How do I get to Spear Pillar,Get Palkia and go to Sunnyshore City?

  1. I've read other questions,but none help me! I beat Candice in Snowpoint and she said she would give me the HM Rock Climb.But I never got it! I'm so confused! And I used up my Master Ball. So how do I get Rock Climb? My friend said I needed help from Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. I thought they we're in the caverns of the lakes. I know Palkia is the key to get to Sunnyshore and I need the Flute. Help me!

    P.S. My team is a Level 65 Empoleon,A Level 36 Lucario,A Level 27 Staravia,A Level 36 Haunter, A Level 30 Psyduck and a Level 34 Snover. Could I beat him?

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  1. 1) Rock Climb is actually on Rt. 217. Talk to the man in the house and he'll tell you he lost his HM. Look behind his house and you'll find it in the snow. Talk to him again and he'll let you keep it for being honest and give you the Icicle plate,too. Beating Candice just lets you use it out of battle.
    2) After beating Candice, visit Lake Acuity and help you rival/friend beat Jupiter. She will tell you she is going to Galactic HQ in Veilstone City. The spirits aren't there because Team Galactic has them in their base, so you need to free them before you can catch them. After Mt Coronet you can go back to the lakes and try to catch the lake spirits.
    3) I caught Palkia without a Master ball. Take lots of Ultra, Timer, and Net balls (Palkia is Water/Dragon) along with full heals and revives. SAVE before you fight him incase you accidentally KO it. I would recommend a dragon-type (like Gabite/Garchomp) and ice-type to play it's dragon weakness, and a powerful electric or grass to hit it's water weakness. Level up your Snover to Abomisnow (LV 40) and teach it Blizzard (TM 14) - available in Veilstone for $5500 - if you intend to take it.
    4) Sunnyshore is on Rt. 222 (passed the Lake Valor Resort) being blocked by the man who says it's closed. After Mt Coronet, it's open and you can head on to Sunnyshore.

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  1. Free the lake pokemon, then head up to spear pillar(at the top of mt. coronet) after you beat the Galactic girls, you fight the galactic boss. if you still have the master ball, throw it at palkia.

    congrats you have palkia.
    nice team by the way

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