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    Pokeradar FAQ by Burning_corpse

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 10/02/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon FAQ: Pokeradar Style
      ____   __       ___ _    _  __         ___  __   __     
     ||   \ /  \|| //||__| \  / |/  \|| ||  ||__|/__\ /  \    
     ||() |||  |||// ||  |  \/  ||  || \||  ||  |/  \||  || ()
     || __/||()||||  ||==||\  /|||()|||\ |  ||==||==|||  ||   
     |||   ||  |||\\ ||__|| \/ |||  ||| \|  ||  ||  ||| \|| ()
     |||    \__/|| \\||__||    ||\__/|| ||  ||  ||  ||\__/\   
     PPP  O  K K EEE RRR  A  DD   A  RRR   SSS TTT Y Y L   EEE
     P P O O K K E   R R A A D D A A R R   S    T  YYY L   E  
     PPP O O KK  EE  RRR AAA D D AAA RRR   SSS  T    Y L   EE 
     P   O O K K E   RR  A A D D A A RR      S  T    Y L   E  
     P    O  K K EEE R R A A DD  A A R R   SSS  T  YYY LLL EEE
    <[0.1] Contents:                                  [cntnt]>
    [0.1]  Contents                                   [cntnt]
    [1.1]  Introduction                               [intro]
    [2.1]  Version History                            [vhist]
    [3.1]  Legal Information                          [legal]
    [4.0]  The Pokeradar                              [pkrdr]
    [4.1]  What is the Pokeradar?                     [radar]
    [4.2]  Where do I obtain it?                      [where]
    [4.3]  What is the Pokeradar Checker?             [chckr]
    [4.4]  How do I use the Pokeradar?                [touse]
    [4.5]  Dawn / Lucas's Information                 [dalui]
    [5.0]  Chaining                                   [chain]
    [5.1]  What is chaining?                          [whtis]
    [5.2]  Basics                                     [basic]
    [5.3]  Tips on longer chains                      [chntp]
    [5.4]  The Pokeradar Shiny Formula                [frmla]
    [5.5]  Kyle Clarthy's Chaining Grid               [kcgrd]
    [5.6]  Unconfirmed rumors about larger chains     [rumor]
    [6.1]  Pokeradar Rares                            [rares]
    [7.1]  Frequently Asked Questions                 [ FAQ ]
    [8.1]  Credits                                    [creds]
    [9.1]  Contact                                    [cntct]
    <[1.1] Introduction:                              [intro]>
    Hey everyone! This is my first time writing an FAQ, but it's for two of the 
    best games out there at the moment: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! Over the past 
    few months, I've been playing on my imported version of Pearl (I live in the 
    UK, but yay for imports!), and have steadily come to terms with the 
    functionality and uses of the Pokeradar.
    This FAQ will only contain information regarding the Pokeradar, and anything 
    related to the Pokeradar. If you are searching for any tips on how to get 
    past certain events in the game, please check Marriland's FAQ/Walkthrough 
    instead, as it covers those topics in a lot more detail than I ever could!
    In finishing words, I hope that you all enjoy the FAQ, and bid you all good 
    luck on your adventures!
    <[2.1] Version History:                           [vhist]>
    Version 1.50 (02/10/2007)
    - Added section on the shiny formula.
    - Inserted Kyle Clarthy's Chaining Grid.
    - Changed Hoppip's location for easier finding.
    Version 1.40 (09/08/2007)
    - Corrected a few mistakes, and changed some wording in places.
    - Added a whole new unconfirmed rumour.
    - Added another Frequently Asked Question.
    - Another tip has been added, no idea how I missed it.
    - A slight change to section [5.4] Rumour number 2.
    - Added a little bit about people allowed to edit FAQ.
    - Added a footnote to the Pokeradar Rares section.
    Version 1.30 (--/--/2007)
    - Corrected a few mistakes.
    - Added a little bit to the Unconfirmed Rumours section.
    Version 1.25 (13/06/2007)
    - Corrected the location of Grimer.
    - Not really an update as such, but I'm now 17 and legal to drive!
    Version 1.20 (12/06/2007)
    - Not had too much to change, but had a few errors pointed out:
    - Fixed Slowpoke's location.
    - Changed the probability section to make it more understandable.
