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    Underground Guide by shinkuuakuma

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/04/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl
    Underground Guide
    Table of Contents
       I. Introduction                         [INTR]
      II. Version History                      [VERS]
     III. Getting Started                      [STRT]
         A. Obtaining the Explorer Kit         [ST_A]
         B. Basic Operations                   [ST_B]
         C. The Menu                           [ST_C]
         D. Regions                            [ST_D]
      IV. Excavating in the Underground        [EXCV]
       V. Hiker Locations                      [HIKR]
         A. Goods Traders                      [HI_A]
         B. Trap Traders                       [HI_B]
         C. Treasure Buyers                    [HI_C]
      VI. Other Players in the Underground     [OTRP]
         A. Spiritomb                          [OT_A]
         B. Spiritomb Tips                     [OT_B]
     VII. Secret Base                          [SCRB]
         A. Creating a Secret Base             [SC_A]
         B. Improving Your Secret Base         [SC_B]
         C. Capture the Flag                   [SC_C]
         D. Capture the Flag - Rewards         [SC_D]
         E. Flag Tips                          [SC_E]
    VIII. Items                                [ITEM]
         A. Spheres                            [IT_A]
         B. Traps                              [IT_B]
         C. Treasure                           [IT_C]
         D. Goods                              [IT_D]
      IX. Frequently Asked Questions           [FAQS]
       X. Contact                              [CTCT]
      XI. Acknowledgements                     [AKNW]
     XII. Legal Information                    [LEGL]
    Introduction                                                             [INTR]
    The Sinnoh Underground is a place you can go to take a break from your main
    adventure. It is a network of underground tunnels where there are no Pokemon or
    battles, but instead, you can go treasure hunting and play with friends. You
    can do many things underground, such as:
      -Unearth Pokemon fossils
      -Excavate evolution stones and other useful items
      -Create a Secret Base and play in your friends' bases
      -Upgrade your trainer card
      -Enable the rare Pokemon Spiritomb to be found in the upper world
    Version History                                                          [VERS]
    Version 1.1                                                          2007.07.04
      -Corrected mistake referring to prism spheres as "shiny spheres."
      -Corrected information on sphere growth rates (depends on color, not size).
      -Added information on a glitch that occurs when combining spheres (in
       "Spheres" under "Items", as well as "Frequently Asked Questions").
      -Added suggestion that burying spheres may increase nearby digging spots (in
       "Spheres" under "Items").
      -Added another place to find an Odd Keystone (in "Spiritomb" under "Other
       Players", as well as "Frequently Asked Questions").
      -Added to "Frequently Asked Questions".
      -Added "Regions" under "Getting Started" section.
      -Added "Hiker Locations" section.
      -Added "Acknowledgements" section.
    Version 1.0                                                          2007.06.21
      -Finished first version of FAQ.
    Version 0.1                                                          2007.05.07
      -Started work on FAQ.
    Getting Started                                                          [STRT]
    Obtaining the Explorer Kit                                               [ST_A]
    You will first need to obtain a key item, the Explorer Kit. You receive it from
    the Underground Man, whose house is directly east of the Pokemon Center in
    Eterna City (where you find the second gym).
    Once you have the Explorer Kit, simply use it in an outside area (not in
    buildings or caves). While you're in the Underground, your DS will constantly
    be in wireless communication mode, and any other nearby players will join you
    Basic Operations                                                         [ST_B]
    Action takes place on the touch screen, while the upper screen shows a map of
    the entire Underground. It's broken up into several areas, which are not
    connected. So to reach certain areas of the map, you will need to use your
    Explorer Kit in a different part of the upper world.
    You should see several things on your map:
      -red dot (your current location)
      -red square (your Secret Base location)
      -white dots (general locations of treasures)
    You can tap the touch screen to use your radar to try to locate traps and
    treasure in your immediate vicinity:
      -white dots on the ground are TRAPS
      -yellow dots on walls are TREASURES
    Simply press the A button while facing one of these. This is how you deactivate
    traps and dig for treasure. While you can find items for use in the upper
    world, the majority of treasure you will find will be colored spheres, which
    are used as currency in the Underground.
    You will also find a number of non-player characters in the Underground, who
    look like Hikers. Some are vendors that will trade you traps and decorations
    for your spheres, and others will trade you large spheres for your treasures.
