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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mystery119

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    Pokemon Diamond: FAQ/Walkthrough by Mystery119
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    2.Version History
    3.Legal Uses
    5.1 Starting your Adventure
    5.2 Twinleaf Town
    5.3 Your First Pokemon
    5.4 Going to Sandgem Town
    5.5 Route 202
    5.6 Jubilife City
    5.7 Route 203
    5.8 Oreburgh Gate
    5.9 Oreburgh City and Gym
    5.1.1 Oreburgh Mine
    5.1.2 Route 207
    5.1.3 Route 204 Ravaged Path
    5.1.4 Floaroma Town
    5.1.5 Route 205
    5.1.6 Valley Windworks and Floaroma Meadow
    5.1.7 Eterna Forest
    5.1.8 Cheryl
    5.1.9 The Old Chateau
    6.0 Eterna City
    6.1 Get HM 01 Cut
    6.2 Eterna Gym
    6.3 Galactic Eterna Building
    6.4 Cycling Roadw
    6.5 Wayward Cave
    6.6 Mira
    6.7 Mt. Coronet and Route 208
    6.8 A Stop in Hearthome City
    6.9 Route 209 and the Lost Tower
    7.0 Solaceon Town
    7.1 The Day-Care Center
    7.2 Solaceon Ruins
    7.2 The Unknown
    7.3 Route 210
    7.4 Route 215
    7.5 Cafe Cabin and Moomoo Milk
    7.6 Road Block
    7.7 East to Veilstone City
    7.8 Rainy Area
    7.9 Training Area
    8.0 Veilstone City
    8.1 Veilstone Department Store
    8.2 The Game Corner and the Grooming Lady
    8.3 Veilstone Gym
    8.4 Help out Dawn
    8.5 HM 02 Fly Yum!
    8.6 Route 214, Route 213, and Valor Lakefront
    8.7 Ruin Maniac Tunnel
    8.8 Seven Stars Restaurant
    8.9 Hotel Grand Lake
    9.0 Pastoria City and Pastoria Gym
    9.1 Pastoria Great Marsh and HM 05 Defog
    9.2 The Scarf Guy
    9.3 The Move Tutor
    9.4 Pastoria Gym
    9.5 Chase That Grunt
    9.6 Get the SecretPotion
    9.7 Route 212, Pokemon Mansion, and Route 210
    9.8 Celestic Town
    9.9 The Celestic Ruins and HM 03 Surf
    10.0 Hearthome City (2nd visit)
    10.1 Hearthome Gym
    10.2 Route 218
    10.3 Canalave City
    10.4 Canalave Gym
    10.5 Iron Island
    10.6 Riley and the Egg
    10.7 Canalave Library
    10.8 Lake Valor, Saturn, and Azelf
    10.9 Lake Verity, Mars, and Mesprit
    11.0 Mt. Coronet, Route 216, and Route 217
    11.1 Snowpoint City
    11.2 Snowpoint Temple
    11.3 Snowpoint Gym
    11.4 Lake Acuity, Jupiter, and Uxie
    11.5 Veilstone City (2nd visit)
    11.6 Galactic Veilstone HQ
    11.7 Save the Pokemon of the Lakes
    11.8 Mt. Coronet (2nd visit)
    11.9 Mars and Jupiter
    12.0 Cyrus and Dialga or Palkia
    12.1 Lakes Verity, Acuity, and Valor (2nd visits)
    12.2 Route 222
    12.3 Sunyshore City and Encouter with Flint
    12.4 Vista Lighthouse
    12.5 Sunyshore Gym
    12.6 Meet Johto's Jasmine and HM 07 Waterfall
    12.7 Route 223
    12.8 Victory Road
    12.9 RIVAL BATTLE FINALE: The Pokemon League
    13.0 The Pokemon League: The Elite Four: Aaron, Bertha, Flint, and Lucian
    13.1 The Pokemon League: The Champion: Cynthia
    13.2 Celestic Town: The Pokedex Finished at Long Last
    13.3 Professor Oak and the National Pokedex
    13.4 Pokemon Swarms
    13.5 Gotta Catch 'Em All!
    13.6 Shinoh Pokedex
    13.7 Extras
    13.8 Secrets
    13.9 Tips
    14.0 Frequently Asked Questions
    14.1 Thanks
    Hi! This is my first FAQ that I have written so I'm very sorry if I don't
    answer all your questions. I also have not currently finished the game yet so
    I do forgive anyone and understand if you think this is funny.
       This guide is NOT SPOILER FREE. It will have spoilers so if you don't want
    to read them I will announce them. For obvious reasons I will not post stats,
    pictures, or anything related. Also please note that I will be guiding Gyms
    and Rival Battles as if you had the "Recommended Pokemon" so I'm sorry, but I
    will be fixing that once I have completed the walkthrough. Thank you for your
    patience. Also I'll be guiding important battles as if you had the moves I had
    so I'm sorry ditto and I will update later. Thanks. Note that I will not add
    any in depth stuff that isn't there until I have finished my first draft of
    the complete walkthrough. Sorry for inconvience, but I need to work on this
    for a little more time before I tell you every little tidbit of the game, so.
    Now to the guide...oh sorry a few more things.
    Hehehe! Sorry 'bout that!
        Now that that's taken care of please enjoy this Walkthrough. I hope it
    helps you! Also the only difference between Diamond and Pearl are version
    exclusive Pokemon.
    VERSION HISTORY (Not sure how big this is)
    Version 0.15
    -Pretty much just the basics up until before Eterna Forest.
    -Trying to get wild Pokemon lists for grass and water areas.
    -Honey Trees basics
    Version 0. 20
    -Eterna Gym added
    -most of items until 1st visit to Mt. Coronet
    -Recommended Pokemon
    -Recommended Types
    Version 0.35
    -All the way until Pastoria City
    -Trying to get items
    -Trying to get trainer's Pokemon
    -Most basic information
    -Detailed information for Gyms
    -Detailed information for Rival Battles
    Version 0.67
    -All the way until Lake Verity 2nd visit
    -Basic info mostly
    -trying to get in-depth stuff
    -detailed Gyms (battles)
    -detailed Rival battles
    -detailed Galactic Battles
    -most basic walkthrough until 2nd visit to Lake Verity
    Version 0.70
    -Same as 0.67 except all the way up to Lake Acuity 1st visit
    -trying to get in-depth caves and Routes
    -items and pokemon information is coming along
    -basic info
    -important battles are detailed
    -adding training and battling tips
    Version 0.77
    -only basic info until after capturing Mesprit
    Version 0.79
    -all the way until just before the last Gym battle
    -only basic info
    -all basics
    Version 0.85
    -Basic info until Aaron of the Elite Four
    -only basics
    -no in-depth
    -added a little more info on certain areas
    Version 0.90
    -Basic info until after Bertha
    -in-depth boss battles
    -added info on certain tricky areas
    -more info
    Legal Uses
    This walkthrough and all parts of it are not to be reproduced, redistributed,
    or anything related. None of this guide is to be used without my permission.
    Here are the websites allowed to use this guide.
    I know it's only one site, but this is the only site I trust so bear with me.
    Anyway to say all that junk up there in my words: Don't copy any part of this
    walkthrough. Only Gamefaqs can use it.
         You are allowed to print this guide,but only for your personal and
    private use. (You can show it to your friends with the game and all that,
    but no sending to a site that I don't allow!) By the way I will try to update
    this guide at all possible chances so if you need something e-mail at
    jonahvenegas@comcast.net. If it has something to do with the guide put faq
    or guide or diamond or etc in the main heading okay. Good and many many thanks
    to you!
    Starting Your Adventure
    At the beginning of the game Professor Rowan will say hi and tell you to hit
    the center of the Pokeball. The ball is on the touch screen. Just hit the
    button with your stylus or your finger. A Munchlax will come out. Professor
    Rowan will keep talking about nothing really. You can simply keep hitting 'A'
    unitl he's done. When he's done he will ask if you're a boy or a girl. Choose
    the one you want. It will have no impact on gameplay. After that he will tell
    you to type in your name. Do so. Then he will ask you what your rival's name
    is. You can it whatever you want, but I'll be referring to your rival as
    Markus. After all the names and stuff you'll get shrukified into the game.
    Twinleaf Town
       You'll start in your room. Go downstairs. Your mom will tell you Markus
    came looking for you. Go to his house. To get there go out side. Then go to
    the middle of the street. Go up to the last row of houses. His house is the
    one with the mailbox I think.
        Go inside and talk to Markus' mom. She'll tell you he probably left. So
    go to route 201 and your rival should smash into you. He wants to go to the
    lake. So you have to go with him. Just head left then up. When you get to Lake
    Verity you see the Professor and his assistant. They leave. Your rival notices
    that they left a briefcase. So naturally you have to check it out. But when
    you get close to it two Pokemon attack you. You're forced to use a Pokemon
    from the briefcase. There are three just choose the one you want. There's
    Turtwig, it's a grass Pokemon. Chimchar the fire Pokemon. And finally Piplup
    the water Pokemon. I chose Turtwig, but then got rid of it before the third
    gym. I recomend Chimchar even though the first gym is Rock type. Anyway just
    pick a Pokemon and defeat the Pokemon with it. The wild pokemon are Starly.
    Your rival will pick the Pokemon that is strong against yours.
    You picked
    Turtwig      Chimchar      Piplup
    He picked
    Chimchar     Piplup        Turtwig
    Anyway Markus will say his Pokemon was better than yours. Then the professors'
    assistant who I'm going to refer to as Dawn, comes back and says that the
    professor is going to be mad since you used his Pokemon. She's takes the
    briefcase,but leaves the Pokemon with you. Leave the lake and try to go home.
    On the way you meet the professor. He inspects your Pokemon then says to visit
    him in Sandgem Town.
    Go home and your mom will see your Pokemon. She'll give you the running shoes
    then you can go.
    Going To Sandgem Town
         Go back to Route 201 after getting your new shoes. Hold B and to run.
    Now instead of going left you can go right to get to Sandgem Town since you
    have a Pokemon. Go up all the way to the top of the big patch of grass. Talk
    to the lady there and she'll give you a Potion and tell you about the Poke
    Mart. Head into Sandgem Town and you'll see Dawn. She'll take you to the
    Professor. The Professor inspects your Pokemon again. He says you can keep it
    then gives you a Pokedex so you can record all the Shinoh Pokemon for him.
    After all the talking go to the Pokemon Center, the building with the pokeball
    on it. Talk to the lady behind the counter and she'll take your Pokemon.
    She heals them then gives them back. Pokemon Centers are a Trainer's best
    friend. Before you go anywhere go to the building with the blue roof. This is
    the Poke Mart. Step in and buy some Potions before you go. You have $3000.
    Buy maybe 4-5 potions. When you leave you bump into Dawn. She tells you that
    you should tell your mom where you're going.