    - Added another site to the allowed list.
    - Removed CheatCC from the ban list, even though I still despise the site.
    - Added another FAQ question.
    Version 1.10 (06/02/2007)
    - Added some ASCII to the FAQ to make it look nicer.
    - Added section [4.0]. Nothing major, but I felt necessary.
    Version 1.00 (06/01/2007)
    - Changed the shiny probability segment so it makes more sense.
    Version 0.95 (05/29/2007)
    - Added some information of the shiny probability.
    - Added a few credits points.
    Version 0.90 (05/27/2007)
    - Updated a few spelling errors.
    - Added where to find the Pokeradar Checker.
    Version 0.80 (05/25/2007)
    - Added a few more tips for longer chains.
    - Updated the FAQ section.
    Version 0.70 (05/25/2007)
    - Changed Dawn's Information to Dawn / Lucas's Information.
    - Added section on the Pokeradar Checker.
    - Changed a few grammatical / spelling errors.
    Version 0.60 (05/24/2007)
    - Completed the FAQ and Credits sections.
    - Added some ASCII to the headings to make them more noticable.
    Version 0.50 (05/23/2007)
    - Initial release of FAQ, 0.50 just because it sounds nice.
    - So far Completed up to the unconfirmed rumors.
    <[3.1] Legal Information:                         [legal]>
    No part of this FAQ may be copied, rewritten or redistributed under any given 
    circumstance except for private use. The FAQ may not be published on any site,
    unless permission is given by me, the author to do so. Use of this FAQ or any 
    part of it without the author's permission to do so is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright law.
    In no way am I affiliated or associated with Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, 
    Game Freak, Creatures Inc. or any other companies involved in the development 
    and distribution of the game. I am also in no way affiliated or associated 
    with GameFAQs, with the exception of allowing them to publish this FAQ.
    All content of this FAQ is copyright 2007 Gareth Carruthers / Burning_corpse.
    All things Pokemon related are copyright of their authentic owners.
    If anyone would like to contact me with regards to this FAQ, please contact me
    at computer_pirate@hotmail.co.uk however please refrain from flaming in any 
    way, unless a valid reason is given. If you do wish to contact me, ensure that
    the word "Pokeradar" or "FAQ" is in the subject line, otherwise it could be 
    The following sites have permission to host this FAQ:
    - http://www.gameFAQs.com
    - http://www.gamespot.com
    - http://www.neoseeker.com
    - http://www.supercheats.com
    - http://pokedream.com
    - http://www.angelfire.com/id2/PokeSite
    The following people have permission to edit my FAQ, with proper credit given:
    - Matt D. Oliver - French translation.
    - Wocky (Unknown real name) - Wiki HowTo.
    If you wish to host this FAQ on your site, please feel free to e-mail me, just
    so that I can allow or deny it, but the chances are that I will allow it, 
    provided it is not CheatCC.
    The following site may not host this FAQ, or any part of the FAQ:
    If anyone sees a site that is not listed above hosting this FAQ, please notify
    me via e-mail, and I shall investigate.
    Now onto the FAQ!
    <[4.0] The Pokeradar                              [pkrdr]>
    Ok, here we go. One of the main sections of the FAQ, which will go on to 
    explain the basics about the Pokeradar. Nothing too important, unless you're a 
    curious newcomer to the Pokeradar; in which case I welcome you!
    <[4.1] What Is The Pokeradar?                     [radar]>
    The Pokeradar is a wonderful key item in Pokemon D/P. This is because it 
    allows for certain non-Sinnoh Pokemon to be found where they could previously
    not be found!
    <[4.2] - Where do I obtain it?                    [where]>
    The Pokeradar can be obtained from Professor Rowan in Sandgem town, once you 
    have seen all 150 Sinnoh Pokemon in your Pokedex. You do not need to have 
    beaten Cynthia and the Elite 4.
    <[4.3] - What is the Pokeradar Checker?           [chckr]>
    The Pokeradar Checker is a Poketch application that allows you to check your 
    longest chains from using the Pokeradar. It places them from first to third, 
    with no chains below that being shown.
    It has no real use really, unless you have been trying to chain a certain 
    Pokemon, and had forgotten what it was. Or if you are a competative chainer.
