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Good game?Yes. Same mold as other pokemon games? Also yes.06/14/07A Friendly Cactus
Pokemon; when you want to enter into the world of insanity... and milking.11/15/07Babycakes9999
This is madness!!!05/02/07Black_Cheese
The Recycling Stops.02/27/08Darksun45230
Rough Diamond09/24/10i_like_evil
Milked Like Always, and Starting to Taste Sour07/23/07Yoh_of_Izumo
Great Game? Yeah, I'd say so. But the best is yet to come (platinum)02/17/09AdamBigott
Diamonds aren't Forever04/26/07Arkrex
Even precious gems has its rough edges05/30/07Berserker_Blade
How can a game be so fun and so disappointing at the same time?07/13/07Big Bob
Finally, a step in the right direction for the Pokemon franchise01/16/08bluej33
Catch 'em all... Again... and again.06/11/07blue_husky
With new creatures and online play, you really can't go wrong with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.06/29/07Destination
Shine on, you crazy Diamond...04/30/07discoinferno84
I CAUGHT ALL THE POKEMANS!!!!! Well, only 140, but...08/10/07gbarules2999
Silly Grown-up, Pokemon Is For Kids!05/11/07GeekyDad
And the winner is GameFreaks with it's great Pokemon Diamond04/24/07haitam1
You Can't Kill the Metal...Or Pokemon11/26/07heffnerd2Point0
First there were
We've seen this so many times, but somehow, it doesn't get old!08/04/08InfernoCrossing
Yeah, you might be able to catch them all...05/16/07Ishanji
From a slightly older gamer not that familiar with pokemon07/29/08KejeLL
I choose you!03/05/10KeyBlade999
Excellent game.08/31/07KFantasy017
This long running series is starting to get very stale.03/02/09kiriyama2
You still gotta catch 'em all...12/18/07Kowbrainz
It's truly a great game, but there are too many problems that keep it from perfection.09/17/07MasterTurtle
Diamonds are my best friend04/20/09Menji
Same as it has always been, now with the usual DS touches11/20/07mikaa
So you think you're "off" Pokemon? Yeah, I did, too.05/07/07MSuskie
You'll love it whether it's your first Pokémon game or whether you've been a fan since Red and Blue.08/13/07negablitz3
Same old Pokemon formula - for better and for worse05/17/07Nemesissy
An amazing improvement over the others.11/08/07NinjaZidt
Welcome to a new world of pokemon11/05/07Pikachu34
Bill Cosby would only eat the best type of pudding while playing this game.10/17/06Platinum Sonic 10
Great game, great times03/07/08Puddingchan
Oh yeah!-Pokemon is back, and it's better than ever!07/27/07RedBollu
Gotta Catch 'em All? Okay, I will!06/02/08RPGamerdude
Same old game or a brand new experience that will keep you coming back for more?10/01/07ShaheerRahman
386... No, it's 493!07/03/07ShinatoDragon
More Pokemon05/21/07Sonic753
The best in an already superb series08/26/07StabbityMax
Slather honey on a tree, and a Pokemon appears. Slather this game, and I appear!01/28/08SuperSmashBro13
Even New Players Will Love it!05/29/07Tifanity
Welcome to a world of Pokemon09/15/08Turtwig54
An almost perfect entry into the Pokemon world again.08/06/07zoradude

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A great game for all ages!10/15/07isaac180296
Pokemon.......all over again08/31/07JdOuRnDnAyN
The Diamond shines bright!04/28/081guynamedchris
A decent effort by gamefreak, more of the same, which is good10/22/07alblackie
Game Freak does it again.08/03/09apple_blossom92
A New Twist On An Old Favourite12/07/07Arkturus
This time, you can actually catch 'em all!03/13/07BigTheBrat
An epic generation02/20/07BlackTetsusaiga
An Amazing Game. Best in the series? YES!!!01/22/08blackweasel30
A Diamond in the Rough05/04/07Bloodmage391
Good, but getting old.06/26/08CanuckGamer04
Enough of the side-Pokemon games, Here's the real Deal05/07/07chemicalinxs
Arrrrrgggghhhhh *drowns in sea of Pokemon*09/17/07DarkBuster22904
Wow....It makes me feel like an eight year old again!12/20/07darkflames14
First review of a game, and I have to say these versions are by far the best Pokemon versions.04/23/07Dead_Phoenix5
A small step backwards01/28/08Dogfingers
Pokemon Delivers Again!11/26/07electric_emu
Pokemon Diamond. Gamefreak does it big time!10/31/07FfMaStEr2121
This is one for the history books04/23/07FireEmblemXD
Newer is better?04/23/07Flame060
Getting a little stale, but still enjoyable08/21/08Gametraveler
Keep On Bringing them, Game Freak!06/16/08goku33339
A Review - Pokemon Diamond!11/27/06GokuSephyCloud9
No improvement anywhere03/12/09goppers
A great new addition to the series05/16/07hoodboy_tails
New Pokemon, New Look, Same Game07/15/08joshischrisbosh
Very addicting but could be better04/26/07kobe023
Pearls of GREATNESS04/23/07mageoftime
A great Pokemon game to date!04/24/07MangaGamer
Pokemon: New and Improved, or the Same Old Thing?04/23/07Mastershake52
*insert corny diamond pun here*02/19/08meepcheese
Pokemon Diamond, really much of a difference?10/08/07Megamankid8
New to Pokemon? You'll love it. A previous fan? You'll love it too!11/06/07mercedes_5
Pokemon Diamond Review *May Contain Spoilers*02/26/07MONONOKE2
What a Game!04/23/07nickster1992
Taking the evolutionary approach04/27/07nissanskyline21
What's new?10/28/08oblivion from aoc
Best pokemon for the GBA yet ...wait, this isnt the GBA04/27/07omegaweapon666
I love this version!05/18/09PokemonHero17
Gotta catch 'em all!!! Again?10/08/07ramenudon117
Its Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!05/03/07Ripper
Are These Gems Worth It? Indeed They Are03/23/07RyutheLegend
Real Jewel04/30/07seeker111
Pokemon Diamond09/24/07ShippudenNaruto
Best in the Series? I beg to differ.09/25/08simsmagic
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl04/10/07sneasel007
Pokemon is back again04/16/07sora250
Gotta Catch 'em all .... really?03/06/09thecynicalone
A classic comes back better than ever!04/30/07The_Madness
Pokemon Diamond Review04/25/07Tofu4ever
Mudkip! Mudkip!...Wait..It's Piplup's game now!02/13/09TSKaplan
Gotta catch em all!01/22/07Valkskorn
You CAN them all!04/30/07xmunamaniacx

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