Review by kingdomheartsiskool1

Reviewed: 07/06/05

The Portable Splinter Cell Game You've Been Waiting For!

This is the game I've been waiting for since the original Splinter Cell came out. With the sub-par SC games on the GBA, I was almost about to give up on waiting for a good portable Splinter Cell game. When I found out that Splinter Cell was coming out for the DS I immediately reserved it. That was probably one of the best decisions I've made about buying a DS game.

Controls/Sound: 8/10
The sound in this game is great, the gunshots sound perfect, there is some voice acting by the enemies, and there is some actual music! The only problem is that the cutscenes don't have voice acting, but it doesn't drag the experience down too much. The controls are the reason this section gets a eight. Most of the controls are fine, but in order to shoot you must use your stylus, and there is no way to change the controls. This makes it incredibly annoying to kill somebody when they find you. Other then that annoyance the controls are easy to use.

These graphics are great for the DS, however when you aim with your gun your arms become extremely skinny for no reason at all. The framerate only slows down when you have a vision mode on, which you don't use most of the time anyway. The locations are beautifully done and enemies don't look too bad.

Story/Gameplay: 9/10
The game follows almost exactly the same storyline as the console versions, but it is mostly told in text cutscenes. As for the gameplay, you can do almost anything you can do in the console versions. You can sneak up from behind and grab enemies, sometimes you can interrogate them. You can do moves like the Swat turn and split on the ceiling. The game plays out with mission objectives, like rescuing somebody, uploading fake e-mails, or disarming bombs. There are also secondary objectives which you don't have to do, but you get extra points for them. The game also has two multiplayer modes, versus and co-op. In versus two people are mercenaries and two are spies. The spies have to complete certain objectives while the mercs try to stop them. In co-op mode two spies try to complete regular missions. There are 5 co-op missions available for play. Unfortunately, I was only able to play a little bit of multiplayer at the Gamestop I bought it at. I played versus mode, and found the merc controls to be annoying to use. Once I play more multiplayer I will add on to this.

Final Score:9/10
While it costs $40 dollars, it is definitely worth buying, especially if you have a friend who will buy it too.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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