    Route 202
    Here you can find Shinx, and electric Pokemon, Bidoof a water and normal
    Pokemon, and Starly a Flying type Pokemon in abundance. You can also find
    a bug type pokemon Kricketot, but only during morning,4:00am-10:00 am and night
    8:00pm-4:00 am. Kricketot never come out during the day. Dawn is up ahead. She
    teaches you how to catch a wild pokemon. I recomend catching a Shinx. Since
    you only need to SEE every pokemon for your pokedex to be considered complete
    catch a Shinx, but just encounter a Starly and Bidoof. Some trainers will have
    Kricketot for your Pokedex. After teaching you how to catch a Pokemon Dawn
    will give you 5 pokeballs. If you need more you can buy them for $200 at the
    Poke Mart. Battle all the trainers you find. If you already have one start out
    with Shinx then switch it out for your starter pokemon. This is an efficient
    way to level up weak pokemon. When you come to the top of the Route go into
    Jubilife City
    Jubilife City
       Heal at the Pokemon Center and buy some stuff at the Poke Mart if necessary
    then a little beyond the Poke Center you'll see a guy in a suit. Talk to him.
    He tells you to find three clowns hiding in the city. Go east of his position
    and you'll see the first clown. Talk to him and he gives you a coupon. The
    next clown is by the Poketch company. Go up to the cross road then go left.
    Keep going a little further then go up. You'll see another clown. Talk to him
    to get another coupon. One to go. If you didn't see him before there's a
    clown in front of the Jubilife TV station. From the Poketch Company go right.
    When you see a girl with a red bow go up and you should see him. Talk to him.
    He gives you your last coupon. Now go back to the guy in the suit and he'll
    give you a Poketch.
         Now a few things before we head to Route 203. Make sure that your
    starter is at least level 10. The higher the better. Now if you caught a Shinx
    I recomend that it be at least level 7. If they aren't then head back to Route
    202 to train. If you got Turtwig like me then it should learn Absorb at level
    9. Shinx will have just Tackle and Leer if I'm correct. If you're the person
    that likes to over train like some of my friends. You should be at about level
    15. Anyway make sure your starter is at least level 10 and your Shinx is 7. If
    you caught a Starly or Bidoof instead then 7 is good too. If you have Chimchar
    then it learns Ember at level 7 and Taunt at level 9. So level 9 for Chimchar.
    If you picked Piplup then it learns Bubble at level eight. Anyway once you
    think you're ready head out to Route 203.
    Route 203
         If you walk like 10 steps Markus will smash into you. He says he wants to
    see if you got tougher.
    Rival Battle! Pokemon: Your Starter  Turtwig   Chimchar    Piplup
                           His Starter   Chimchar  Piplup      Turtwig
    He has a Starly regardless of what you picked. His Starly is level 7 and his
    starter is level 9. So if you picked Turtwig or Chimchar be careful. If you
    picked Piplup you're safe cause Turtwig's Special Attack is really bad.
         Take out his Starly with your Shinx. If your Shinx gets KOed then just
    take out Starly with your starter. When he sends out his starter just attack.
    with yours. If you still have your SHinx then attack with him till he gets
    KOed. Same thing goes if  you got a Starly or a Bidoof. When you win he tells
    you it's beginners luck then runs off. Same wild pokemon here just + Zubat at
    night and Abra anytime. If you have an Old Rod then you can catch Magikarp in
    the water. Battle all the trainers here! Do this! You have an up coming gym
    battle in the next city.
    Oreburgh Gate
         I recommend getting a Zubat now so that when it evolves it will like you
    enough so that your Golbat will evolve quickly.
    Here there are only two kinds of Pokemon: Zubat and Geodude. You're sure
    to see at least one of each unless you used Repel. This place has two floors
    but you can't go to the basement until you have Rock Smash. Come back here
    after you beat the Oreburgh gym. Talk to the hiker you see when you enter the
    cave. Don't worry he isn't a Trainer. Even if he was that would be a good
    thing. He gives you TM 70 Flash. Teach it to Shinx. If you really don't like
    Shinx then just teach it Flash you only need to use it once or twice. After
    Wayward Cave you can just dump Shinx in your PC if you don't like it.
    Oreburgh City and Gym
         When you arrive in the city go down the steps then south then east. Keep
    going east until you see Markus. Talk to him and he tells you you got there
    so late that the Gym Leader Roark left for the Oreburgh Mines. Markus then
    leaves. Keep heading east until you come to the Pokemon Center. Heal your
    Pokes then head all the way south. Head into Oreburgh Mines to find Roark. It
    isn't that complicated. You should be able to find him without me telling you
    how. After you talk to him he shows you how to smash a rock then invites you
    to come to the gym. Before you go to the gym heal up from the wild Pokemon and
    Trainers then buy necessary supplies. The Poke Mart is north of the gym.
    Before you even try to challenge the gym here are a few tips. Evolve your
    starter. Piplup evolves into Prinplup and gains the Steel type at 16. It
    learns Metal Claw too. Teach it Metal claw to give you another advantage
    besides just water. Chimchar evolves the earliest. It evolves to Monferno and
    gains the fighting type at level 14. When it evolves it also learns the move
    Mach Punch teach Mach Punch to it so that you have an advantage against Roark.
    Turtwig evolves at level 18. It doesn't gain the ground type until Grotle,
    Turtwig's evolved form evolves at level 32 into Torterra. Whatever pokemon
    starter you chose it will have a move that is super effective against Roark's
    pokemon. Also in one of the condominiums next to the Poke Mart there's guy who
    will trade you an Abra for a Machop. You can catch a Machop on Route 207 north
    of Oreburgh City. Also on the 2nd floor of the condominium is a guy who will
    give you a Heal Ball every time you show him a different Zubat. I recomend
    catching one. Not only to get a Heal Ball, but also because it and all its
    evolutions can learn Fly which you'll get later on. Heal Balls completely heal
    the pokemon you catch with it.
         Here are preparation tips for before the gym battle. Evolve your starter.
    Make sure all your other pokemon are at least level 12. Then you can challenge
    the gym.
    Oreburgh Gym
         There are two trainers before the Gym Leader. They have Rock type pokemon
    Just beat them and you won't have to go all around. If you beat them it's just
    a straight path to Roark.
    Gym Leader Roark
    Oreburgh Gym Leader
    Type: Rock
    Recommended Types: Water, Grass, Fighting, and Ground
    Pokemon: Geodude: Level 12, Onix level 12. Types Rock-Ground Cranidos: Level
    14 Type: Rock
    My Party: Shinx level: 13 and Turtwig level: 16
    Recommended Pokemon: Monferno level: 17 and Luxio level: 15.
    Put your starter first. Don't use your Shinx.(or Luxio if it's level 15. That
    is when it evolves) Just attack with your starter. Spam with either Mach
    Punch, Metal Claw, Bubble, or Absorb and Razor Leaf. Make sure you trained
    your Shinx a lot before this gym because unless you're trying to get it killed
    you shouldn't use it. Use Razor Leaf and Bubble if you can. These attacks will
    do quadruple damage to Geodude and Onix. Geodude and Onix are pushovers,but
    Cranidos is where the power is. His Headbutt and HeadSmash will quickly KO
    even your best pokemon. Use anyone of the attacks that I mentioned they will
    all do damage in the same area.
         When you win Roark will give you the Coal Badge and TM76 Stealth Rock.
    The Coal Badge allows you to use Rock Smash outside of battle. Stealth Rock
    damages your opponents pokemon whenever they switch out. When you win heal up
    at the Pokemon Center then check out Route 207.
    Route 207
         You can find Machop here to trade for the lady's Abra so if you want an
    Abra catch a Machop here and trade her. There's nothing here besides a guy who
    wants to get over the sand and grass. So we have to head back to Jubilife City
    for now. So head back to Jubilife City. From Jubilife City head north. You'll
    see Professor Rowan and Dawn being attacked by two Team Galactic thugs. Double
    battle them with Dawn and teach them a lesson. They'll run off so you can get
    to Floaroma Twon now.
    Route 204 and Ravaged Path
         If you head east at the beginning of the route you can go through the
    grass to find a Pokeball item sprite. I'm not sure what's in it. Battle the
    trainers to level up your Pokemon once or twice. When you reach a bulletin
    you can enter Ravaged Path. In this cave make sure one of your Pokemon can
    use Rock Smash. You need this not only to get through, but also to get two
    items. Come back after you have the Hearthome Gym Badge to get four more items
    by Surfing. (I'm very, very, very sorry that I don't the items.) Before you
    enter Floaroma Town you have to double battle two trainers. You use the first
    two Pokemon of your party.
    Floaroma Town
         When you arrive in Floaroma Town first go to the flower shop north of the
    Poke Mart. You can pick berries on both sides of the entrance. Don't use the
    berries until you can reproduce them or else you'll run out. After doing
    everything you have to do head west of the Pokemon Center then when you reach
    the border trees head north. You should see two Galactic grunts. You don't
    have to battle them, but they won't allow you in Floaroma meadow either.
    Since you can't do anything here exit the town east.
    Route 205
         Keep heading east until you see a little girl. Talk to her and she'll
    tell you that her dad was kidnapped by Team Galactic to do their dirty work.
    Keep going until you see a bridge. If you try to cross it two Galactic grunts
    will stop you. Unfortunately they won't let you across until they've finished
    at Valley Windworks. Hmmmm the girl's father was taken to Valley Windworks.
    Team Galactic can't be doing good. Time for a rescue!
    Valley Windworks and Floaroma Meadow
         Keep heading east until you see a patch of grass you're in Valley
    Windworks yay!Anyway talk to the grunt guarding the door and he'll battle you
    to keep you out. I'm not sure, but I think that he has a Zubat and a Glameow.
    For those Pokemon veterans Glameow is this game's version of Skitty. But for
    those who don't know so much it's merely a normal type nuisiance. Put it away
    with fighting type attacks like Low Kick, Rock Smash, and Karate Chop. If you
    have a Machop it'll do away with Glameow in no time. As for Zubat just do him
    just like all the other Zubat you've battled. It's just a smidge tougher. If
    you have a Geodude it should've learned Rock Throw by now so just whip him out
    and bye-bye Zubat. Of course if you don't have a Geodude just use a Shinx or
    your starter. When you beat him miserably he decides to lock you out. Too bad
    he accidentally blurts out that his cohorts over by Floaroma Meadow are in
    possession of the Works Key that you need to get in. So just head over there
    for another heroic rescue. Or maybe not since you didn't really rescue anyone
    yet. If you head back over to where those grunts were they aren't there
    anymore. So naturally head into Floaroma Meadow. You see the grunts bugging
    some guy about some Sweet Honey hmmmm.
    Anyhow just beat their sorry little cans and be on your way. The guy will
    reward you by giving you some Honey. Well he doesn't give it to you, but you
    can buy it for a mere $100. Spend a lot on Honey it will pay for it self in
    time. The guy who I'll be calling the Honey Guy teaches you about Honey.
    So there's a Honey Tree a little ways past him. Slather some Honey on it and
    wait about 10-12 hours. After 10-12 hours come back and check it. Unless you
    play video games a lot you'll either have to check it really early in the
    morning or really late at night. Anyway if you check the Honey tree in no less
    than 10 hours and no more than 12 hours there's a good chance you can pick up
    one of these rare Pokemon: Cherubi, Combee, Munchlax, Heracross, Burmy, or
    Aipom. All of which can only be obtained this way. So I'd recommend getting
    either a Cherubi, Combee, or Heracross. The others you only really need for
    your Pokedex. Cherubi evolves into the great Pokemon Cherrim. Female Combee
    evolve into the great, but slow Pokemon Vespiquen. And Heracross doesn't
    evolve, but it does learn a horde of great fighting and bug type moves like
    Megahorn and Reversal. By the way if you check between 11-12 hours chances are
    you'll get a Combee. If this proves to be true save before you click on the
    tree. If the Combee is a boy reset and try again. The gender, level, and stats
    will be randomized, but the Pokemon will be the same. (Thanks to serebii.net
    for this information) So just keep resetting until you get a female Combee.
