How do i get to sunyshore's gym leader?

  1. ok now that im in sunyshore cityi went to the gym but i cant get through the last little gear thingys. how do i get to him?sorry if its a dumb Q.

    User Info: mew_renumi

    mew_renumi - 8 years ago

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  1. This Gym's puzzle is a really interesting one that revolves around using
    switches to rotate gears. Basically, the green and blue switches rotate all of
    the gears in the room either clockwise or counter-clockwise by 90 degrees,
    depending on the color, and there are red switches which rotate the gears 180

    From the start, step onto the middle gear and hit the switch on the right
    gear. Get off of the gear, and then go back onto the middle gear, moving onto
    the left gear and hitting the switch on it. Go back east and onto the other
    side of the room, right by the doorway and a Trainer.

    Inside of the next room, start off by stepping on the blue switch in the
    middle three times. Then, walk over to the other platform and up the stairs,
    crossing over the bridge gear and eventually onto another gear. Press the
    switch once, and then walk over to the green switch. Press that once, fight
    the Trainer, and then cross over the gear bridge on your way to the final

    In the last room, step on the red switch once, walk off of it and onto the
    other gear with the red switch. Press it, and then walk south, fighting the
    Trainer and crossing over the gear bridge, all the way over to the green
    switch. Press the green switch twice, and then walk south, following the path
    that leads you through the connective electricity and over to the blue switch.
    Press it once, walk north, down the stairs, cross the bridge to the right, and
    then stepping on the red switch on the gear (the first one you hit). Return up
    to where you just were (past the gear bridge) and you will now have a nice
    path straight to the Gym Leader, Volkner.

    Credit to Marriland's FAQ.

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    MyTeamxXx - 8 years ago 3 1


  1. Marriland's FAQ, section 5.8.11 has step by step instructions (and yes, the index is wrong.)

    User Info: Supplice_

    Supplice_ (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. How did u get to sunyshore city?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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