    The Menu                                                                 [ST_C]
    You can press the X button to open up the menu, where you will be presented
    with the following options:
      -TRAPS: This is where your traps and Digger Drill are stored. The Digger
       Drill is needed to create a Secret Base (it can only be used once, but you
       can get more) and must be used while facing a wall. Traps must be set while
       facing an empty spot of ground.
      -SPHERES: These serve as currency in the Underground. From this menu, you can
       bury spheres in the ground. A buried sphere grows larger over time, and you
       can bury multiple spheres of the same color in the same spot to immediately
       form a single, large sphere.
      -GOODS: These are decorations for your Secret Base. The items here are what
       you are carrying in your bag, and some can be given to other players as
       gifts. In order to use them as decorations, they must first be sent to your
       Underground PC.
      -TREASURES: Treasure found while digging will be stored here. You can send
       these items to your bag, so they can be used when you return to the surface.
      -[YOUR NAME]: View your records for the Underground.
      -GO UP: Return to the surface and end your session in the Underground.
      -CLOSE: Close the menu.
    Regions                                                                  [ST_D]
    There are six regions of the Underground, and where you use the Explorer Kit
    determines which region you will wind up in. You cannot travel from one region
    to another, so depending on where you want to go, you will have to choose where
    to use the Explorer Kit.
    While there are usually many places you can use the Explorer Kit to enter a
    particular region of the Underground, here are some suggestions:
       Eterna City
       Hearthome City
       Iron Island
       Pastoria City
       Pokemon League (North or South side)
       Snowpoint City
       Solaceon Town
       Veilstone City
       Oreburgh City
       Twinleaf Town
       Pal Park
       Valley Windworks
       Sunnyshore City
       Celestic Town
       Fullmoon Island
       Fight Area
       Survival Area
       Resort Area
    Some of these areas are not available until after you have beaten the Elite
    Four and the Champion, such as Fullmoon Island and the entire Northeastern
    island (Fight Area, Survival Area, Resort Area).
    Excavating in the Underground                                            [EXCV]
    On the map of the Underground, you will see dots that represent general
    locations of treasures. Make your way to these areas, and when you get close,
    start tapping the touch screen to use your radar and attempt to pinpoint the
    location of treasures and traps. When you find a yellow spot in the wall, walk
    up to it and press A to begin digging for treasures.
    Before you begin, a message tells you how many items are hidden in the wall.
    At the top of the touch screen is a bar representing the wall's strength; as
    you dig, a crack will grow in this area, and when it reaches across the screen
    the wall will collapse. Any items you failed to completely uncover will be
    lost, but you get to keep any items you did manage to uncover. You will be able
    to keep digging in a section of wall until the wall crumbles or you manage to
    uncover everything.
    One thing to watch out for is hard rocks, which make a sort of "ting!" sound
    when hit. Hitting these will NOT uncover nearby squares, but will still add to
    the stress of the wall. Obviously it's best to avoid hitting these.
    On the right are buttons representing your digging tools.
      -The sledgehammer clears more squares at once, but makes the wall crumble
      -The pickaxe is your default tool. The wall can take more hits from this,
       but you don't clear as many squares simultaneously as the sledgehammer.
    There are many strategies players can develop for digging for treasure, but
    generally, the sledgehammer is good for attempting to clear larger areas to
    help uncover treasures, and once something is found, the pickaxe can help clear
    the area over the treasure with precision and keep the wall from collapsing too
    Hiker Locations                                                          [HIKR]
    While Underground, you may run across Hiker characters you can trade with.
    There are three types: Goods Traders, Trap Traders, and Treasure Buyers.
    Since the area on the map where you use the Explorer Kit determines which
    region of the Underground that you enter, this guide provides some suggested
    areas to do so. They may not be the most ideal locations to use the Explorer
    Kit, but are the most convenient locations to access via the HM move Fly (to
    get to Fullmoon Island, you will have to Fly to Canalave City and take the boat
    to Fullmoon Island).
    Also, keep in mind that the prices you see can vary from day to day, or even
    from one hiker to another. If you really want to be careful with your spheres,
    be sure to shop around.