    The Pokeradar Checker application can be obtained from Professor Oak when you 
    visit the Pal Park, and have access to the Nation Dex.
    <[4.4] - How do I use the Pokeradar?              [touse]>
    To use the Pokeradar, you go to the key items section of your bag, and scroll
    to Pokeradar. From there, you can either set it to Y, so that you don't have 
    to keep reopening the bag to use it, or you can just select use.
    However, the Pokeradar will only activate if you are standing in a patch of 
    grass. So this means that you cannot stand in the middle of Jubilife and use 
    it, for example. You also cannot use the Pokeradar if you are on your bike, in
    a cave, surfing or standing in tall grass.
    <[4.5] - Dawn / Lucas's Information:              [dalui]>
    After you have obtained the Pokeradar, Dawn will tell you a few things about 
    it's use. She will be standing outside Professor Rowan's lab, in Sandgem Town.
    Here are the phrases she will say if you talk to her:
     > Hey! PERSON, you've got a Poke Radar? Watch for tall grass to rustle wildly
    when you use your Poke Radar. That could be a sign that a rare Pokemon is 
    hiding there.
     > So, PERSON. I'm also helping the professor put together the National 
    Pokedex. Catching Pokemon can be really challenging, can't it? But, it's also 
    much fun!
     > Sometimes a patch of grass sparkles when a Poke Radar is used. People say a
    different-coloured Pokemon is hiding there! Could that be true?
     > Hi, PERSON! How's your Poke Radar? When you use it, do you sometimes see 
    more than one patch of tall grass rustling? The patch farther away gives you a
    better chance of seeing the same kind of Pokemon in a row. That's the feeling 
    I get, anyways.
    /\ PERSON = What you named your character at the beginning of the game. /\
    <[5.0] Chaining:                                  [chain]>
    Ok, here is the section which is asked about most frequently on the message
    board - chaining Pokemon.
    <[5.1] - What is chaining?                        [whtis]>
    Chaining, with regards to the Pokeradar, is where the Pokeradar is used only 
    once to initiate a chain of the same Pokemon. This means that if the Pokeradar
    was used and a Bidoof was found, then a chain of Bidoofs would be able to 
    follow. Why anyone would want to chain Bidoofs though, I do not know.
    <[5.2] - Basics                                   [basic]>
    Ok, first things second (well, I had to explain what chaining is, didn't I?):
    How to chain, im basic steps.
    Firstly, you'll want to make sure that you have a plentiful supply of repels.
    I would recommend super repels, because max repels rip you off. The reason for
    repels? Using the Pokeradar may make you think that the only wild battles you 
    will encounter will be the patches of grass that shook. This is NOT TRUE. Even
    if the Pokeradar has been used, wild Pokemon battles can still occur, and if 
    one happens during a chain, it will break the chain. Using the repel therefore
    prevents this, but does not prevent you from finding the Pokeradar pokemon.
    Secondly, you'll want to make sure you have a Pokemon in your party that will 
    be able to defeat the pokemon you're planning to chain. This may seem a bit 
    obvious to the majority of people, but it's suprising how many people actually
    forget this, and struggle to get long chains.
    Next up, you're going to want to decide on the Pokemon you're going to chain.
    If it's a rare, be prepared to have to plough your way through a few common 
    Pokemon before finding the first one to start the chain.
    Now, go to the area you want to chain in, and take a few steps into the grass,
    so that you're not on the edge.
    Now use one of those repels, followed by the Pokeradar. You will then see a 
    few patches of grass rustle (or none at all, but if none rustle just recharge
    the Pokeradar and try again).
    You may notice that some patches of grass rustled differently to the others.
    In total, there are 3 different types of rustle:
    1) The ordinary. The patch of grass shakes, with no other noticable movements.
    In these patches of grass there will be mainly the normal types of Pokemon you
    would find, such as Starly, or... Bidoof. However, rare Pokemon can still be 
    found in them, just not very often.
    2) The greeny-white flecks. The grass will shake, but will also have white 
    flecks on it. These patches of grass indicate that a rare Pokemon could be 
    hiding there, so always try for these ones if you can!
    3) The shiny. These patches of grass are the rarest, and easily best. They 
    indicate that a shiny Pokemon is present, and should DEFINITELY be battled, no
    matter how far away from you it is. They look a pure white in colour, and 
    flash white twice. They are very noticable in comparison to number 2.