    Combee don't learn any moves during their whole miserable lives. Only their
    evolved forms Vespiquen can learn level up moves. So unless you spot a female
    Combee reset. Upon their sneaky escape the Galactic Grunts dropped the Works
    Key. So let's head back to Valley Windworks. I almost forgot you can find
    five types of Pokemon here: Shellos, Buizel, Bidoof, and Pachirisu. If you
    can find one I'd recommend catching a Pachirisu. They have the Pickup
    ability which mean they have a small chance of picking up a random item
    depending on their level after every battle! Carry it around and soon your
    pack will be full of items.
         When you get back just click the door and you'll use the Key to open it.
    When you get in that grunt you beat will run away to alert Commander Mars,
    the evil fashion diva of this whole operation. There's only 1 or 2 grunts
    inside besides Mars so this fight should be a sinch. Again the grunts usually
    carry these Pokemon. I will try to notify you if there are exceptions.
    Zubat and it's evolutions, Wurmple and its evolutions, Bronzor and its
    evolutions, Glameow and its evolutions, Abra and its evolutions, Sneasel and
    its evolutions, and Stunky and its evolution. Anyway to my knowlege this grunt
    has a Zubat and Glameow also. When you get to Mars she insults you the says
    that the little girl's father isn't going anywhere. So battle commence.
    POKEMON: Zubat and Purugly (evolution of Glameow)
    RECOMMENDED POKEMON: Machop, Monferno, Luxio, Golbat, Geodude
    MY POKEMON: Grotle and Luxio
         Her Zubat is level 14 and her Purugly is between levels 16-18. Sorry I
    can't remember, but I think it's 18. If you train a lot and find out it's
    lower then that's a good thing. Hehehe
    Take out her Zubat in the same manner as all the rest of the Zubat you've
    fought. Her Purugly is a tad less easy. If you have a Grotle or Monferno
    then you can take it out with either Rock Smash or Mach Punch. If you chose
    Piplup then your Prinplup will just take a few more minutes to beat. Use
    your Prinplup's Metal Claw or Bubble to take it out in the same manner.
    When you win the screen will go black for a second and the Team Galactic
    members will take off. The little girl will run in and thank you as well as
    her father. She'll mention something about a balloon Pokemon coming a certain
    day of the week. This Pokemon is Drifloon. It comes around in front of the
    door every Friday as a sprite you can't miss it.
         After hearing all that leave Valley Windworks and proceed to Route 205.
    The Team Galactic grunts will be gone so you can now cross the bridge. If you
    cross the bridge you will see a boy by a Honey Tree. Talk to him to learn a
    little bit. Go by him and pass through the patch of grass. If you want to
    I recommend catching a Shellos. The Shellos here will be pink. If you do catch
    one it will later evolve into a Gastrodon in the twentyish levels.
    Keep going until you see some stairs in the grass. Go up and you should see
    a hiker. You can battle him, but more importantly there's an item!
    If you keep going you will come to two stair wells. The first one leads to a
    trainer. Battle her, she has grass type pokemon I think. Then go up the small
    area of grass then take a left. You'll go under a bridge and find a Pokeball,
    an Oran Berry, and a Pecha Berry. Oran berries restore your HP by 10 and Pecha
    berries heal poison. Go back to the stairs. If you didn't battle her already
    there's a camper near the berries. Head back up the stairs and continue north.
    Cross the bridge you went under and you see another hiker. There's a patch of
    grass. Go through and battle a Battle Girl. Up north past her there's a camper
    and a house. There's nothing in the house so don't bother. If you go north
    even more you'll see the entrance to Eterna Forest as well as a Bug Catcher.
    If you want to try to go the other side instead you can, but it won't get
    you anywhere. You need Cut to get through. So just go through Eterna Forest.
    Eterna Forest:
         When you enter Eterna Forest a girl will tell you that she heard about
    Team Galactic and wants you to take her through the forest. Do her and
    yourself a favor and take her through. During the time she's with you. She
    will heal your Pokemon fully after every battle. You will also encounter two
    wild Pokemon at a time. Those paired wild Pokemon can only be caught when they
    are unpaired. (Thanks to the Serebii.net for this)
    When you see a Pokemon you want defeat the other one before you
    throw a Pokeball. The girl will tell you her name is Cheryl. She has a level
    15 Chansey. Chansey's moves are Softboiled, Egg Bomb, Heal Bell, and Refresh.
    Battle with her as much as you can. This is also a good time to train your
    weak Pokemon as they will be healed after every battle.
         near the end of the forest you'll see some trees that you can cut down.
    Come back after you have Cut and the Forest Badge. When you cut down the trees
    you can enter the Old Chateau.
    Old Chateau
         After getting the Eterna Gym Badge come back to the Old Chateau. In here
    there are only Gastly. You can also find Haunter, but only after you get the
    National Pokedex. You can find TMs Substitute, Sleep Talk, an Old Gateau a
    medicine that heals any statuses, and an Elixir.
    Eterna City
         To get to Eterna City after you're out of Eterna Forest just cross a
    bridge. There are fishermen, but they won't battle you unless you talk to
    them. Don't battle them as they only have teams of 5 or 6 Magikarp. At the
    Pokemon Center talk to everyone. A certain lady will give you the Friendship
    Checker app for the Poketch. You can look around. North of the Pokemon Center
    is the Galactic Eterna Building except we can't go in there yet. East of the
    Galactic Building is a house where you can buy bitter herbs. They aren't
    expensive either. So if you have a Pokemon that likes bitter food, that you
    want to be friendly to you stock up on Energy Roots and Energy Powder. These
    are very bitter restoration herbs that will make a Pokemon that likes bitter
    food happy. South of the Pokemon Center is the Poke Mart and the bike shop.
    But we can't get a a bike yet so just stock up on herbs and stuff at the herb
    and Poke Marts. Below the Poke Mart is the Eterna Gym. I will list tips
    and preparation ideas in the Eterna Gym section. Also don't try to leave the
    city through the east exit. It leads to Mt. Coronet and you need HM 04
    Strength to proceed.
    Getting HM 01 Cut
         If you're going to visit the herb shop then this will be right before
    that. Just head north from the Pokemon Center and start to head east. A girl
    named Cynthia will stop you and give you Cut saying it will help you finish
    your Pokedex.
    Eterna Gym
        Before you even try to challenge Eterna Gym make sure that all your
    Pokemon are at least level 19. Try to have your starter at level 22 or higher.
    If yo have Monferno or Staravia then this battle will be a cake walk. If you
    picked Piplup or Turtwig however then it's a different story. If you don't
    have a Monferno or Chimchar then I recommend going back to Oreburgh Gate to
    get a Zubat. Train the Zubat to level 22. It'll evolve into Golbat. Shortly
    before it evolves it should learn Wing Attack a flying type move. If you
    don't think it's worth the effort to evolve it then just level it into the
    high 'teens making sure it's at least level 19. If you train it to 19 then
    it should've learned Wing Attack. Anyway before you battle Gardenia the gym
    leader you have to find 3 trainers who are hiding. The first one is just
    south of Gardenia's spot. So just go up there. Then head into the west area.
    There should be a little area to go to when you get in that's where the first
    trainer is. Defeat him and he'll give you a clue. If you're smart enough
    you should be able to find the other two. Just you his clue to find the next
    trainer and so on until you battle the last trainer who is a Beauty person.
    After you beat them all then you can challenge Gardenia.
    Eterna City Gym Leader
    Type: Grass
    Pokemon Cherubi 19, Turtwig 19, and Roserade 22
    Recommended Types: Fire, Flying, Poison
    Recommended Pokemon: Zubat, Golbat, Chimchar, Monferno, Staravia
    My Pokemon: Luxio, Grotle, Combee
    If you have one of the Pokemon I recommended then this battle will be a cake
    walk. If you don't then get one! This battle is pretty impossible if you don't
    have a Flying or Fire type Pokemon. Her Cherubi can be taken down by literally
    everything. For Turtwig just spam with a Pokemon I recommended, most preferred
    Golbat or you can take it out with your starter. For Roserade you really do
    need one of those recommended Pokemon. If you chose Chimchar as your starter
    then just spam its Ember. Golbat spam its Wing Attack, same goes for Staravia.
    When you win she'll give you the Forest Badge and TM 86 Grass Knot. Grass Knot
    does more damage to heavier Pokemon. Now you can go to the Old Chateau so I
    recommend going there and catching a Gastly. (Haunter really helps later in
    the game.)  After that heal then head over to the Galactic Eterna Building for
    a heroic rescue.
    Galactic Eterna Building
         Cut down the tree in front and just barge in. No one will notice you
    unless you talk to them or try to go up the stairs. In all you only have to
    fight 4 grunts plus Team Galactic Commander Jupiter. So if you don't like
    double battles just talk to each grunt guarding the stairs separately.
    On the 2nd floor you don't have to fight anyone if you don't want to. If you
    still aren't level 22 all over I would suggest battling everyone. On the third
    floor you battle one grunt and a Galactic Scientist. Finally on the 4th floor
    talk to Jupiter to battle her.
    Galactic Commander Fight I
    Team Galactic Commander
    Pokemon: Zubat 18, Skuntank 20
    Recommended Types: Pyschic, Ground, Electric
    My Team: Luxio, Grotle, Combee
    Take out her Zubat with whatever you took out Gardenia's Turtwig and Cherubi
    with. Then take out her Skuntank with your starter unless you have a Grotle.
    Then just use whatever you have. It isn't that strong. After you beat
    her the bike shop manager who was being held hostage invites you over to
    get a bike. His shop is south of the Pokemon Center. Go over there and pick up
    your brand new bike! Then head south out of Eterna City onto Cycling Road.
    Cycling Road
       Not much to say about this just start cycling. There are trainers here.
    They have Pokemon like Ponyta, Staravia, and Bronzor. Just head to the bottom.
    When you exit head right and cut down the trees. Head all the way north until
    you find a cave.
    Wayward Cave
        Not much to say here either till the next section. Just head all the way
    to the uttermost north-east corner of the cave to find a girl named Mira.
        Again not much to say. Just take her to the exit of the cave. Mira acts
    exactly like Cheryl so just battle all the trainers and battle as many wild
    Pokemon as you can. She battles with her Kadabra. I think it's level 20.
    Just get her out and you can move on. You don't have to even bother with
    Wayward Cave, but you should even if you were much stronger than Gardenia.
    Mt. Coronet and Route 208
         Just head back to the exit of Cycling Road. Then head south. Dawn will
    appear and ask you to pick which hand you want. It really doesn't matter
    which one you pick as she will give you both anyway. You get a Dowsing app for
    the Poketch which to Pokemon veterans is just like the Itemfinder. It lets
    you find hidden items. She'll give you the Vs. Seeker too which will let you
    re-battle people other then Gym Leaders. Head east and battle the three guys.