    Goods Traders                                                            [HI_A]
    Goods Traders will trade Goods to decorate your Secret Base in exchange for
    your spheres. Also, you can trade your extra Goods for spheres.
    #1. Dig at Veilstone City. Head up 2, left 2, then up all the way.
    #2. Dig at Pastoria City. Head up all the way.
    #3. Dig at Snowpoint City. Head down all the way.
    #4. Dig at Eterna City. Head right 1, then down all the way.
    #5. Dig at Resort Area. Head right all the way, up all the way, then left 2.
    #6. Dig at Twinleaf Town. Head down 1, then right 1.
    #7. Dig at Sunnyshore City. Head down all the way, right all the way, down 2,
        then left 2.
    #8. Dig at Fullmoon Island. Head up all the way, right all the way, then up 1.
    Trap Traders                                                             [HI_B]
    Trap Traders will trade Digger Drills and Traps in exchange for your spheres.
    Also, you can trade your extra traps for spheres.
    #1. Dig at Sunnyshore City. Head down all the way, right all the way, down all
        the way, then left 9.
    #2. Dig at Fullmoon Island. Head up all the way, right all the way, up 2, then
        right 8.
    #3. Dig at Celestic Town. Head right all the way, up 1, then right all the way.
    #4. Dig at Celestic Town. Head left all the way, then down 1.
    #5. Dig at Oreburgh City. Head right 1, then down 1.
    #6. Dig at Survival Area. Head left 1, then up 1.
    #7. Dig at Solaceon Town. Head left 1.
    #8. Dig at Eterna City. Head right 2, up 3, then right 2.
    Treasure Buyers                                                          [HI_C]
    Treasure Buyers will give you relatively large spheres in exchange for
    Treasures you have dug up while Underground. Their prices vary, so you may want
    to check out each of the four hikers to see which is offering the best price.
    You CANNOT buy treasures from them, unfortunately.
    The Treasure Buyers are conveniently located in each of the four corners of
    the map. So here are some possible places to dig:
    #1. Dig at Fullmoon Island.
    #2. Dig at the Resort Area.
    #3. Dig at Twinleaf Town.
    #4. Dig at Sunnyshore City.
    Other Players in Underground                                             [OTRP]
    As you wander around the Underground, the DS will be in local wireless 
    and other nearby players will automatically join you. The Underground is not
    compatible with the Nintendo WFC, so you can only meet other players that are
    physically nearby.
    When you meet another player Underground, you can walk up to and talk to them.
    You can view each other's Trainer Cases, participate in a little quiz, and give
    and receive Secret Base decorations. Also, talking to people Underground is the
    key to encountering the rare Pokemon Spiritomb.
    Spiritomb                                                                [OT_A]
    Spiritomb is an unusual Pokemon that is somewhat difficult to come by. What's
    so special about it? Its types are Dark and Ghost, a rare combination that
    means it has no type weaknesses. It certainly is an interesting Pokemon that is
    worth checking out.
    It is not very easy to encounter, however. You must:
      1. Obtain an Odd Keystone item.
      2. Place the Odd Keystone in the well on Route 209.
      3. Speak to 32 people Underground.
      4. Return to the well, where a wild Spiritomb will attack.
    Spiritomb can be male or female. It may be a good idea to try to capture a
    female, to make it easier to breed more. It is possible to save just before
    examining the well, so you are able to reset the game if you don't like the
    wild Spiritomb that you encounter.
    Technically, you should be able to repeat the process indefinitely as long as
    you have Odd Keystones. You can easily get your first Odd Keystone by talking
    to a Black Belt character on Route 208. He will be immediately West of
    Hearthome City, near the bottom of the screen. You can get another Odd Keystone
    by using Surf on the pond at the bottom of Twinleaf Town and examing the trees
    to the left (use the Dowsing/Itemfinder app on the Poketch to help locate it).
    Finally, you can get more Odd Keystones while digging Underground (although
    they are quite rare).
    You need to speak to 32 people Underground to make a Spiritomb appear, but the
    non-player hiker characters do not count toward this total. You must speak to
    actual payers (it doesn't count if they speak to you). However, they do not
    need to be 32 unique people... You can exit and re-enter the Underground, and
    each player you encounter again will count as another person.
