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"New Pokemon, New Look, Same Game"

The Pokemon series has been a successful one in the past. So when Pokemon Diamond came out I was thrilled and wanted it right away. It has new graphics and Pokemon. The only real flaws in this game is the fact that the gameplay is the same and that you can`t play it more than once.

Story 10/10
The storyline has been where most of the versions have been so successful .Pokemon Diamond has the same storyline as the previous versions except for the beginning. You and your friend (you will name him in the beginning) go up to the lake and there you meet Professor Rowan and his assistant (Lucas or Dawn depends on your gender). There they run out and you realize that they left a suitcase. You go to retrieve it but you get attacked by wild Pokemon. You open the suitcase and find 3 Poke balls. Next you pick your starter Pokemon (Chimchar, Piplup, or Turtwig). You now enter your first battle and from there the storyline is the same you go to all the gyms, catch Pokemon, and face Team Galactic( they replace Team Rocket as the bad guys).So after you beat all the gyms you compete in the Pokemon League and then you face the Pokemon League Champion.

Graphics/Sound 9/10
Pokemon Diamond has a new look and I love it. It is a good refreshing look from the previous Pokemon versions. The visuals that go along with attacks have changed and go with the moves much better than the old games. The graphics are much clearer and it is much brighter. The background music is top quality. It is catchy and repetitive, but you can't get enough of it. The sound quality has improved from its earlier versions.

Gameplay 7/10
The gameplay has changed a bit. Instead of using the buttons to choose attacks and other options you use the touch screen, but buttons are still optional.

Replayablity 7/10
Well since it will take you a while to beat the game the first time you can't replay it that much. If you had the time then you could try it a second time but you would have to go through all the gyms again.

Final Say 8/10
GamePro has said that this game is the must need handheld game of the summer. I think you need to get this game but there is no need to immediately rush out to 20 different stores and buy it. So my final say is that if you have this game it was money well spent, but if you don`t have Pokemon Diamond (or Pearl) can wait.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/15/08

Game Release: Pokemon Diamond Version (US, 04/22/07)

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