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"Good, but getting old."


Pokemon Diamond is one of the two Pokemon games released in unison every couple of years, this time along with Pokemon Pearl. In these games, you catch as many helpless creatures as you can, contain them in cages at least 1/4 their own size, and force them to fight each other for your entertainment. Oh and did I mention that every other person in the world also does this?Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, it only gets better.


The gameplay in Pokemon games have been, and should always be, quite simple. It only takes two buttons and the D-Pad to complete the tasks, which are basically just a bunch of yes or no questions, really. The obvious attraction is the battling and catching of the Pokemon, which you do in a random-battle sort of style, depending on the terrain. Your Pokemon have levels, which determines how strong they are, and gain levels by getting experience from beating other Pokemon senseless. Now you may be thinking : "How could this be allowed? Isn't that animal cruelty?" and your answer would be yes, but it's so damn fun and addicting, that nobody really cares! Along your perilous journey, you meet adults who formed an organization that is devoted solely to using Pokemon to take over the world. I'm not even kidding. They challenge 10 year old kids to fights to the death over a strong Pokemon, that's how crazy these people are. You must traverse the land to gather the 8 badges, with which you may challenge the Pokemon League, and become their champion, the game's ultimate goal.


There isn't really much to say, story-wise. You are a young boy who helps a professor get back his lost Pokemon, and he gives that Pokemon to you, inspiring you to become the best animal trai - I mean Pokemon Master in the whole of Sinnoh. And, for some reason, your parents are content letting you wander throughout the world on your own, exploring caves and climbing waterfalls, not to mention getting involved with crime lords...


The graphics in this game give a sort of pseudo-3D look, and can be hard to adjust to at first. When you walk through the forest at the beginning, it will seem like the trees are shaking uncontrollably with every step you take, but your eyes soon adjust.As for the sound, I can't give a fair assessment because I don't listen to music on handhelds, but I'm sure it's passable.


Many people criticize Pokemon for it's samey gameplay, but really, as long as there are new Pokemon to catch and new areas, who really cares? There's TONS of replay value, some of the best in the business. People rack up over 300 hours of playing Pokemon, in that ever present quest to catch them all, and, of course, train their Tyranitars to level 100.

Final Recommendation

After spending an fair chunk of my life on this game, I can honestly say that it is a worthwhile pickup, especially for the casual gamer (just make sure you don't let anyone see you buying it). I think that this game, just like it's predecessors, will easily stand the test of time and still be fun 8 or 9 years from now, just like Gold, Silver and Crystal are. It's worth your investment.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/26/08

Game Release: Pokemon Diamond Version (US, 04/22/07)

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