    Spiritomb Tips                                                           [OT_B]
    You can meet the 32-person requirement somewhat easily, even if you only have
    one friend willing to help.
    It's possible to go Underground, talk to your friend, then go back to the
    upper world and then go Underground again. Each time you do this, the friend
    will count as another new person towards the 32 needed.
    However, there is a slightly faster method. Entering and exiting your Secret
    Base will also "reset" your friend! So all you need to do is enter your Secret
    Base, exit, talk to your friend, and repeat. This can go rather quickly if
    you have your friend wait just outside your Secret Base entrance.
    All you need to do is press A to start a conversation, then you can immediately
    press B to cancel. Check your Underground record from the menu to help keep
    track of how many times you need to repeat the process.
    Secret Base                                                              [SCRB]
    First introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, the Secret Base makes a return
    in Diamond and Pearl. The main difference is that Secret Bases are now in the
    Underground, and you do NOT need a special Pokemon move to create one.
    Creating a Secret Base                                                   [SC_A]
    To create a Secret Base, you will need a Digger Drill. The Underground Man in
    Eterna City walks you through the first steps of going Underground, and if you
    complete the tasks he asks, he will give you one for free. You can obtain more
    Digger Drills from the trap vendors Underground.
    To use a Digger Drill, simply face the section of wall where you want it to be
    created and use the Digger Drill. Remember that it will be found in your TRAPS
    Improving your Secret Base                                               [SC_B]
    When you first enter your Secret Base, you should notice your PC against the
    back wall, and a lot of large rocks taking up space. These are natural
    obstacles that will block off large areas of your Base and prevent you from
    placing decorations exactly where you please.
    It is possible to remove the large rocks, though. You need to upgrade your
    Secret Base flag (which represents your status) by capturing flags from other
    players' Bases. The more flags you steal, the more rocks you will be able to
    Capture the Flag                                                         [SC_C]
    To capture someone's flag, you have to first find their Secret Base. Then you
    simply have to grab their flag (press A in front of their flag or PC, which
    will always be at the back of their Base), then return to your own Secret Base
    and enter it in your PC. Obviously, you must both have your Secret Base in the
    same section of the Underground, or you won't be able to register their flag
    on your PC.
    If someone has taken your flag, you can talk to them to reclaim it. To make it
    easier to catch other players, place traps on the ground to try to slow them
    down. Of course, you should watch out for traps others have placed as well!
    It is possible to trigger your own traps, but they will be visible to you so
    you should be able to avoid or disarm them. However, while you are carrying a
    flag, you will be unable to disarm traps, so make sure you leave a path for
    yourself to enter!
    Capture the Flag - Rewards                                               [SC_D]
    As you capture more flags, your rank will increase, which is represented by
    your flag. You will also be able to place more decorations in your Secret Base,
    as well as remove more rocks.
    Flags Captured     Appearance        Max Decorations    Rocks You Can Remove
    --------------     -------------     ---------------    --------------------
     0 flags           Normal Flag       10                 0
     1 flag            Bronze Flag       12                 1
     3 flags           Silver Flag       15                 5
    10 flags*          Gold Flag         15                 10
    50 flags**         Platinum Flag     15                 16 (all rocks)
    * Once you have captured 10 flags, you also receive a special bonus! You will
    have a new Radar option on your Underground PC, which will show you where
    treasures and traps are hidden on the map, as well as where you have buried
    ** Once you have captured 50 flags, your trainer card should be upgraded. That
    is, you will gain an extra star and your card's color will change. There are
    other events that will upgrade your trainer card (like beating the Elite Four,
    or filling your National Dex), but this is the only one earned Underground.
    Flag Tips                                                                [SC_E]
    It may seem like it will take a long time to steal 50 flags, and thus make your
    Secret Base the best it can be. However, if you have a friend willing to help,
    you can make things a lot easier.
    The easiest way to quickly rack up your number of captured flags is to simply
    have a friend create a Secret Base right next to your own. Then you can simply
    run back and forth between bases until you have as many flags as you want! Of
    course it's common courtesy to let your friend steal your flag repeatedly as
    Items                                                                    [ITEM]
    Spheres                                                                  [IT_A]
    Spheres are the most common items you will find while excavating Underground.