    Head into Mt. Coronet. SPOILERS WARNING You'll meet a blue haired guy who
    later reaveals himself as Cyrus the leader of Team Galactic. END OF SPOILERS
    You need Rock Smash so slap that on someone. Just smash all the rocks to get
         When you get out you're on a sort of mountain. Just head across the
    bridge. When you see the three ways you can go. Go up. You'll see a Black Belt
    trainer after a few seconds. Battle him then head west until you see some
    stairs. Go down for an X Speed. Go back to the three way. Battle the hiker
    if you haven't already. Then cross the bridge and battle the second hiker.
    Go up then left. You'll see some smashable rocks. Break them to get one
    Pokeball. Then head to your right. Go down the stairs into the grass. Head
    right and battle the Aroma Lady. She'll have a Roselia and a Budew I think.
    Keep going until you see some berries. Pick them then head south. Battle the
    artist and keep heading south. Keep going south of the Honey Tree you'll see.
    If you keep going you'll see a guy hiding. Talk to him to get an Old KeyStone.
    You'll use that later. Head back into that house you saw by the berries. Talk
    to the old guy. He's the Berry Master. He gives you a berry each day though
    not necessarily rare ones. Talk to the girl and the lady. The girl gives you
    the Berry Searcher app for the Poketch. This lets you search Shinoh for ripe
    berries you might have forgotten about. The lady will sell mulch that will
    help your berries grow. Buy some if you want to grow berries. There are
    Psyduck, Bidoof, Meditite, Machop, Bibarel, and Zubat here. If you like them,
    I don't catch a Bibarel to Surf with later. Then continue east to Hearthome
    A Stop in Hearthome City
         There's not much to do here since you can't battle Fantina the Gym Leader
    yet. When you enter the city a Buneary runs into you. A girl comes and thanks
    you for catching it. She tells you to come over to the Contest Hall so she
    can thank you properly. To get there go right then up then left. Head north
    from the Poke Mart and east from the Pokemon Center. Pass one house then go
    up. The huge building is the Contest Hall. Talk to Fantina and she'll brush
    you off saying you're much too weak to battle her. She's right. Head inside.
    Keira will see you and give you Glitter Powder an accessory for Contests. You
    get the Fashion Case somewhere, but I'm not sure where. I'm dreadfully sorry.
    Your mom is there too. She'll give you either a Tuxedo or a Dress to where
    for Contests. You can try to win one. But you shouldn't before you feed your
    Pokemon Poffin. It's like Poke Blocks. You can make Poffin in the Poffin
    House next to the Poke Mart. You cook berries. Match the flavor of the Poffin
    with the flavor either your Pokemon likes or the Contest you want it to win.
    Poffin will increase your Pokemon's condition. That will help you win contests
    more easily. Here's a chart. Cool=Spicy Beauty=Dry Smart=Bitter Tough=Sour
    Cute=Sweet. Talk to the lady in the house next to the Pokemon Center too.
    She's a friend of Bill who invented the Pokemon Storage System or the PC.
    After you talk to her your game will say Bebe's PC instead of Someone's PC
    every time you open it. She's like Bill from the first and second generations
    and Lanette from the third. Before you can make Poffins you have to go to the
    Pokemon Fan Club house. It's the house on the right side of the Poke Mart. You
    have to go a little ways. Talk to the lady to see how much your Pokemon like
    you and talk to the guy to get a Poffin Case. You set now. To the North-west
    side of the Pokemon Center is Amity Park where you can take Psyduck, Drifloon,
    Clefairy, Pachirisu, Happiny, or Buneary for a walk. They'll occasionally pick
    up accessories or berries. The berries will be rare. This is also the only
    main place to get your accessories. When you try to leave through the right
    side you have to battle your rival. MINOR SPOILERS: When you win a hiker will
    give you a Pokemon Egg. It will hatch into the ultra rare pre-evolve of
    Chansey, Happiny. END OF SPOILERS Now to the Rival battle. Markus again will
    smash into you. You're going to have a broken bone or two soon. hehehe
    Party Pokemon: You Chose:   Turtwig     Chimchar    Piplup
    His Party
                                Staravia 19 Staravia 19 Staravia 19
                                Buizel 20  Roselia 20  Buizel 20
                                Roselia 20 Ponyta 20   Ponyta 20
                                Monferno 21 Prinplup 21 Grotle 21
    Recommended Pokemon: Golbat, Haunter, Vespiquen
    My Party: Luxio, Grotle, Vespiquen
    Take out his Staravia with an electric Pokemon if you have one. I recommend
    Luxio. If he has a Ponyta just take it out with your starter. If you have
    Grotle or Prinplup you should be smart enough to figure this out. If not just
    spam Mach Punch. Roselias go down with either a Golbat or your starter. For
    his starter use Golbat for Grotle and Monferno use Wing Attack or Air Cutter.
    For Prinplup use a Grass type Pokemon or a Haunter with either Shadow Punch or
    Night Shade. Just make sure that all your Pokes are at least level 19 which
    they should be. If your starter isn't at least 22 yet you need to train
    A LOT. If your starter isn't level 22 yet then you're going to have a tough
    time with the next Gym.
    Route 209 and the Lost Tower
         When you beat Markus he runs off saying he's going to beat you to the
    next Gym. On Route 209 there are Starly, Staravia, Bibarel, Mime Jr. in
    Diamond, Bonsly in Pearl, Chansey, Gastly at night, and Zubat during the night
    also. Going a little ways you'll find a trainer. If you beat your rival all
    the trainers on this route should be pieces of your favorite cake. Head out
    by the water and talk to the lone fisherman on the small piece of harbor.
    Answer his question with Yes and he gives you a Good Rod. Now you catch more
    than just Magikarp! Keep going. If you see the person with the visor running
    don't worry he won't fight you. Pick the berries north then battle the twins.
    If you keep going you'll see what appears to be a Pikachu. Talk to him and
    it's actually a trainer. Obviously he has a Pikachu so you can prepare for
    that. Head away from the water and you'll see a Jogger and another girl. I
    think they'll battle you, but if they don't then that's a plus. Past the
    Jogger is a little pile of rocks. Click on it and use the Odd KeyStone.
    You can't do anything now, but after you get the National Pokedex we can
    come back here for a pleasant surprise. There's a Honey Tree, but to my
    experience it doesn't produce good Pokemon. Head north and pick the Razz
    berries. If you have the bike which you must have. Head through the sand in
    4th gear for a short cut. If you don't take the shortcut then you can skip
    a waste of time. So I'd go through the grass or else you'll have to fight
    a Cow Girl with 5 level 15 Bidoof's. Battle the Young Couple Ty and Sue.
    They have level 19 Machop and Meditite. Head into the Lost Tower. If you don't
    already have one catch a level 20 or 21 Zubat so you can get a Golbat.
    If you have them Repels are Yum! Catch Zubat then you a Repel. Get to the
    top and talk to both ladies. They'll give you HM 04 Strength and a Cleanse
    Tag. You need to beat the 6th Gym to use Strength out of battle, but put
    the Cleanse Tag into effect. It lowers your chances of encoutering wild
    Pokemon. There are items on the other floors too. If you don't want to bother
    then just skip them. I got them, but I don't remember them. I'm sorry, but
    I won't remember many of the items. You can mostly get Zubat and Gastly here.
    Misdreavus for Pearl, and Murkrow for Diamond. Both at night however. When
    you're done head north to Solaceon Town.
    Solaceon Town
         Not much to do here. Pick the berries. Go the the Poke Center and Mart.
    Then go to the house next to the Center. Talk to the guy at the table. If you
    show him the Pokemon he wants by the end of the day he gives you a random
    Pokeball. Just keep resetting until he says a Pokemon you have is what I do.
    Next head over to the north. Head right. Go to the second set of ridges you
    can jump over. Keep going until you find a house. Talk to the lady inside to
    get a Sticker Case. You can't get sticker till Sunyshore City. Next head back
    to that house by the edge of the north side of town. It's the Day-Care Center.
    The Day-Care Center
         Drop off your weak Pokemon here. They get 1 experience point for every
    step you take. After leaving one of your Pokemon, I recommend Drifloon, leave.
    Then come back right after stepping out side. A guy will be at the table. Talk
    to him and he gives you the Day Care Checker app for the Poketch. This handy
    little device lets you check how much your Pokemon have grown. The woman will
    charge you $100 for every level your Pokemon gains plus $100 just for leaving
    them there. So if your Pokemon grows one level she'll charge you $200. Not
    bad if you ask me. Also if your Pokemon is supposed to learn a move it will
    learn it. It will forget a move that the game thinks would benefit it the
    least. If you leave a pair of boy and girl Pokemon there there's a chance that
    you'll have a Pokemon Egg when you return.
    Solaceon Ruins
         If you go to the last row of ridges you'll come to the bottom. Go right.
    There's a cave where you can catch Unknown....
    The Unknown
         There's one Unknown for each letter plus ! and ?. However catching any
    Unknown counts as having it in your Pokedex. When you're done head out to
    Route 215.
    Route 210
         You can't go here until you get the SecretPotion from Cynthia later.
    Route 215
         If you proceed to the northeast you'll find two Aspear berries, a Razz
    berry, and a Pinap berry. Head west and you'll see a Rancher. He has an Aipom
    and something else. If you use your bike to go up the sand stream you'll see
    a jogger. He won't battle you. Head east then down the stairs. Go north till
    you see a girl. She'll give you TM 51 Roost. Which is like Recover except for
    Flying Pokemon. Now go back to the jogger and go down the first pair of those
    stairs. You can either go north. Or cut through the grass then up another sand
    stream for a double battle, a trainer, and an item. Otherwise you'll just get
    a double battle. You can do both it'll just take a little while longer. When
    you finish you'll end up by an Aroma Lady either way. Battle her. Then head
    north to the Cafe Cabin.
    Cafe Cabin and Moomoo Milk
         Most of the people in here will battle you. You can buy Moomoo Milk, a
    drink that restores 100 HP for $500.
    Road Block
         Outside there is a cluster of Psyduck. They all have chronic headaches.
    You can't pass until you get the SecretPotion from Cynthia later.
    East to Veilstone City
         From there head east and you'll see some stairs. Go up then across the
    bridge. Go down. If you go north there's a kind of random Honey Tree. It's
    okay. Sometimes it gets you only Wurmples and Sil- and Cascoons, but sometimes
    it'll net you a Cherubi or Combee. Head south and then go east. Two trainers,
    beat them. Past the second one is an item. Head south. Up stairs then eastish.
    Talk to the Black Belt and he gives you TM 66 Payback. It does double damage
    when you attack after your opponent. Great for when you're paralyzed. You can
    get Ponyta, Geodude, Kricketune, Mime Jr. for Diamond, Bonsly for Pearl,and
    Chansey south of Cafe Cabin then minus the version exclusives and plus Abra
    and Kadabra east of Cafe Cabin. In other words there's Ponyta, Geodude, Abra,
    Kadabra, Chansey, and Kricketune. After getting the TM head over the bridge
    then across another then down. Head east battle a Black Belt then cut down
    the trees and battle another Black Belt. By the second black belt is an item.
