Why does the day care man not give me a egg?

  1. I need a treeko on pearl but the day care man won't give me a egg

    User Info: rawman62

    rawman62 - 8 years ago

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  1. Here are the day care rules:

    -You have to have two Pokemon in the day care center.
    -The Pokemon's partner has to be the opposite gender, genderless, or a ditto.
    -The Pokemon must be the same species, or the same form (refer to FAQs for the forms).
    -The Pokemon must not be legendary (I know Treecko isn't legendary, I'm just saying).
    -After you have the two Pokemon in, you must talk to the day care man. If he says that they prefer to play with other Pokemon, your Treecko can;t breed with that Pokemon.

    Here are all of the possible combination's to get a Treecko:

    Male Treecko + Female Treecko = Treecko
    Male Treecko + Female Grovyle = Treecko
    Male Treecko + Female Sceptile = Treecko
    Male Treecko + Ditto = Treecko

    If you Treecko is a Female, replace all the genders with the opposite.
    You could also try this:

    Female Treecko + Same form Pokemon = Treecko

    User Info: TheAnthraxBunny

    TheAnthraxBunny - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Adding to above, you usually neen to wait about a day then talk to the man.

    User Info: charman317

    charman317 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. You need to make sure two compatable pokemon( in your case, a male treecko and any of its evolutions, (female, of course)or a ditto, or some other male pokemon in its egg group if it's female). Then, depending on how well the Day-Care Man says they get along, you need to take a certain amount of steps to get him to give you the egg. I suggest the bike on a wide open stretch of land, doing laps until an egg appears(That's what I do, anyway). If the pokemon prefer to play with other pokemon, then you either won't or it'll take a lot of steps to get said egg(I'm not sure which).

    User Info: Lucario_EXE

    Lucario_EXE - 8 years ago 0 0

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