    Once you have gone into battle with the Pokemon you are looking to chain, 
    either defeat it or capture it. You must not run from it, as this will end 
    your chain.
    Upon finishing the battle, you will see more patches of grass rustle, 
    indicating more wild Pokemon. Head towards the one that rustled the same way 
    as your first patch of grass did, and is also the furthest away from where you
    last fought. This increases the chance that you will find the same type of 
    Pokemon in the second battle.
    When you enter your next battle with the same type of Pokemon, you have now 
    achieved a chain of 2 of that particular Pokemon.
    Continue battling the Pokemon you wish to chain to obtain a larger chain 
    <[5.3] - Tips on Longer chaining:                 [chntp]>
    Ok, so you can get a chain of around 10 or so. But that's not big enough for 
    you, is it? Well, here are a few tips that will (hopefully) help you in making
    your chain as long as possible:
    > Firstly, you MUST remember to use the repels. There have been a few times 
    where I have been chaining, and then completely forgotten to respray the 
    repel. Then Bidoofs ran rampant... seriously, this can be quite annoying, 
    especially on chains of rare Pokemon.
    > Secondly, try to get to the patches of grass that rustled furthest away from
    you. These have a greater chance of being the same type of Pokemon as the one 
    you first battled.
    > Thirdly, remember to go for patches of grass that rustle in the same way as 
    the first patch. If you enter one that rustled differently, chances are that 
    you just broke your chain.
    > Fourthly, NEVER move immediately up after seeing the grass rustle. The 
    chances are that the patch just above you rustled, and you didn't notice it 
    because the character blocked the way. Try to move left or right first, and 
    ensure that you know a route to the patch of grass you want to go to.
    > Also, you do not necessarily have to go to one of the patches of grass that 
    you see rustle after battling a wild Pokemon. You can move around a bit more 
    (minding that you don't step on any patches with Pokemon in them!) to recharge
    the Pokeradar, and then use it again. This will not break your chain, and will
    prove considerably useful if you don't see any patches of grass that seem 
    likely to contain the correct type of Pokemon.
    > Try to avoid moving into patches of grass that are against walls, or in 
    corners. This is because there are less patches of grass around you, and 
    therefore there is a lower chance of finding patches of grass around you.
    > If you are planning on hunting for a shiny Pokemon that you wish to be able 
    to use competatively, ensure that you have a Pokemon with synchronize and a 
    decent nature for the Pokemon you wish to find, as this will increase your 
    chance of finding the right nature of Pokemon for you to use.
    > If you are going to try to chain electric type Pokemon, it helps to have a 
    Pokemon with static first in your party. This increases the chance of finding 
    an electric Pokemon to 150% of it's original chance of being found.
    > If you intend to chain steel type Pokemon, have a Pokemon with magnet pull 
    first in your party. Like static, this increases the chance of finding steel 
    type Pokemon to 150% of the original chance of finding the intended Pokemon, 
    and therefore helps the chain be maintained.
    > For the previous two tips, if you do not have a Pokemon that is able to take 
    out the Pokemon you intend to chain, have the Pokemon with the ability fainted,
    as this prevents them from being sent out, but the ability effect is still in 
    > If you are running low on repels, but can't be bothered to go and restock on 
    them, have a Pokemon with the Intimidate ability out first in your party. This 
    will decrease the number of wild Pokemon found naturally, but will not change 
    how many Pokemon the Pokeradar finds.
    > Many people will cite 40 as a good number to stop trying to increase the
    chain, and a good time to start scanning for shinies. To do this, just keep 
    resetting the Pokeradar until you find a shiny, and don't walk into and other
    patches of grass!
    <[5.5] - The Pokeradar Shiny Formula:             [rumor]>
    Ok, here's the most important part of this FAQ. The actual formula for whether
    a Pokemon found using the Pokeradar is shiny or not. Ok, so is everyone ready?
    Here's the formula, over three lines for ease of reading:
                      14747 - 40(n)       Where P = Probability
         P(shiny) = ------------------      and n = Chain length
                    2621440 x (41 - n)    
    So what does this show us? Well firstly, it shows that the probability of 
    finding a shiny Pokemon with the Pokeradar DOES increase as the length of the 
    chain increases, and it also shows us that the optimum chain length is 40. Any
    higher, and there will be no difference to the outcome of the equation, even 
    though it is impossible to divide by zero.
