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"The Portable Splinter Cell Game..."

It's that Splinter Cell portable game we've been all waiting for. No more cheap 2D platform or cell phone game with the chunky controls. Chaos Theory DS is probably closest SC game we'll ever see for a portable gaming system, until a PSP version comes out.

Okay so it's not all that great.

It has problems from the removed voice-acting to the non-interactive environments. This is not an exact Chaos Theory port. The multiplayer is there. But your friend will need a copy of his/her own. No single-card multiplayer here. Somehow Gameloft(developed Asphalt GT) just simply forgot to put in Splinter Cell's trademark "shooting the lights" feature into Chaos Theory DS.

The Bad
- Non-interactive environment (can't pick up rocks or garbage to create sound distractions)
- No interrogations
- Can't shoot the lights
- No voice-acting
- Limited/bad sound effects (blips and bloops are ancient history)
- Choppy framerates in certain areas
- Save feature needs to be improved
- Can't lean on the walls!

The Good
+ Amon Tobin's wonderful soundtrack(with some editing/cutting of course)
+ Finally, a portable 3D Splinter Cell game
+ Touch-pad aiming and lock pick

You have to be a die-hard Splinter Cell fan to enjoy this game. First timers should try the console versions first. This isn't the greatest Splinter Cell game out there but a lot better than the GBA games. Maybe one day we'll see a proper Splinter Cell portable game for either the DS or the PSP, until then this is a nice game to kill sometime.

I'm very glad that Gameloft was able to put Tobin's soundtrack onto the tiny DS Game Card. This what hurts Goldeneye Rouge Agent for the DS. Instead of putting Paul Oakenfold's soundtrack into Goldeneye, EA Games opted for simpler midi-sounding music and it's very annoying. Here, Amon Tobin's Chaos Theory is suspenseful and very fitting to the Splinter Cell universe. It's wonderful to hear it on the DS. Definately gets you into the mood.

The touch screen is something to think about. It works great for aiming and rotating the camera but that's about it. You start to wonder if this was some kind of gimmick device that Nintendo was trying to pull. There's innovation out there...somewhere to use this touch-pad to its fullest extent. Chaos Theory just use it for control and menus(which is ok and something not to complain about)
It's the same for FPS games like Metroid Hunters and Goldeneye. It works so don't fix it.

The graphics/game engine leaves you want the DS can offer. I hope this isn't it. Gameloft has a lot to learn especially when it comes to max out the power of the DS. I think the DS can handle a lot more than this. Regardless, the DS made Splinter Cell possible with the touch-screen and the 3D graphics. If you don't mind somewhat-blocky characters then give it a try.

I give it an 8 out of 10.
It's okay Splinter Cell game. Not the greatest but it's not that bad either. It does have problems but don't let that ruin your experience. A nice Splinter Cell game when your on long road trips or somewhere far away from home.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/11/05

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