    Jump over south ridge. Go up stairs. Go south bridge first for item. Then go
    down north stairs. Go east. Battle the Black Belt in the north. Go south and
    jump over ridge. Battle Jogger. He has a Staravia. Go south jump over the west
    side of the ridge for item. Go east. If you don't like Double Battles then
    talk to each one separately. Then go east for berries and Veilstone City.
    Almost forgot while you're at the Jogger go east for TM 34 Shock Wave. Now to
    Rainy Area
         Here it's always raining so you can grow berries faster here.
    Training Area
         I know these are really short. Once you have the Vs. Seeker. Stay by the
    Jogger and the the two Ace Trainers and keep using the Vs. Seeker to train.
    Veilstone City
         To get to the Pokemon Center go east then south then east then south then
    east until you get to some stairs. Go up for Poke Center. Then go west then
    north, then west again for Department Store. Go up to 2nd floor and talk to
    all three ladies at the counter. One of them will give you the Counter Poketch
    app. Everytime you hit the + sign the number goes up. You can use it for
    various reasons.
    Veilstone Department Store
         This place is the best store in all of Shinoh. You can get pretty much
    everything here. The 1st floor has basic stuff: Ultra Balls, Hyper Potions,
    Space Mail, all the time, anytime. This is the only place to get Ultra Balls
    before the 7th Gym. However this place doesn't have special balls like Heal
    Balls or Dusk Balls. If you can afford it I recommend dumping all your Great
    and Poke balls. (Only is you can afford it) Get 50 Ultra Balls, 45 Hyper
    Potions, 5 Escape Ropes, 15 of all the status healers, 36 Revives, 15 Max
    Repels,  and some mail if you want it. This should cost about $1,000,000 or
    more. I had that much because I had hardly spent any since the beginning.
    The Game Corner and the Grooming Lady
         At the Game Corner you can play the slot machines to get more coins.
    You can then trade your coins for TMs and Dolls.
    Veilstone Gym
         In here you'll need to do a complex series of pushing gates back and
    forth to make a path to Maylene. Some of the people in Veilstone will say that
    she is a cute Gym Leader. She isn't really. She reminds me of Aelita from Code
    Lyoko, but never mind that. Anyway once you get there:
    RECOMMENDED POKEMON: Gastly, Haunter, Golbat, Crobat, Misdreavus
    MY PARTY: Vespiquen 30, Haunter 31, Golbat 32
    She really is a powerhouse. If you have any Normal Type Pokemon put them away
    as they will get slaughtered. Take out her Meditite with anything. It can't
    really bring the hurt unless you're Poison type. It has more Psychic attacks
    than Fighting. To my knowledge the only Fighting type attack it has is Drain
    Punch, the TM that she gives you if you win. Take out her Meditite slowly if
    you have to. Just keep your Pokemon healthy. If she sends out her Machoke,get
    rid of it with your Golbat. 2 or 3 Wing Attacks/Air Cutters should put him
    away. Lucario is the only real part of her team. However it will easily take
    out many Pokemon. If you brought a Golbat even it might faint here. Lucario's
    got a really good Attack. I had a level 32 Golbat and one of Lucario's Force
    Palms readily took out about a third of Golbat's HP. Just keep your HP high.
    Lucario's only real weakness is ground type attacks since it's part steel.
    So just try your best. Save in front of Maylene so you don't have to do the
    puzzle if you lose. Just try your best and train some more if you lose more
    than 5 times. When you win she gives you the Cobble Badge and TM 60 Drain
    Punch. This attack is like Absorb and those attacks except it's Fighting type.
    Help out Dawn
         When you leave the Gym Dawn is outside. She'll tell you she dropped her
    Pokedex and Team Galactic got it. They won't give it back. Let's make them!
    Go over to where you saw the Galactic Grunts. Double battle them with Dawn.
    She'll use a level 25 Clefairy. Just beat them and you'll get the 'Dex. With
    them gone you can raid Galactic Storage.
    HM 02 Fly Yum!
         We're the good guys, but still no one
    is perfect. Head inside and grab the item. It's HM 02 Fly. You have the Cobble
    Badge so you can use it. If you have any one of the Zubat family you're in
    luck because Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat can all learn Fly. It lets you fly to
    the Pokemon Center of any town you've visited. This is great. Flying is so
    Route 214, Route 213, and Valor Lakefront
         Here battle the Psychic. Then head up the stairs to the Ruin Maniac Cave
    if you wish. I'll have faqs for this area first though. Head through the
    fenced maze thing and battle all the trainers. Head all the way south battling
    and picking up items as you go along. Once you reach the end of the grass. You
    see two scientists. They'll stop you from entering Lake Valor. So naturally
    you have to be a good little hero and go along. Grab the item then head up the
    stairs. You'll see a lady looking around. She'll say she lost her Suite Key.
    Use your Dowsing Machine to find it for her if you want a Lava Cookie, a
    specialty of Hoenn that is just like a Full Heal. It's optional, so you don't
    have to do it. Head up the stairs and then west. A fat guy will stop you if
    you try to go east saying that there's a blackout in Sunyshore City. Head west
    and into the restaurant...
    Ruin Maniac Tunnel
         I have to do this before the restaurant so yeah. In here is a guy digging
    a tunnel by himself. He says that he's gonna race you. To see if you can catch
    all the Unknown before he finishes his tunnel. Check on him after you catch 10
    kinds. He will have his tunnel farther. You can also catch a Hippopotas now,
    but it's very rare. After you catch all 26 it'll be finished. It goes to an
    extra part of the Solaceon Ruins where you can catch the ! and ? Unknown. To
    make a total of 28. SPOILERS After you get the National Dex you can get
    Giratina here. END OF SPOILERS
    Seven Stars Restaurant
         This place is open between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm. You can battle certain
    people here every day. A couple customers will want double battles too.
    Talk to a certain gentleman and madam everyday. They are potentially good
    because they give big amounts of cash when you beat them.
    Hotel Grand Lake
         There's not much to this place. You can merely talk to the clerk to heal
    your Pokemon. That's pretty much it.
    Pastoria City
         Exit the Hotel and then go all the way west along the shallow stretch of
    sand. Just go north until you see a building after you get across the sand.
    Well here we are...PASTORIA CITY YAY!!!
    But before you go have a pizza party we need to make sure we know what we are
    doing.Wake the Gym Leader is no stronger than Maylene...really and literally.
    The first two are level 27 and then his last Pokemon is level 30. Just a
    different type. If you beat Maylene then you can beat this surfer. You can
    surf and find Remoraid and Magikarp by fishing. Tenta (cool/cruel) can be
    found fishing as well as Wingull and Pelipper. Second off you have to battle
    your rival or Markus when you get in the city. He has levelled up several a
    RIVAL BATTLE Your Starter:  Turtwig        Chimchar      Piplup
                 His Pokemon:   Star(ly/avia)  Star(ly/avia) Star(ly/avia)
                                Buizel         Roselia       Buizel
                                Roselia        Ponyta        Ponyta
                                Monferno       Prinplup      Grotle
    So let's see here. He's leveled up a lot. Star(ly/avia) is level 26. His next
    two are 25. His starter is 28. So let's just look at this fine mess. Take out
    his bird with Luxio. You should be able to get rid of that nuisance. Then take
    out Buizel or Rosie with Golbat. For the starter... Get rid of Grotle with
    Golbat. Prinplup goes with either a Rose or Budew. Monferno goes with Golbat.
    Not that hard if you have the team listed below. It's my team minus Luxio.
    Anyway when you win he runs off. Now to the Gym! No wait the Marsh awaits!
    Then the Gym of course.
    Recommend Pokemon: Golbat 32, Haunter 33, Vespiquen 32, Roselia 32, Luxio 30
    Pastoria Great Marsh and HM 05 Defog
        This is like the Safari Zone. You can catch Pokemon. You can take the
    Quick Trams to get from area to area. There are daily changing Pokemon here.
    You can find different Pokemon on different days. You can find Croagunk,
    Skorupi, Carnivine, Golduck, Roselia, Staravia, Marill, Azurill, Wooper,
    Quagsire, the Bidoof family. You should only be interested in Croagunk,
    Skorupi, Carnivine, Golduck, Marill, Quagsire, and Azurill though. As you can
    only find them here. The others you can find in the wild elsewhere. You get
    30 Safari Balls or 500 steps. You're done when you use up either one. The
    Pokes are in the 20s. Catch some grass type Pokemon if you want. As long as
    you don't have a dream team that you're working towards I recommend getting a
    Roselia. Even if you are I'm sure you can have a Roselia and get rid of it
    later. Anyway talk to the guy right in front of you when you get in to get
    HM 05 Defog. Once you're done you can leave. Go into the gym next. (See above)
    The Scarf Guy
         The is the guy you want if you like contests. If your Pokemon have
    exclusively good condition he will give you a corresponding scarf to help
    show that condition. Come here when you think you have maxed out one or more
    of your Pokemon's conditions.
    The Move Tutor
         This guy will teach your Pokemon moves they forgot in exchange for Heart
    Scales you can find in the Underground. That's it.
    Pastoria Gym
         In here is an intricate puzzle. Step on the buttons to raise and lower
    the water. Once you get to Wake pulverize him. If you have my team then faint
    everything with Roselia. If you do this however, make sure that your other
    Pokemon are strong enough to survive the long no Exp. Point survival. Just
    make everything besides Vesp lv. 36 or more. Then faint everything with Rose.
    Minus Gyaradoses. Once you get to wake Rose should be strong enough to take it
    out. Here's the guide. I'm writing as if you have a Lv. 36 Roselia with this
    moveset: Bullet Seed, Mega Drain, SolarBeam, Cut. So just bear with me. This
    moveset works fine too: Mega Drain, Bullet Seed, SolarBeam, ________ need fill
    So anyway just take out his Quagsire, and Floatzel with SolarBeam or Mega
    Drain then Cut away Gyarados. Shouldn't be hard. No details here because it
    isn't hard. Just the puzzle.
    Chase that Grunt
         After you beat the Gym go back by where you should see a grunt by the
    Great Marsh. Talk to him and he runs. CHASE HIM!!!!! So anyway he runs off. Go
    back to that narrow strip of sand. You'll see him again. He runs away. Go
    back to Valor Lakefront where the scientists wouldn't let you in. They still
    won't, but the grunt is there.
    Get the SecretPotion
         Battle him and then Cynthia will come when you
    win. You can't lose really. If you beat Maylene and Wake you can't lose unless
    of course you have one Pokemon with only 1 HP and no Potions, but that is
    really, really, really, really, really unlikely. So just head back to Heart-
    home City via route 212. Then after you're done there just head back to where
    the Psyduck were. The SecretPotion can cure their headaches. So that you can
    get to Celestic Town where you can get Surf cure them, buuuuutttt let's just
    wait a second there.
    Route 210 and 212
         So anyway after you beat that grunt head back to Pastoria and exit west.
    Here go until you see some berries. Pick them then cut down the trees. Go
    up and across the bridge with your bike. Head all the way west picking up
    items and battling trainers as you go along. When you get past the Parasol
    Lady jump over the ridge and head all the way west battling and getting items.
    Explore the series of bridges to get items and train on the trainers. You
    are seriously going to need the training as Fantina is much, much, much
    stronger than Wake and Maylene. You can even come here before you beat
    Pastoria Gym. You can get Roselia here as they are common, but Budew are even
    more common. Starly and Staravia as well as Kricketune can be found here.