    <[5.5] - Kyle Clarthy's Chaining Grid:            [rumor]>
    Here's a grid of all the possible squares around where you stand when you use 
    the Pokeradar. This does go under the assumption, however, that there are no 
    walls in the way around you, and that you are surrounded by grass.
     X 4 4 4 X 4 4 4 X  |  So what does this grid mean?
     4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4  |  Well, the "U" is you, the player.
     4 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 4  |  The "X"s are locations that are deemed unsafe.
     4 3 2 1 1 1 2 3 4  |  The numbers 1-4 represent the safety of the patch.
     X 3 2 1 U 1 2 3 X  |   So if you walk onto a 1 patch, don't expect the chain
     4 3 2 1 1 1 2 3 4  |   to last very long. If you walk onto a 4 patch, 
     4 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 4  |   however, the chain is supposedly more likely to go on.
     4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4  |  Basically put, walk into the 4 patches whenever you get
     X 4 4 4 X 4 4 4 X  |  and opportunity to!
    <[5.5] - Unconfirmed Rumors about larger chains:  [rumor]>
    In this section, I will try to explain the most common of rumors regarding the
    longer chains using the Pokeradar.
    [i] The shiny rate increase.
      This rumor basically says that as the size of the chain increases, the 
    chance of finding a shiny wild Pokemon also increases. This has not been 
    proven or disproven, although there is evidence either wway to suggest that it
    does not work, and that it does work.
    An example of this being true is with WadeCountry, who spent 2 days chaining 
    Larvitar. The highest chain over that 2 day period was 35, and also that 35th 
    Pokemon turned out to be a shiny Larvitar. Whether this was coincidence or 
    not, we don't know, but it does seem a bit unlikely to have been.
    An example disproving the theory would be with the people such as Gigano, who 
    had a chain of 2 Ditto and then found the shiny. This obviously goes against 
    the rumor as 2 Pokemon is hardly a large chain.
    Assuming that the game follows normal probability rules, you're more likely to 
    find a shiny during a long chain. The same way that you'd be more likely to 
    flip heads on a coin if you flip it more times. However, the probability of 
    getting a shiny does NOT increase the longer your chain goes on. That would be 
    like saying a coin is more likely to flip heads because you just flipped tails.
    If you're confused, you can look up the "gambler's fallacy" on Wikipedia. 
    The chance of finding a shiny = 1/8192. By doing some basic calculations we 
    Probability of finding at least one shiny after 1,000 goes is about 12.5% 
    Probability of finding at least one shiny after 10,000 goes is about 70.5% 
    Probability of finding at least one shiny after 100,000 goes is more than 99.9% 
    Keep in mind, however, that even after 99,999 tries, the probability that the 
    next Pokemon you find in a chain is a shiny is still only 4/8192 (assuming that
     four patches of grass rustle). Sorry, but maths is cruel.
    [TRUE/FALSE/LIMBO?] This rumour has been proven TRUE. See section [5.4].
    [ii] The same natured Pokemon.
      This lesser known rumor came about from Pkmn Tranier Abram, who caught 5 
    Pokemon in a row with the Pokeradar that were all quirky in nature, however, 
    they did not have anything that could have influenced this outcome. This means
    that there were no synchronising Pokemon in the party at the time.
      This rumor has only occured twice as far as I am aware, and is therefore 
    presumed to be not true, as further research has not come up with the same 
    results again as of yet.
    [TRUE/FALSE/LIMBO?] As of yet, this rumour is still in LIMBO.
    [iii] The grass switch.
      This is a rumour that I have come across a few times in my e-mails now, so 
    I figured that it's about time to put it up here.
      Basically, you can switch grass type halfway through a chain, provided that
    you go from the less rare sort to the rarer sort of grass. An example would be
    from type [1] to type [2], but you can't go back down, so no [2] to [1].
      The reason I mention this is because there was one mention that after 
    switching grass type, the only Pokemon that was found was Bidoof (the 
    original chain Pokemon), no matter how near or far the type [2] grass was from
    the player. The chain had to manually be stopped, after getting a few shinies 
    out of it (Oh dear, shiny Bidoof!).
