Where can I find the upgrade for Porygon?

  1. The location of the upgrade. and the Pokemon needed

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  1. 1. Talk to Professor Oak in the Southwest of Eterna City after beating the Elite Four. He will give you the Up-Grade.
    2. Then, let PORYGON hold the Up-Grade and trade it to another person. It will evolve after trading.
    3. To go further, a PORYGON2 can evolve into Porygon-Z by the same method, but it must hold the Dubious Disc. This is found by surfing near someone's house on Route 225.

    Also, instead of trading, you can exploit a glitch in the GTS. Put Porygon up for trade while it is holding the Up-Grade (but make sure the trade is unlikely to follow through by asking for an impossible Pokemon), trade another Pokemon quickly, then take Porygon back out of the GTS if it is still there. It should start evolving even though it wasn't traded.

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  1. To get the upgrade, talk to Prof. Oak in Eterna city after you have the national pokedex. He's in a house below the gym to the left (at least i think he is) i know it's in that area.Sorry i'm not sure, but porygon are definently found at the trophy garden at the pokemon mansion. Talk to burlock with the national pokedex and he'll say he saw a pokemon in his garden. It's always a random pokemon that depends on the day. Eventually, it's a porygon.

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  2. To get the upgrade you need to have the national dex and talk to him at the pal park. He will the go to the house in the southwest corner of Eterna City. To get Porygon go to the mansion and talk to the owner in his office. He will say that a cute eyed ____came and sat beside him. Everyday its different so check there often. Or you could save before you talk to him and if he doesn't say a porygon restart until he does. Or you could just trade for one at the GTS.

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  3. Porygon is found in the Pokemon Mansion after Mr. Backlot (I believe his name is) says he saw a Porygon in his garden. I recommend saving before you talk to him because he will only mention one rare pokemon every day. The Upgrade is given to you by Prof. Oak in his house located in the southwestern most house in Eterna, (obtain the National Dex and speak to him at the Pal Park (surf south, then east of Sandgem Town) for him to appear at his house). The Dubious Disc (evolves Porygon-2 to Porygon-Z) is located just north of the Fight Area

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