    Once you get to the end of the bridges head through the grass then north.
    Keep going until you see the circular bushes. Head north until the ground gets
    slightly lighter green. From here head east and go north to the Pokemon
    Mansion. If you go south you come to a patch flowers. Use the Dowsing Machine
    near the gatish thing around the entrance to find some tasty items. At night
    you can fight the guards if you want to. As for now battle if it's night. If
    it's not proceed to the two people that look like they're on a date. Battle
    them to earn humongous amounts of cash. Head into the mansion next. So yeah
    this is a split section so bear with me.
    The Pokemon Mansion
         In here head west to enter the rooms. Get an item in the farthest west
    one. The middle one offers a Soothe Bell from the maid. The first one doesn't
    net you anything helpful besides a chat with the maid. Head east to find a
    room with a maid by the entrance. Go inside. Talk to Mr. Backlot to find out
    that the Trophy Garden in the back has Pokemon in it. You can get an item in
    the back too. You can't touch the statue cause the guard is a meanie though.
    Anyway if you've been wanting one Roselia are really common in the Trophy
    Garden. You can also find the Pikachu family for your Pokedex if you don't
    have them already. This is like a mini Safari Zone except free. So catch to
    your heart's content then to Route 210.
    Route 210
         This is just north of Solaceon Town remember. Go north and use the Secret
    Potion on the Psyduck. Then head north. Go through the grass getting items.
    There's also an item hidden on the far west side. North more items then keep
    going north. When you get to the top you'll see a little girl on the east.
    There's a ninja hiding too. After you beat SnowPoint City you can get Granny
    Wilma in the house far north to teach one of your Dragon type Pokemon Draco
    Meteor, the most powerful Dragon type move. But she'll only teach it if your
    Pokemon's happiness is maxed out. Go east again collecting items, berries,
    and battling. I'm not going in-depth because I'm going to be going WAY
    In-Depth for the later areas. So all the way west exit to Celestic.
    Celestic Town
         Basics first buy, sell, heal, and junk. Oh! By the way there's no Poke
    Mart, but the house in the far left corner sells all the usual junk. Not
    really junk, well I think it is, but we're getting off the subject. The
    glasses dude in the shop will give you a different pair depending on the time
    of the day. (Day Night Morning) So yeah. Anyway head to the middle of town.
    Down the stairs we go. Then go north to the ruins. There's a grunt. Battle him
    and go inside.
    Celestic Ruins and HM 03 Surf
    Head to the back. Some old lady who is actually Cynthia's grandmother will c
    come and give you a tour. Then she gives you HM 03 Surf. Now head back to
    Hearthome City via HM 02 Fly. The Gym Leader, Fantina awaits.
    Hearthome City (2nd visit)
         Now you can enter those contests you wanted to do and make those Poffins.
    After you do that if you have either a Pichu, Happiny, or Golbat you can go
    to the Pokemon Fan Club House. The lady in the back will tell you how much
    your lead Pokemon's happiness level is at. After that TO THE GYM!!!!
    Hearthome City Gym
         Here you must answer a math question in order to know which door to go
    through. If you need to train you can do the right one last. Once you get
    to Fantina...THE BATTLE IS ON!!!!
    Hearthome City Gym Leader: Fantina
    Type: Ghost
    Recommended Types: Pyschic, Dark, Ghost (delivered by non-Ghost types)
    Party Pokemon: Drifblim 32, Gengar 34, Mismagius 36
    My Party: Haunter 43, Golbat 44, Budew 23
    Recommended Party: Gengar 45, Crobat 45, Kadabra/Alakazam 44,
    Roselia/Roserade 46
         Well I didn't use Budew, just Exp. Share. So to beat Drifblim just take
    it out with either a Shadow (Ball/Punch) from Haunter/Gengar. If you have a
    Haunter use Shadow Ball 1-2 times if it's Sp. Attack is high, and Shadow Punch
    if it has a high Attack. That should be all for that hot air balloon. For
    Gengar the same. If you have a Psychic Pokemon that works fine as long as it's
    Sp. Attack is high and it's fast. Mismagius you should use the same as you did
    for Drifblim. Watch out for Shadow Claw if you're delivering with a Ghost type
    though. With high enough levels you should win easily even though she is a
    powerhouse. Take her down to get the Relic Badge and TM 65 Shadow Claw.
    Shadow Claw is slightly weaker than Shadow Ball, but hey it looks way cooler.
    Anyway if you have a Pokemon that can learn it teach something Surf. Then head
    back to Jubilife with Fly. Exit to the west to get to Route 218. Surf across
    the water if you can. You can also fish here to get Finneon for your 'dex.
    After that head across to Canalave. You'll find Tentacool and Wingull mostly,
    but if you get lucky you'll find Tentacruel and Pelipper too. On the other
    side there's a Sailor. Battle him to see a Mantyke for your Pokedex. There's
    grass to the south. You'll find mostly Floatzel, but there are also Shellos,
    Gastrodon, Mr. Mime in Diamond, Glameow in Pearl, and Wingull. If you don't
    like Sneasel, which is a Surfable Pokemon you get later, you can find Shellos
    or Gastrodon. So I recommend either one since they're good for battling too.
    Anyway proceed. In the building Professor Rowan's assistant upgrades your
    Pokedex so that you can see the difference between male and female Pokemon.
    Head inside.
    Canalave City
         Head north to find the Move Deleter's house above the Poke Mart. The
    Pokemon Center is just a little further north. If you're wondering the Center
    is so conviently located because if you try to cross the bridge Markus will
    battle you. So heal up before you try to cross. After that RIVAL BATTLE
    Party Pokemon- You Chose:   Turtwig     Chimchar     Piplup
                 His Pokemon:   Staravia 31    Staravia 31     Staravia 31
                                Buizel 32      Roselia 32     Buizel 32
                                Heracross 30  Heracross 30    Heracross 30
                                Roselia 32    Ponyta 32       Ponyta 32
                                Monferno 35     Prinplup 35       Grotle 35
    My Party: Haunter 46, Crobat 47, Budew 31
    Recommended Party Haunter 46, Crobat 47, Alakazam 46, Roselia 46 (I hate
    Okay so the last battle before the Pokemon League with your rival huh? So
    let's do first things first. Take out Staravia with either Crobat's Poison
    Fang or Fly. Alakazam's Psychic works too. Anyway take out Buizel with Roselia
    and Heracross hmmmm CROBAT! Hehehe! Okay now um Roselia Crobat and Ponyta you
    can take down with a Poke of your choice. Now for his starter... Take out
    Monferno with Crobat or Alakazam. Prinplup+Roselia= NO PRINPLUP. Grotle=Crobat
    nuff said. With that over with he tells you he beat the Gym. So now let's go
    show him how fast we are.
    Canalave Gym
         Sorry I don't have the guide through this Gym. Just manuever until you
    get there. Now for the important battle part.
    Canalave Gym Leader (Roark's Dad (giggles) )
    Type: Steel
    Recommended Types: Fire, Ground
    Party Pokemon: Bronzor 36 (how come they never evolve?) Steelix 36, Bastiodon
    My Party: Quagsire 23, Haunter 46, Crobat 47
    Recommended Party: See Rival Battle IV
    So this is the 6th Gym. We've come a long way. But enough of the sappy stuff
    let's get going. I took out his Bronzor with 3 Shadow Balls. I took out
    Steelix with Quagsire. (Amazing huh!?) Just use Mud Bomb like 5 times. Don't
    worry even though Quagsire is a low level it hardly took any damage. For
    Bastiodon I used up all of Mud Bomb's PP so yeah. But that's only because the
    evil Bastiodon kept using yucky Rest. It has an evil Chesto Berry too! So
    if you aren't patient just spam Shadow Ball. Just a mention, but I was fuming
    over Mud Bomb being gone! (I not patient) When you win you get the Mine Badge
    which let's you use Strength, and TM 91 Flash Cannon. This is a great TM to
    use if you battle with a friend that uses Rock or Ice types a lot. It's a
    really powerful Steel type move. So yeah. When you're done you can either skip
    Iron Island and go directly to Canalave Library or you can go there. I went
    to Iron Island before the Gym, but I needed to train Haunter sooooo...yeah
    Iron Island
       Go to the the bottom of the west side of the city and you'll see a sailor.
    He can take you to Iron Island if you want. So let's go. You'll end up on an
    island. Go up and you'll see a house. Nothing here now, but if you come
    back after getting the National Pokedex then you might find something, but not
    now... Enter the cave and go east since the west side is just a camper. From
    there manuever to the bottom lift. Go down then west. You'll meet a guy named
    Riley. He's just like Cheryl and Mira except that he has a Lv. 34 Lucario. If
    you don't want to battle all the trainers just make your way to the Galactic
    Grunts. Battle them and beat them. Usually this wouldn't be too fair since
    they each have three Pokemon to my knowledge. Team up with Riley and it seems
    fair since their Pokemon stink. Beat them and then they run away. (naturally)
    Riley says that he has a present for you. He gives you a Pokemon Egg. You
    need to have room in your party so yeah. But don't worry if you need to free
    up space Riley won't go  anywhere. After having the Egg in your party after
    you've walked approximately 6,500 steps it will hatch into a Riolu, the pre-
    evolved form of Lucario. So that's it for here. The items aren't all that
    great. The only good things are the Egg and a Shiny Stone which you will find
    upon near exit after the Grunts. The Shiny Stone can evolve Roselia into
    Roserade, but I'm not sure what else. Anyway after that head to the Canalave
    Library with Markus.
    Canalave Library
         Go to the 3rd floor. The Professor babbles about some junk then sends you
    off to Lake Valor. Outside there's an earthquake. Go to Lake Valor to
    investigate about two things, the earthquake and the Legendary Pokemon of the
    Lake Valor: Azelf.
    Lake Valor, Saturn, and Azelf
         You can now enter the lake. It is possible to skip all, but one grunt if
    you can manuever yourself carefully. Regardless enter the cave and proceed
    north to battle Saturn.
    Team Galactic Commander
    Party Pokemon: Kadabra 35, Bronzor 35, Toxicroak 37
         I don't need to go into detail really. Crobat-Kadabra=Bite Bronzor-
    Haunter=Shadow Ball spamming Toxicroak-Crobat=Wing Attack/Fly
    Just beat him and he actually gives you respect saying you're tough. He gets
    away with Azelf though. Go to Lake Verity to help out Dawn with Mars now.
    You should know where it is.
    Lake Verity, Mars, and Mesprit
         When you arrive you are forced to do two annoying double battles with
    Galactic grunts. After that you battle Mars. Do you need details. Golbat-
    Alakazam=Psychic. Bronzor-Haunter=Shadow Ball spamming. Purugly-Roselia (or
    anything else, it'll faint anyway)=SolarBeam. Really you don't need a guide
    for pathetic battles like this. After that you have to go to Lake Acuity. Lets
    Mt. Coronet, Route 216, and Route 217
         Okay let's get going. But where do we go you ask. Head to Celestic Town
    first. Once there exit west. Keep heading west until you reach a cave. I'm
    very sorry, but I do not have a map to guide you through at this moment. So
    I will try to get that, but for now you'll have to manuever through the
    Mt. Coronet alone. You need to exit in the snowy Route 216.