      I am currently putting time into researching this, and wouldn't mind e-mails
    with information from other people's research!
    [TRUE/FALSE/LIMBO?] This rumour is also in LIMBO, however leans towards FALSE.
    <[6.1] Pokeradar Rares:                           [rares]>
    Here is a list of the non-Sinnoh pokemon that cannot be found unless the 
    Pokeradar is used, aswell as where they can be found:
    | Pokemon # | Pokemon Name |  Location   |  D/P?   |
    |    029    |  Nidoran F   | Route 201   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    030    |  Nidorina    | Route 221   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Lake Valor  |  Pearl  |
    |    032    |  Nidoran M   | Route 201   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    033    |  Nidorino    | Route 221   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Lake Valor  |  Pearl  |
    |    048    |  Venonat     | Route 229   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    049    |  Venomoth    | Route 229   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    056    |  Mankey      | Route 225   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Route 226   |  Pearl  |
    |    057    |  Primeape    | Route 225   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Route 226   |  Pearl  |
    |    079    |  Slowpoke    | Route 205   |         |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    088    |  Grimer      | Route 212   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    128    |  Tauros      | Route 209   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Route 210 S |  Pearl  |
    |    132    |  Ditto       | Route 218   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    161    |  Sentret     | Route 202   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    175    |  Togepi      | Route 230   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    179    |  Mareep      |   Valley    | Diamond |
    |           |              |  Windworks  |  Pearl  |
    |    180    |  Flaaffy     | Route 222   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    187    |  Hoppip      | Route 205 S | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    188    |  Skiploom    | Route 205 N | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    191    |  Sunkern     | Route 204 N | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    202    |  Wobbuffet   |  All three  | Diamond |
    |           |              |    Lakes    |  Pearl  |
    |    229    |  Houndoom    | Route 214   |         |
    |           |              | Route 215   |  Pearl  |
    |    234    |  Stantler    | Route 207   |         |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    235    |  Smeargle    | Route 212 N | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    236    |  Tyrogue     | Route 208   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Route 211 W |  Pearl  |
    |    241    |  Miltank     | Route 209   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Route 210 S |  Pearl  |
    |    246    |  Larvitar    | Route 207   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |         |
    |    262    |  Mightyena   | Route 214   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Route 215   |         |
    |    277    |  Swellow     | Route 213   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    280    |  Ralts       | Route 203   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Route 204 S |  Pearl  |
    |    281    |  Kirlia      | Route 203   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Route 204 S |  Pearl  |
    |    290    |  Nincada     |   Eterna    | Diamond |
    |           |              |   Forest    |  Pearl  |
    |    294    |  Loudred     |     Mt      | Diamond |
    |           |              |   Coronet   |  Pearl  |
    |    304    |  Aron        |    Fuego    | Diamond |
    |           |              |  Ironworks  |         |
    |    324    |  Torkoal     | Route 227   | Diamond |
    |           |              | Stark Mount |  Pearl  |
    |    328    |  Trapinch    | Route 228   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    329    |  Vibrava     | Route 228   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    333    |  Swablu      | Route 211 E | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    343    |  Baltoy      | Route 206   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    352    |  Kecleon     | Route 210 N | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |         |
    |    355    |  Duskull     | Route 224   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    356    |  Dusclops    | Route 224   | Diamond |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
    |    361    |  Snorunt     | Rt 216, 217 | Diamond |
    |           |              | Lake Acuity |  Pearl  |
    |    371    |  Bagon       | Route 210 N |         |
    |           |              |             |  Pearl  |
      Please note that where the letters "N", "S", "E" and "W" are used in the 
    Route name, it simply means that the Pokemon is found in either the North, 
    South, East or West part of the route.
    <[7.1] Frequently Asked Questions:                [ FAQ ]>
    If anyone has any questions with regards to the Pokeradar that aren't covered 
    in this FAQ, please feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you as soon
    as possible. Questions posed will also be placed onto this section for other 
    people to read and understand.
    Q: How do I progress through the storyline?
    A: Well, I could tell you, but that's not the point of this FAQ. If you're 
       stuck at any point in the game, check Marriland's walkthrough, as it is 
       a lot more concise than I could ever be.
