Iv and Ev modifier codes?

  1. When i use the action replay codes for the iv and ev modifier, i made it so there is max iv and ev. i tested on an empoleon and level it to 50. then i saw the stats for empoleon on serebii and it does'nt match it exactly. For example the attack stat for the empoleon is 138 at lv50. But it can be 151 max. All the other stats were like this except HP. Did i do it wrong or is it suppose to be like this?

    User Info: xuan88

    xuan88 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You didn't take into account the Nature of the Empoleon, which adds +10% to one stat at the expense of -10% to another. Look at serebii again, there are three rows for stat ranges - hindering nature, neutral nature, and beneficial nature. Your listed attack stat is 138, which is the maximum for a 31 IV, 255 EV Empoleon with an attack neutral nature.

    Aside from hacking it blatantly obviously (anyone looking at it can tell its a fake), you hacked correctly.

    User Info: Supplice_

    Supplice_ (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Hmmm tweaking all of the pokemon's IVs to 31 is considered unlegit in certain tournaments. Even if they were earned the legit way. But you didn't tell us the nature of your Empoleon though.

    User Info: St0rmBlitZ

    St0rmBlitZ - 7 years ago 0 2

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