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"Keep On Bringing them, Game Freak!"

This has over ridden the rest of the pokemon games officially. The graphics are outstanding and the 3d effects on the buildings here and there makes you feel more immersed in the Pokemon world. Sure, you seem to run a little slower then before, and your bike can't hop around like in RS, but *pshaw* who cares about those?

HOWEVER, there are flaws, which is why I didn't give it full score. There is a very cliche storyline involved here, people. "Countryside boy gets pokemon from professor and travels around Sinnoh, saving the world and owning every challenge that come along their path". Pur-lease. Can't there be something like "Boy wakes up, can't remember who he is, and pieces together his identity after he starts on an adventure. At the end there will be a huge dun-dun-dun-dun followed by a big monster that emerges from the darkness etc. etc." OK, maybe not the best of storylines, but hey, they've had the same thing for... 4 GENERATIONS???

Another obvious flaws are the glitches. For example, if you run down the side of a room in a building, some pixels gets in the wall. You can use surf on a door. If you do crazy stunts, the next route could be a void. Some players actually go out of their way to find glitches. Some are incredibly useful, such as the Void. Some people have actually caught the event pokemon ( Darkrai, Shaymon, Arceus) using ths glitch. Game Freak fixed that possibility, though.

I could annoy you all day with how it can be bad...but (to me at least) those are pretty minor. These are more then made up by many things. This game sticks a hand in almost every pokemon game! Insert some of the older game's nintendo cartridge and you will be able to catch pokemon you can't even see before. Growlithe is an example. Inserting FireRed will allow you to catch Growlithe in the first area in the game. Use Pokemon Ranger to catch Manaphy as well!

Some of the things that the main antagonist, Team Galactic says, can also be pretty amusing. Most of them don't take you seriously and when you kick their butt, they usually make up a dumb excuse, like you chasing a certain TG member and when you catch him and beat him, he says "If I didn't run, I could have battled harder." Yeah, right... and the most amusing to me, is when their like "You don't have the capacity of a mind to know what Team Galactic's plan is! Wait, I don't even understand the plan..." Idiots. Another amusing part is when they say their plan to you! Such as; "Collecting energy from the Valley of Windworks...that is our mission." Gee, thanks! Now I can stop it!. Hehe...

When Dialga is summoned, you would see a pretty good angle of some of the towns, making that particualr cutscene 3d. I enjoyed it while I still could...that's the only 3d scene you'll see.

The Elite 4 actually has some challenge in this game. Their AIs ( Artificial Intelligence) are smarter then ever, and they won't make any stupid moves. They also learn from their mistakes. Yes, if they found out Earthquake doesn't affect Azelf, they won't use it again. They can seriously cripple your team for the next, tougher Elite 4 member. How hair-ripping.

There is also an incredibly promising upcoming of Pokemon Platinum, where you can catch, Dialga, Palkia, and Giritina! You can also be in a Torn World, where you can walk sideways on floating walls and such. Cool, huh? And...this will be officially one of the first Pokemon games to actually use the same cahracters from before in new, cuter, more spiffing outfits. (Dawn looks great in that skirt!!!)

That's pretty much all I have to say about Pokemon Diamond.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/16/08

Game Release: Pokemon Diamond Version (US, 04/22/07)

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