    Route 216 and Route 217
         Right now I only have my game to guide me so I have only very basic info.
    Head all the way west until you see a house. You can heal yourself at the bed
    there. Then head north. Once out of the narrow entrance go north until you
    reach some trees on the west. Hug the trees and then continue north until you
    see a cabin. Use your Dowsing Machine near it to find HM 08 Rock Climb. Then
    go to the far west and zoom up. From there follow the path to SnowPoint City.
    When you see two grunts you're almost there. Trudge east to get there. I'll
    add details once I finish the basic walkthrough. The grunts were guarding
    Lake Acuity so you can't enter until you beat Candice the SnowPoint Gym Leader
    in an icy fight. So heal up.
    SnowPoint City
         Here there's a dock on the far bottom west corner of town. But the sailor
    won't take you for a ride until you have a National Pokedex. So for now let's
    explore elsewhere. The cabin at the far northwest corner has a lady who will
    trade you a Haunter for a Medicham. Heal up because this is going to be a
    hard Gym Battle. Even getting to Candice won't be easy.
    SnowPoint Temple
         You can't even enter now, but come back...yes after you get the National
    Snowpoint Gym
         Here you have to slide on the ice and ram into snowballs to manuever to
    the Gym Leader. Once you're there prepare for an icy fight.
    Snowpoint Gym Leader
    Type: Ice
    Recommended Types: Fire, Flying
    Party Pokemon: Snover 38, Sneasel 38, Medicham 40, Abomasnow 42
    My party: Haunter 48, Crobat 49, Sneasel 40
         Well we certainly have a fight. Take out her Snover with Fly or Wing
    Attack from Crobat. Sneasel will go down with Haunter if you can endure a few
    hard hits. Shadow Ball or another physical attack would be good. Medicham
    will go down easily to Crobat's Fly. Abomasnow=same as Snover except you might
    get a little more damaged so bring healing. When you win you get Icicle Badge
    which let's you use Rock Climb out of battle and TM 72 Avalanche. So yeah
    now you can head to Lake Acuity.
    Lake Acuity, Jupiter, and Uxie
         When you get there you see your rival. Talk to him. He informs you that
    while you were whopping Candice he was engaged in a very exciting battle of
    his own...except less successful. He lost and now Jupiter is smushing it in
    his puny little stuck up face. It's about time someone lame beat him don't you
    think. Anyway Jupiter decides to graciously let you know that their HQ is the
    Veilstone Galactic Building. She is so gracious to let you know that you can't
    do anything. Are we going to let some lame space alien with a pink Poffin on
    her head to say that? Most certainly not! So let's go and save Azelf, Uxie,
    and Mesprit.
    Veilstone City (2nd visit) (Note I will not have a guide showing you how to
    get all the way to the 4th floor where the Legendaries are. I need to go
    through a couple of times before I can tell you exactly how to get through.)
         So head up to the Galactic Building. You can't get in so let's try
    Galactic Storage. The grunt in there let's you know that his little friend in
    front of the HQ has the Storage Key you need to unlock the gate. So beat him
    and get the key. Now to sneak in...
    Galactic Veilstone HQ
         Head into the Galactic Storage and use the key on the door. You find an
    underground passage to the Galactic HQ. So get in there and get the Galactic
    Key that is lying around somewhere. Find your way to the 4th floor where
    Cyrus is. Battle him!
    Galactic Boss
    Party Pokemon: Sneasel, Golbat, Murkrow (I don't have levels I need to add
    that later)
    My Party: Roselia 37, Crobat 50, Haunter 49
    So just get rid of Sneasel with Crobat. It looks like it should be part steel,
    but it isn't so just spam Fly or something. Golbat will go down to a couple
    of Shadow (Claws/Balls/Punches). So anyway for his Murkrow Crobat is good.
    Just use Fly or Wing Attack.
    Save the Pokemon of the Lakes
         After you beat him he gives you the Master Ball. Head through the warp to
    the room with Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. Head in there and Saturn approaches.
    You have to battle him again. See the battle over at Lake Valor, it's pretty
    much the same except some of his Pokemon evolved so yeah. I'll add plenty of
    details once I have the guide finished. He tells you to push the button to
    set them free. Do so and they fly back to their respective lakes. Now they run
    off and you have to give the chase. So follow them to Mt. Coronet. You'll need
    to be able to Surf and Rock Climb to follow them so be prepared. So anyway
    again I do not have an in-depth, step-by-step guide for this cave until the
    guide is finished. Then I will begin adding little bits of in-depth for every
    area that doesn't have it. (It's hard to make a very in-depth guide.) Anyway
    once you manuever through and get to the Spear Pillar you have to battle Cyrus
    Mars and Jupiter
    Galactic Commanders
    Jupiter and Mars
    Jupiter: Bronzor, Golbat, Skuntank (high 40s)
    Mars: Bronzor, Golbat, Purugly (high 40s)
         They're pretty much the same besides for Skuntank and Purugly, although
    you can take out both with the same Pokemon usually. Anyway take out Bronzors
    with Fire types. Golbat will go with Electric or Rock. If you have them
    deliver those Rock type attacks with Rock type Pokemon. Skuntank and Purugly
    can be take out by pretty much just Fighting. So if you got Chimchar as a
    starter than you're good to go. Just be sure you have either Mach Punch or
    Close Combat. If you have both than you're in for an easy fight, just + in
    some Fire type moves like Flame Wheel, Ember, Flamethrower, or if you
    overtrain Flare Blitz. So yeah just take them out. Then the Legendaries of the
    Lakes start to unravel something. Either Dialga or Palkia is released
    depending on what game you're playing. So try to capture it without the Master
    Cyrus and Dialga or Palkia
    Galactic Boss
    Party Pokemon: Weavile, Gyarados, Honchkrow, Crobat (high 40s)
         Simply get rid of Weavile using fire types. Any fire type will do. If you
    wish Bug and Fighting types work fairly well too. Gyarados-electic works.
    However, if you have a Pokemon that isn't Rock type, but has Rock type moves
    such as Vespiquen with Power Gem works very well since Vespiquen has a fairly
    good Sp. Def. and Def. So yeah either Rock MOVES or Electric types and moves.
    Honchkrow will go with whatever you took out Gyarados with. Same with Crobat.
    So yeah use the same thing with Gyarados, Honchkrow, and Crobat. Sorry if I
    don't know, but you have to team up with your rival to fight Jupiter and Mars
    either before or after Cyrus. As for the guide I have it below.
    Legendary Pokemon
    Dialga or Palkia
         So anyway start your fight by weakening it with either Dragon, Ground, or
    I think Fire works too. Get it into the red zone and inflict it with either
    sleep or freeze then start hurling Ultra Balls at it. If you accidentally kill
    it reset. Just make sure you saved beforehand.
         Start off with either Dragon or Electric works. Pretty much the same.
    Get it into the red, sleep or freeze, then hurl Ultra Balls. Make sure you
    have at least 30 Ultra Balls as this will totally exhaust your supply if you
    have less than 15.
         After you successfully catch it the Legendaries will flee to the Lakes
    and Team Galactic will be out of your life for the rest of the game.
    Lakes Verity, Acuity, and Valor
         Now if you want to save the excitement of catching the Lake Pokemon you
    can skip down to the next section, but I recommend this in case you need some
    Psychic Pokemon to help with the Elite Four or Volkner. I recommend getting
    them now so that you will have at least a little bit of time to train them for
    the upcoming battles. I recommend having Roselia or another Pokemon that can
    learn Sleep Powder or Stun Spore for when it's in the red zone.
    So anyway the Lakes!
    Lake Verity
         So anyway you should know where it is by now. Head back to Twinleaf and
    head to the Lake. Before we try to get Mesprit Surf to the far left side of
    the lake to get either Blizzard, Thunder, or Fire Blast. Come back to this
    section if you want to know the TMs for the lakes. Each lake has one. So yeah.
    I can't remember which TMs are at which Lakes though.
         Even though I'm writing this one first I recommend getting Mesprit first
    since it has the worst stats and moves and it's the hardest to catch. So
    anyhow when you talk to it in the middle of the cavern it runs off. You need
    to use your Marking Map Poketch app to find it. If you don't have one head to
    the Poketch Company and talk to the guy in front of the front desk until he
    doesn't give you anything anymore. If you haven't gotten a single one from
    him yet he should give you four apps. The second one will be the Marking Map.
    You can even get it after you beat Maylene. Just come back after you beat
    1, 3, 5, and 7 Gyms and he'll give you another one. Anyway you can't Fly to
    where Mesprit is or else its location will change. You have to either run or
    bike to it. If you have an Egg this would be a great chance to hatch it. Once
    you find it though you still need to stop it from fleeing. It will flee the
    first turn it gets in battle. So you need a fast Pokemon that knows either
    Block or Mean Look. Once you enter battle use either Block or Mean Look.
    Make sure your Pokemon has either move, a high Speed stat, and if you want
    since it will make this slightly easier a Quick Claw. It can't flee then. So
    whittle it's HP down to the red, sleep or freeze, and hurling of the Ultra
    Balls. Don't use your Master Ball yet. There are even better Pokemon still out
    there. Use Bug, Ghost, or Dark moves to whittle its HP.
    Lake Acuity
         Here you will find the TM for Blizzard on the other side of the lake. Go
    inside the Acuity Cave and head into the middle where Uxie is. It's Psychic
    type again so use Bug, Ghost, or Dark type moves for Maximum effect. Once it's
    in the orangey/yellow area of health use Psychic moves to bring it down to the
    red zone. Once there inflict it with sleep, freeze, or paralysis. Then start
    hurling Ultra Balls. Be careful just in case it uses Psychic on you, that will
    really hurt. For maximum effectiveness in battle use either Steel or Dark type
    Pokemon. Dark types are recommended for multiple reasons: Psychic type attacks
    won't effect you, Dark type attacks are really effective in the weakening
    stage,(just make sure you don't KO it.) and Dark types like Sneasel and
    Murkrow usually have a high Speed stat.
    Lake Valor
         Again you will find either Fire Blast or Thunder on the other side of the
    lake. Grab that TM then head inside. Head to the middle to begin the battle
    with Azelf. Besides for Mesprit and Legendaries you get with Nintendo events
    Azelf is the second hardest Pokemon to catch in my opinion. I know some of
    its moves, but not all of them: Psychic and Nasty Plot are the ones I know.
    Anyhow it's pretty much the same as the other two. Just lower its HP with
    Bug, Dark, and Ghost type moves. Once it gets into the red simply start using
    either Fighting or Psychic type moves to get it to its really low HP. Once you
    think it's low enough start hurling Ultra Balls. You'll need about 35 Ultra
    Balls for each Lake Pokemon so you'll need about 100 Ultra Balls or more. Be
    careful as Nasty Plot sharply increases Azelf's Sp. Attack. If it uses Nasty
    Plot three times or more its Psychic will be a force to be reckoned with. If
    you have a Pokemon that know the move Skill Swap and won't get killed by Azelf
    bring it out. Just let Azelf boost itself up then use Skill Swap every once in
    a while so it doesn't kill your entire party.