    You can find red, blue, green, pale (light pink), or prism (light blue)
    spheres. Spheres act as currency for the Underground, and you will be able to
    trade spheres for items and vice versa.
    When talking to a vendor, it will display what kind of sphere he wants in
    return for an item, as well as a minimum size. For example, the vendor might
    request a "Red Sphere 16." You have to offer him a SINGLE sphere that meets
    this size minimum. You can offer a larger sphere, but you will not receive
    any "change," so try not to offer a sphere that is considerably larger than the
    requested size or it'll be a bit of a waste.
    You are able to bury spheres in the ground. This serves two purposes: a buried
    sphere will slowly grow in size; and spheres of the same color can be combined
    in a single spot to form a larger sphere. There is a catch, however. By
    combining spheres, you will lose quite a bit of mass in the process. For
    example, combining two "Red Sphere 10"s will not result in a "Red Sphere 20."
    Here is how you can calculate how big a combined sphere will be, based on the
    size of the spheres buried together:
               Size of the largest sphere
            + (Size / 5, rounded down, + 1) for each other sphere
    Here's an example:
            Red Sphere 19 + Red Sphere 4 + Red Sphere 11
            19            + (4/5 + 1)    + (11/5 + 1)
            19            + (0 + 1)      + (2 + 1)
            19            + 1            + 3
            = Red Sphere 23
    As you can see, you lose a lot of each sphere this way, but it is the only way
    to get some of the really high sphere sizes. Also, Keep in mind that a sphere
    cannot get larger than size 99. Your bag has a limit of 40 spheres, and any you
    collect after that will simply be discarded, so you will need to trade or
    combine spheres periodically.
    There is also an apparent glitch to be aware of. It occurs when you attempt to
    combine more than two spheres, and you bury the largest sphere last. The glitch
    will cause the smallest buried sphere to add only 1 to the size of the combined
    sphere, regardless of its original size. So if the smallest sphere you buried
    was of size 5, it will add 1 instead of 2.
    Also, if you bury multiple spheres of the smallest size, this glitch will cause
    all but one of them to be ignored. So if you bury size 5, size 5, and size 10
    spheres, the result will be a size 11 sphere (one of the size 5 spheres is
    ignored, and the other contributes 1 instead of 2).
    So, to avoid this glitch, it may be a good idea to bury your largest sphere
    first, or save one of your smallest spheres to be buried last.
    Finally, it has been said that burying spheres in an area seems to cause the
    walls nearby to have more areas to dig in. This is a difficult claim to prove
    definitively, but seems like it could be true. If your experiences contradict
    this, please feel free to contact the author of this guide.
    Traps                                                                    [IT_B]
    Traps are found on the ground. Traps you set yourself will be plainly visible
    to you, but invisible to others. Invisible traps may have been set by other
    players, or just naturally generated. Invisible traps cannot be seen except by
    using your radar (tap the touch screen).
    Any trap can be deactivated by simply standing in front of it and pressing A.
    The deactivated trap will be added to your inventory, so this is a good way to
    stock up on free traps or steal them from other players.
    Traps are nothing more than annoyances that will slow you down as you try to
    walk through the Underground. They can be used to help protect your flag in
    your Secret Base, by slowing down would-be thieves so that you have an easier
    time reclaiming your flag. They can also simply be used for fun!
    Traps can be used to set up "combos." For example, you can use Hurl or Move
    traps to send someone flying towards another Hurl or Move trap. If you string
    enough of these together, you can send someone hurtling far, far away from the
    first trap they triggered! Another nasty possibility is hurling someone
    straight into a Confuse trap, and then surrounding that with a variety of other
    traps. There are many possibilities, so use your imagination!
    There is a limit to the number of traps you can set, however. You can set a
    maximum of 16 traps throughout the Underground, and when you set more, the
    oldest-placed traps will begin to disappear. Also, your bag has a limit of 40
    traps, and any you attempt to disarm after that will simply remain where they
    are. It's a good idea to set or trade traps periodically.
    Treasure                                                                 [IT_C]
    Treasures are items that you find while digging that can be used when you
    return to the surface. Keep in mind they must be moved from your Underground
    Bag to your regular bag first! Simply go to the list of treasures in your menu,
    select an item, and it should give you an option to send it to your regular
    There are many items you can find Underground. First, there are fossils. You
    can bring a Pokemon Fossil to the Oreburgh Museum to resurrect that Pokemon,
    creating a live new member of your team. Unlike previous Pokemon games, you can
    obtain an unlimited number of any particular fossil.
