indicator is the Clefairy itself. You probably don't notice this
    right away, but the Clefairies (I assume you can pluralize Clefairy) vary. 
    There are three that I have noticed. One of them will have a somewhat messed up
    face. This is actually a Ditto masquerading as a Clefairy. The length of your 
    Bonus Round will be signficantly shorter with this one. The second type is your
    basic everyday Clefairy. The Bonus Round will be normal. The third one has 
    green cheeks and green ears also, if I remember correctly. That one is a Shiny
    Clefairy, and the Bonus Round will last much longer. 
    ~*~Credits and Contact Information~*~
    - Me. Of course I'm crediting myself. I wrote this. 
    - Serebii.net. Information on what the Prizes actually did came from there. 
                   It's not like I could remember what they all did or anything.
    - CJayC. His site. His rules. 
    - The massive number of people who fired off e-mails to me telling me that the 
      reward for 10 rounds is TM 64, Explosion. I'd list you all, but there were
      seriously like three dozen of you who wrote in the span of a day. 
    - Spiroff_lol. Letting me know about Clefairy's claps, which I had once 
                   thought were far to unimportant to care about is a good thing. 
    - YYugi51. The information about the white moon, the information about the
               other indications of whether or not Clefairy will continue, and the
               correlation between the Balls and the length of the bonus round were
               all things I didn't know. 
    - Intell Officer J. For reminding me of the three types of Clefairy. 
    - Am I missing you? Let me know. 
    Also, if you just so happen to want to contact me for something related to
    this guide, then you can do that in a couple of ways. 
    The best (read: what I want) is to contact me via e-mail. My email address 
    is pikamander007@yahoo.com. Any e-mails sent to me need to contain
    something in the subject line that lets me know your e-mail concerns this
    guide. If it doesn't, then I cannot guarantee that I will read it. 
    If you contact me via AIM about this guide, you will be ignored, warned, and
    blocked. I'm not even going to post my AIM screenname here, but if you do
    somehow get it, don't use it. 
    Finally, any topics made on the message boards about this guide may or may not
    get answered. It depends on if I see your topic and if I feel like answering. 
    Long story short: Send an e-mail. 
    Well, that's all there is to it. Good luck!
    ~*~Copyright 2007 Justin Fauntroy~*~

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