    Route 222
         Now if you did Lake Valor last as I did then this next part will be
    conveniently close. Head out to the Seven Stars Restaurant area. Remember that
    guy in blue that wouldn't let you go to Sunyshore City? Well now that the
    blackout is fixed you can go. So head east and into Route 222. There is a nice
    beach here where you can fish for Remoraid. In the house on the farthest east
    there's a guy who will give you a Net Ball every time you show him a Remoraid
    that's bigger then his set record. Aside from that there's the Pikachu Fan
    Club house. There's nothing there for you. So anyway just battle the three
    trainers, pick the berries, than proceed to Sunyshore City. If you were able
    to beat Cyrus twice, capture Dialga or Palkia, and captured the 3 Pokemon of
    the Lakes then this should be like relaxing. Head into Sunyshore when you're
    Sunyshore City and an Encounter with Flint (Elite Four #3)
         When you head into Sunyshore you will run into Flint of the Elite Four.
    He tells you that the blackout was due to Volkner, Gym Leader using too much
    electricity to renovate his Gym. So now Volkner is off sulking somewhere. He
    asks you to look for Volkner for him. You don't really have a choice so he
    leaves and you can enter the city. Once you get in you'll see it's a really
    big city. Anyway you can look around. Even though it's really big there isn't
    much to do. One girl in a house near the middle of the city will give you a
    different ribbon depending on what day it is. Her name is Julia.
    So visit her once a day until you have them all. Besides for that you can
    learn that Cyrus' parents live here. Maybe that's why he never made trouble
    Vista Lighthouse
          Anyway after you're done exploring head to the Vista Lighthouse. It's on
    the southeast corner of town. Head up to the top where Volkner is. Talk to him
    to cheer him up. After a few minutes of babbling he feels ready to battle
    again. He leaves for the Sunyshore Gym and asks you to swing by for a battle.
    So naturally head to Sunyshore Gym.
    Sunyshore Gym
         Here you get to traverse an intricate web of electrical gates and stuff.
    You need to find your way to Volkner before you even get to battle him. Worst
    of all you'll battle up to 8 trainers on your way there. This Gym uses
    Electric type Pokemon if you haven't figured that out already so keep your
    Flying and Water type Pokemon at bay or they'll get zapped pretty bad. Instead
    bring Rock, Ground, and Grass types for maximum effect. Once you get to
    Volkner it's battle time!
    Sunyshore Gym Leader: Volkner
    Type: Electric
    Recommended types: Ground, Rock, Grass
    Party Pokemon: Raichu 46, Ambipom 47, Octillery 48, Luxray 49
         As you can see Volkner is pretty diverse in his choice of Pokemon,even
    throwing Water type Octillery into this electrified mix. Anyhow take out
    Raichu with some firm Ground type moves like Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, and the
    powerful move Earthquake. Next up is Ambipom. If you have an Infernape there's
    a good chance that it knows a Fighting type move. If it does that move is most
    likely either Mach Punch or Close Combat. Either one will do. Hey, if your
    Infernape's attack is high Rock Smash will even do the trick. Anyway the next
    contestant is Octillery. This is quite a surprise once you consider that
    Volkner is an Electric user. Anyway if you have Grass types like Roselia or
    Cherrim you'll be set. For either one, especially Cherrim just use Sunny Day
    then SolarBeam or just SolarBeam to put this octopus in its place. If you
    don't have either one of these move any old Grass type move besides Bullet
    Seed will work. If you have a Roselia then Petal Dance works pretty nicely too.
    Finally he has a Luxray. Do you remember those cute little Shinx near Sandgem
    and Jubilife? Well this is that cute little kitten's final evolution! For this
    big lion start it off with Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, or Earthquake. Then if it still
    has some fight in it finish it off with Earthquake or another Rock or Ground
    move. After you win Volkner gives you the Beacon Badge. Meaning that all
    Pokemon that you own will obey you. He also gives you TM 57 Charge Beam. This
    attack is like an Electric type Hyper Beam. So it does massive damage, but you
    have to recharge next turn. Oh you can also use Waterfall out of battle now,
    if only we had it...hmmm. Anyway head to the beach at the farthest north point
    of Sunyshore.
    Meet Johto's Jasmine and HM 07 Waterfall
         At the beach you'll see a girl who doesn't seem to be from around here.
    I forget if she tells you or not, but she is Jasmine the 7th Gym Leader from
    Johto. She gives you HM 07 Waterfall then scurries away. Maybe it's because
    she's a Steel type user like Byron that she didn't have any use for it... It
    doesn't matter anyway you have it and now you can go to the Pokemon League!
    Route 223
         From the beach teach one of your Pokemon Waterfall then from here it's a
    straight Surf to Victory Road. There are trainers here, but if you've been
    training your Pokemon then they  shouldn't be a problem to you. Once you get
    to a waterfall you're almost there. Head up the waterfall and you'll see a
    Pokemon Center. Heal up because you've got a long journey ahead of you. Not
    quite as long as the journey it took you to get here, but it's considerably
    long. Once you're healed up head on into Victory Road!
    Victory Road
        Since it's kind of cheating to guide you through this place there isn't
    much to say. You'll need all of the following HMs to make it through to the
    other side so stay with me: HM 03 Surf, HM 04 Strength, HM 06 Rock Smash,
    HM 07 Waterfall, and HM 08 Rock Climb. You do not need Defog to my knowledge,
    but keep a Pokemon that knows it on hand just in case. The wild Pokemon plus
    all of the trainers that are determined to make sure you don't make it will
    wear you down slowly. Make sure you have at least 30 Max and Hyper Potions,
    at least 30 Revives, at least 6 Max Revives, at least 30 Full Restores, and
    at least 50 Full Heals. If you have all of those supplies it will make your
    trip much easier. These tools are recommended: at least 30 Max Repels unless
    you intend to train in here, at least 5 Ethers and Max Ethers, at least 5
    Elixers and Max Elixers, and a Smoke Ball will help if you chose not to bring
    the Max Repels or you couldn't afford them.  With all these supplies your
    Item's and Medicine pockets will be stuffed. If you are weaker then I'd
    recommend doubling, tripling, or if you are below level 40 even quadrupling
    my supply numbers. I doubt anyone will need to quantuple it, but miracles do
    happen and in this case being below level 35 is quite a miracle. Make your
    way through this intricate puzzle and try to arrive out side without too many
    of your Pokemon having fainted. However, if you have the supplies I listed I
    doubt any of your Pokemon will be fainted when you exit. At one point you will
    see a person in blue guarding what seems to be another cave entrance. You won't
    be able to go in there right now, but come back after you've beaten the
    Pokemon League and have obtained the National Pokedex. Then he will gladly
    step aside. Once you're out head up to the water and you'll have to use
    Waterfall one last time before you end up at the Pokemon League.
    RIVAL BATTLE FINALE: The Pokemon League
          Once you're here heal up, sell unnecessary items and restock on any
    of the Healing Items I mentioned above. When you try to enter the Pokemon
    League Markus runs up to you and tells you that he's going to crush you as
    a warm up. Battle him. If you made it through all you have so far you will
    crush HIM in a heartbeat. If all your Pokemon are at least level 55 then you
    will definitely beat him. That's why I'm not going to guide this battle. Just
    beat him and then he walks away disappointed. Poor Markus...NOW TO THE
    The Pokemon League: The Elite Four: Aaron, Bertha, Flint, Lucian
       Here we are at the top of all trainers: we're at the Pokemon League. Get
    ready because the first member of the Elite Four is a couple levels higher
    than Markus so be prepared.
    Elite Four #1: Aaron
    Type: Bug
    Recommended Types: Flying, Fire, Rock
    Party Pokemon: Dustox 53, Heracross 54, Vespiquen 54, Beautifly 53, Drapion 57
    Recommended Level: 50-60
    Here you can see that Aaron is quite diverse with his selection of Pokemon.
    Take out Dustox using Psychic, Flying, or Fire type moves. If you have an
    Infernape it can pretty much take out Aaron's entire party with its Flame
    Wheel or Flare Blitz. Although, you probably don't want to do that since, Flare
    Blitz doesn't have that much PP and you need it for other opponents. Anyway,
    Dustox doesn't usually survive more than a round or two of super effective
    hits. Just make sure that it doesn't get to use any stat inducing moves on you.
    Next up, is Dustox's long lost cousin, Beautifly. This one is even easier to
    take out than Dustox because it's even more susceptible to Rock type moves. If
    you have a good Rock type move like Rock Slide or Stone Edge, Beautifly won't
    be very beautiful for long. Vespiquen isn't much harder except that she knows
    some quite powerful moves. Take her out fast before she can use a good move
    like Power Gem on you. She has a pretty weak Defense so you might want to try
    some physical Rock Moves. Heracross isn't as stereotypical. It's a Bug and
    Fighting Type Pokemon. So you're gonna have to use some Flying type moves to
    really hit its sweet spot. Just make sure you don't let it survive long enough
    to unleash one of its more powerful moves like Megahorn or Reversal. Beware of
    Reversal especially when Heracross is low on health. Often, Aaron will have
    Heracross use Reversal when its in the red zone instead of using a Full
    Restore. If you've barely left any HP on it when this happens you're Pokemon is
    toast especially if its a Dark or Normal Type. Finally we have that cute little
    Drapion. Well not exactly. Drapion has a whole bunch of nasty moves. The ones
    that can really hit you hard are the ones that can inflict the "Badly Poisoned"
    status condition. If Aaron whips out Drapion early, put away any Grass,
    Psychic, or Fighting type Pokemon. Unlike his other Pokemon, Aaron has chosen a
    Pokemon that isn't a bug at all. Drapion is a dual type Poison and Dark type
    Pokemon. You're gonna need some Ground type moves to take down this scorpion.
    If you win, Aaron will fork over some cash and applaud you on your efforts.
    Next up is Bertha. I hope you brought a lot of healing items because Bertha and
    Flint can really wear you down.
    Elite Four #2: Bertha
    Type: Ground
    Recommended Types: Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting
    Party Pokemon: Quagsire 55, Sudowoodo 56, Golem 56, Whiscash 55, Hippowdon 59
    Recommended Levels: 53-60
    Alright, now we have the Earth Queen. Bertha specializes in Ground Type
    Pokemon. A lot of her Pokemon are dual typed so that Grass type attacks will
    wreak havoc. I hope you have a powerful Grass Type. If you have a good Grass
    Type Pokemon like Roselia, Torterra, or Roserade. If you do, this battle will
    be a breeze. Three of her four Pokemon are 4x weak against Grass Type Moves.
    Use powerful Moves like Petal Dance, Solar Beam, Grass Knot, and Leaf Storm to
    obliterate her Party. Now that three of her Pokemon, Quagsire, Golem, and
    Whiscash, are out of the way let's focus on Sudowoodo and Hippowdon. The only
    real threat is Hippowdon. Sudowoodo isn't very powerful unless you have a
    Bug-Flying dual type or a heavy Pokemon like Steelix or Snorlax. Sudowoodo
    often uses Rock Slide and Low Kick. If you have a lighter Grass type Pokemon
    like Roselia or its evoloved form Roserade Sudowoodo will be out of the picture
    faster than you think. Finally, Hippowdon will succumb to a good Grass type
    move too. Just have a well placed Petal Dance or SolarBeam and you've just beat
    Elite Four #3: Flint
    Type: Fire (Well not exactly)
    Party Pokemon:
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