    Fossil           Pokemon      Notes
    ------------     --------     -----
    Skull Fossil     Cranidos     Only found in Pokemon Diamond
    Armor Fossil     Shieldon     Only found in Pokemon Pearl
    Claw Fossil      Anorith      Only found after obtaining the National Dex
    Root Fossil      Lileep       Only found after obtaining the National Dex
    Dome Fossil      Kabuto       Only found after obtaining the National Dex
    Helix Fossil     Omanyte      Only found after obtaining the National Dex
    Old Amber        Aerodactyl   Only found after obtaining the National Dex
    Here are other various items you may find Underground:
    Item             Use
    ------------     ---
    Blue Shard       10 can be traded for TM18 Rain Dance on route 212
    Green Shard      10 can be traded for TM07 Hail on route 212
    Red Shard        10 can be traded for TM11 Sunny Day on route 212
    Yellow Shard     10 can be traded for TM37 Sandstorm on route 212
    Damp Rock        Hold item: Extends duration of Rain Dance
    Everstone        Hold item: Prevents evolution; influences breeding
    Hard Stone       Hold item: Boosts the power of Rock type moves
    Heat Rock        Hold item: Extends duration of Sunny Day
    Icy Rock         Hold item: Extends duration of Hail
    Iron Ball        Hold item: Reduces speed; holder is vulnerable to Ground moves
    Light Clay       Hold item: Extends duration of Reflect and Light Screen
    Smooth Rock      Hold item: Extends duration of Sandstorm
    Draco Plate      Hold item: Boosts the power of Dragon type moves
    Dread Plate      Hold item: Boosts the power of Dark type moves
    Earth Plate      Hold item: Boosts the power of Ground type moves
    Fist Plate       Hold item: Boosts the power of Fighting type moves
    Flame Plate      Hold item: Boosts the power of Fire type moves
    Icicle Plate     Hold item: Boosts the power of Ice type moves
    Insect Plate     Hold item: Boosts the power of Bug type moves
    Iron Plate       Hold item: Boosts the power of Steel type moves
    Meadow Plate     Hold item: Boosts the power of Grass type moves
    Mind Plate       Hold item: Boosts the power of Psychic type moves
    Sky Plate        Hold item: Boosts the power of Flying type moves
    Splash Plate     Hold item: Boosts the power of Water type moves
    Spooky Plate     Hold item: Boosts the power of Ghost type moves
    Stone Plate      Hold item: Boosts the power of Rock type moves
    Toxic Plate      Hold item: Boosts the power of Poison type moves
    Zap Plate        Hold item: Boosts the power of Electric type moves
    Fire Stone       Evolves certain Pokemon
    Leaf Stone       Evolves certain Pokemon
    Moon Stone       Evolves certain Pokemon
    Sun Stone        Evolves certain Pokemon
    Thunderstone     Evolves certain Pokemon
    Water Stone      Evovles certain Pokemon
    Heart Scale      Can be traded to the Move Relearner
    Rare Bone        Can be sold for high price
    Star Piece       Can be sold for high price
    Revive           Revives a fainted Pokemon with half HP
    Max Revive       Revives a fainted Pokemon with full HP
    Goods                                                                    [IT_D]
    Decorations are used to change the look of your Secret Base. There are Pokemon
    dolls and furniture, but there are also some items that will display messages
    to visitors and even traps you can set for people attempting to steal your
    Note: These items have not yet been comprehensively documented. Feel free to
    contribute something not found on this list.
    Item            Size From               Message
    --------------- ---- ------------------ ---------------------------------------
    Globe           3x3  Mr. Goods          Number of people met underground so far
    Cardboard box   1x1  Goods vendor       Number of times Secret Base was moved
    Wooden crate    2x2  Goods vendor       Number of times Secret Base was moved
    Gym statue      1x2  Mr. Goods          Number of Secret Base Flags obtained
    Small bookshelf 1x1  Goods vendor       Number of Fossils dug so far
                         Underground Man
    Shop Shelf      2x1  Goods vendor       Number of goods given as gifts
    Cupboard        2x1  Goods vendor       Number of times others were helped
    TV              2x1  Goods vendor       The total score so far
    Frequently Asked Questions                                               [FAQS]
    Q. Can I play with others in the Underground via the Nintendo WFC?
    A. No. The Underground will only function over local wireless communications,
       and NOT over the Internet through the Nintendo WFC. You have to be
       physically close to other players in the Underground.