    Q: Where can I find *insert item here*?
    A: Wrong FAQ. If you want to know where to find specific items, go to a 
       different FAQ.
    Q: Where can I find *insert Pokemon here*?
    A: If it's not one of the specific Pokeradar pokemon, please check a different
       FAQ. All this one is for is for using the Pokeradar.
    Q: I don't like your FAQ. It's terrible!
    A: Personally, I don't care about people who think that this FAQ is bad. If 
       you think you can do better, write your own FAQ.
    Q: There's something missing from your FAQ. What should I do?
    A: E-mail me at computer_pirate@hotmail.co.uk with Pokeradar in the subject 
       line, and I will add it into the next addition.
    Q: The radar is that thing you touch in a circle appears right?
    A: No. The Pokeradar is a key item, that has nothing to do with the Poketch.
    Q: If I chain for long enough, am I guaranteed a shiny?
    A: No, you're not. The chance of finding a shiny remains at 1/8192, however 
       the number of encounters increases, so you're just a bit more likely to 
       find one. You are only guaranteed a shiny if you use an AR, which I am 
    Q: I can't get any large chains! I give up!
    A: No! Don't give up! The shiny could always be just round the corner, so don't
       give up and never try again. Remember, it takes time and patience to find a 
       shiny, but it all pays off when you find one.
    Q: When I'm using the Pokeradar, can I leave the grass at all?
    A: Yes, you can leave the grass. However, try not to let the rustling grass 
       fall out of your sight, as this will break the chain prematurely.
    Q: I can't seem to find the Pokeradar Pokemon!?!?!??!?!??!??
    A: Just keep at it. They aren't called "rare" Pokemon for nothing, you know!
    Q: It says *Pokemon* is found on Route 210 N. Which bit is this?
    A: It's the part of the Route that appears horizontal on the map, and is 
       usually foggy when you get there. It's just to the right of Celestic.
    <[5.3] Credits:                                   [creds]>
    - Most importantly, credits go to Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, 
    Creatures Inc. and all the other companies involved in the creation and 
    distribution of the Pokemon games. Keep it up all of you!
    - Credits to serebii.net, for having a wonderful resource of Pokemon knowledge 
    that solves most problems with a single click!
    - Credits to GameFAQs and it's mods, for helping keep the D/P message board 
    under control, and also creating a site with references for all games.
    - Credits for Filb.de, for an excellent source of Pokemon information, aswell
    as for figuring out the shiny probability formula! It's worked wonders!
    - Loads of credit to B1001 and all those who have stuck with the Pokeradar 
    topics on the message board. Seeing that sort of dedication is a very good 
    thumbs up!
    - Credits to Kyle Clarthy, for the Chaining Grid
    - Credits to CaptainNight, for all the support in writing this FAQ.
    - Credits to Pkmn Tranier Abram, for providing information on the same nature 
    - Credits to WadeCountry, for information regarding the shiny Pokemon grass.
    - Credits to High Dragoon and Hert77 for pointing out a few problems with the 
    first release.
    - Credits to R7Nite, vs_seeker and Gold Ursaring, for their contributions to 
    the "Mini Guide to Catching Shinies With the Pokeradar" topic. Thanks people!
    - Credits to all those who have sent me thankyou e-mails. It really does make 
    this whole thing worth it to me!
    - Credit goes to those who have e-mailed me so far with questions regarding the
    Pokeradar. Keep it up! Especially those who correct me on accounts... you know 
    who you are!
    - Huge credits to www.Game365.co.uk, for allowing me to be able to play the 
    game over here in the UK.
    <[9.1] Contact:                                   [cntct]>
    If anyone has found a fault in this FAQ, or has a question that has not been 
    answered in any section of this FAQ, please double check to make sure that you 
    are right, and have not overlooked anything.
    If you are correct and have found something, contact me at the following e-mail
    address to help resolve the issue:
    However, please do not spam me in any way, as I wrote this FAQ for the 
    reference of the gamers of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and by spamming, I see it
    as a waste of my time.
    I will try to respond to all e-mails as quickly as I can, but do remember that
    I don't just sit around online all day waiting for e-mails, I have other things
    to do aswell most days!
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