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"Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory"

Firstly, let me openly state that I've never really enjoyed stealth action games. That changed when I played the GBA version my mind changed altogether. I believed that the DS version of Splinter Cell would be fun and engaging, and make a new home for handheld stealth games. However, Splinter Cell ended up being a murky, atmosphereless, run of the mill stealth game.

Now onto the review;

Presentation; 9/10: The developers at Ubisoft struck home with fine menus and great extras within the menus. The menus help make the overall package feel close to it's console brethren, but make us feel like the game will have a particular mood which is unfound within this game.

Story; 6/10: It's one of those typical “he's got our man, go get him” storylines. The handheld game stays very close to the console versions story with very little change. However, lack of any mood or particularly felt really kills the story, making the game feel pointless.

Graphics;8/10: The game is rendered in complete 3d. However, the look cast a dark, murky shadow on all the characters and areas. Areas with lots of lighting look very similar to areas with NO lighting. The main character, Sam Fisher, looks… weird. His head is a squarish polygon-thing. Even though there is a lot to improve on, these graphics really show what the DS is capable of, and we know that the graphics will only get better.

Sound;8/10:One word describes the tone that the sound creates, that word being ambiance. When you start the game, you immediately get the feeling of slight fear, but an upwelling of adrenaline flows throughout your entire body. Menu sound, however, must be improved.

Controls;5/10:The controls are too complex for their own good. Taking your out your sniper, and zooming in your aim is a lot harder than it should be. Switching your weapons is easy and intuitive. Camera control relies on the touch screen, and is flat out pathetic.

Gameplay;6/10:The game, is just not that fun. If there is anyone who is looking for an easy game, stay away from Splinter Cell. The is immensely difficult, and has too much stuff the player has to do at once, and the player can be lost very easily by the stuff to do in this game.

Lasting Appeal;4/10:The single player is the main attraction in this version of Chaos Theory. That's sad because it's usually the 2 on 2 multiplayer that's favored in the console versions. It feels like the multiplayer was just an afterthought. The game should have been pushed back, and had it's multiplayer improved.

Overall;6/10:The game sports a slick presentation, that pushes the story and feel of the game on the player. Beautiful graphics, and music help to create a dark and sinister mood that is just to murky for the eyes. Even though the game features beautiful graphics and music, it's just not fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/14/07

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