    Q. How do I create my Secret Base?
    A. You need to use a Digger Drill underground, while facing any wall. You can
       trade spheres for a Digger Drill from trap vendors. Also, completing tasks
       for the Underground Man in Eterna City will earn you a free Digger Drill.
    Q. How do I upgrade my trainer card?
    A. Capture 50 flags from other players' secret bases.
    Q. How do I find Spiritomb?
    A. Get an Odd Keystone, drop it in the well on route 209 East of Hearthome,
       then talk to 32 people Underground. When you examine the well again, a
       Spiritomb should appear and attack.
    Q. Can I just talk to the hikers underground over and over?
    A. No, you have to talk to actual players. Hikers do not count towards the 32
       people you need to talk to.
    Q. Do I have to talk to 32 different people?
    A. Not necessarily. You can talk to the same people over and over, but you must
       exit the Underground and re-enter to make them count as new people. Also,
       entering and exiting your Secret Base will have the same effect.
    Q. I don't know any people near me who play Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Is there any
       other way to get Spiritomb?
    A. There aren't a lot of options. Remember that you only need to know at least
       ONE other person who has Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and has a DS. Or, if you have
       two Nintendo DS systems and two Pokemon game cards, you can do it all
       yourself. Even games from different regions will work with each other (if
       you have a Japanese copy and a North American copy, for example).
       If none of these options are available to you, there is one final way. You
       will need to see a Spiritomb to get it added to your Pokedex. Then, you can
       attempt to trade for one over the Global Trade Station (GTS). However, for
       this, you will need to use the Nintendo WFC, and thus need to have access to
       a wireless hotspot or a wireless router that connects to the Internet. The
       only way to see a Spiritomb in-game, without help from other players, is to
       defeat the Elite Four and battle the Champion (you do not need to win; you
       can lose after you see the Spiritomb).
    Q. How do I get an Odd Keystone?
    A. The Black Belt character directly West of Hearthome City will give you one.
       You can also find one while using Surf on the pond at the bottom of Twinleaf
       Town (examine the trees to left -- the Dowser/Itemfinder Poketch app can
       help you locate it). Finally, you can also find Odd Keystones while digging
    Q. How do I combine spheres?
    A. Bury spheres of the same color in the exact same spot. You can't bury
       spheres of different colors in the same spot.
    Q. When combining spheres, don't you need to bury the largest one first?
    A. No. It doesn't matter what order you bury spheres in; the smaller spheres
       will always get added to the largest one, not the first one.
       There is one exception, however, and that is when three or more spheres are
       buried at once and the largest sphere is buried last. There appears to be a
       glitch that causes the combined sphere to be smaller than it should be. So
       while it is not necessary to bury your largest sphere first, it is not a bad
       idea as it will help you avoid this glitch.
    Q. When trying to grow spheres, don't smaller spheres grow the least?
    A. No, the size of the buried sphere has nothing to do with its growth rate. It
       depends on the color of the buried sphere. Red, blue, and green spheres grow
       at the rate of 3 to 6 per day, while pale and prism spheres grow at the rate
       of 1 to 2 per day.
    Q. I can't find any more places to dig!
    A. When this happens, the best thing to do is to simply wait, as it takes more
       time for more digging spots to appear. However, if you have the Radar on the
       PC in your Secret Base (available after obtaining 10 flags), you can use it
       to be sure you haven't missed any digging spots.
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    in an area seems to cause more digging areas to appear on nearby walls. This
    seems to be supported by my personal experiences.
    Thanks to Zeb the Enigmatic for confirming that Odd Keystones can be found
    Underground (a short while later, I confirmed this myself as well).
    Thanks to djbeardo for noting a second Odd Keystone can be easily obtained in
    Twinleaf Town. Also thanks to a contributor I will call "A.C." for later
    contributing the same information. Thanks to you both!
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