Where is a good rod?

  1. How do you catch a barboach?

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  1. Old Rod- In the pass at jublife city/canalave city- jublife side
    Good Rod- It is to the right of Hearthome City on Route 209. You talk to the fisherman on the first dock. Answer yes.
    Super rod- around the fight area after the pokemon league.

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  1. You know were the daycare is. go to the pickacu there will be a guy in bule around there. Hes looking at water talk to him bam god rod. then go any where that has water.

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  2. Fly to Hearthome City or Solaceon Town, then follow these directions.
    Hearthome- Head out the east entrance and talk to the fisher on the south dock. He'll give you the Good Rod.
    Solaceon-Head south, out of the city. Just go south until you hit the Hallowed Tower (the pile of rocks), then go west. Just follow the bridges until you get to where there is a big grass patch about 5 steps north. Now, you came across the north bridge to get here, now talk to the fisher on the dock south of the bridge and he'll give you the Good Rod.
    To catch a Barboach, fish with the Good Rod here:
    Eterna City, Mt. Coronet 1F (Southern), Mt. Coronet 4F (By Waterfall), Mt. Coronet 1F (near Route 216), Pastoria Great Marsh Game - Area 1, Pastoria Great Marsh Game - Area 2, Pastoria Great Marsh Game - Area 3, Pastoria Great Marsh Game - Area 4, Pastoria Great Marsh Game - Area 6, Ravaged Path, Oreburgh Gate B1F, Route 205 (North), Route 208, Route 210 (North), Route 212 (South), Route 227, Route 228, and Celestic Town. Thanks to Marriland for writing his pokedex on that last part.

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