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"Decent game, but too short and linear"

"Decent game, but too short and linear"

Although many of the reviews claim this game to be seriously flawed in every way, it is actually not too bad.

The storyline is basically the same as the console versions. I won't retell it here, in case you haven't played the game. However, the storyline is fairly hard to follow, espically on the DS version of Splinter Cell, where most of the story is set out in text rather than voice acted scenes.

The graphics in this game are decent enough for the DS, but I agree when other people say it could have been done better, espically in the framerate. However, a good point about the graphics is that they are in 3D, rather than the side-scrollers of the GBA Splinter Cell games. They could have used for colour though.

The controls again are pretty good for a game like Splinter Cell. Use the d-pad to run around, use R and A to fire your firearm, use X to jump, B to crouch, L to walk slowly and Y to interact with things. The touch-screen is also but to good use, with adjusting the camera and aiming the gun. It is also used to change your weapon.

The soundtrack for Splinter Cell on the DS is pretty good, with a unique tune for each level and the music speeds up considerably if you activate an alert, which to me is quite a nice feel. However, the soundtrack kept repeating over and over during the course of a single mission. In shorter mission, this was alright but in the longer missions, it began to get a little irratating. Also, the voices that the guards make are way too common, like 'I'm getting paranoid' or 'Must've been nothing'.

Finally, we reach the gameplay of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory on the DS. Overall, I can honestly say that I am somewhat impressed by the quality of the gameplay here, taking into consideration that this is the first game of its kind to appear on the DS. The design of the levels are also different to the console versions, another bonus if you happen to want a portable Splinter Cell to play on the go. However, there are two drawbacks. The first one is that the game is way too linear. I understand that this is a DS game, so naturally they would have limited space but still, you could've been given more choice in what to do to infiltrate a building or bypass a guard or something. Another bad thing is the length of the game. If you are a newbie to Splinter Cell, this game might last you around 10 hours, tops. If you are a vetran, it will probably only last you about 5-6 hours. Overall though, those concerns aside, the gameplay for this game is quite good for a DS.

REPLAY: 7/10
This game has some replay value. In every level, you can locate bonus costumes that you can have Sam wear by going to the options menu and some of them are quite difficult to find. You can also unlock full equipment, meaning you have a infinite amount of equipment, so you can run through your favourite mission again, throwing grenades and shooting bullets or sticky shockers like a madman. However, once you have located all the bonus costumes and unlocked full equipment and gotten over the craze of infinite equipment, the game isn't really much fun to play anymore, although you can go for a 'perfect' game, where you get through all the mssions and avoid all the guards, and when you have no choice, knock them out instead of killing them (unless you have to kill them).

Overall, I gave this game a 7/10. You should buy it if you enjoy Splinter Cell games and you can look past the somewhat shabby graphics. This game is also quite enjoyable on long car trips, or if your are stuck in a plane which has lousy games.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/08/09

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (US, 06/28/05)

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