Review by The IcecreamMan

"Splitting Headache"

I haven't played the console version of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and I usually buy the best version out of all the platforms (usually that leaves out the portable games). However, I thought the DS's unique capabilities is enough for me to give it a try. And boy did I regret it. Despite the DS obviously being vastly inferior to the Xbox in graphics and power, I felt that this game could have done better and result in a spectacular stealth-action game.

Graphics: 6

A lot of the environments in the game are pretty dark in lighting and require the game to be played indoors or at times when the sun is not showing a lot of light. I've played the first Splinter Cell and a little of Pandora Tomorrow, so I'm used to lots of darkness, which is Sam's (the main character) greatest advantage. However, the darkness can sometimes force the player to switch to night vision goggles which drop the framerate to a ****ing crawl. The details on the models and environment aren't really that bad on the DS (though I've seen better). It's the frame-rate that's the problem. It's horrendously choppy and even worst if you combine the bad controls.

Sound: 7

The music fits the mood of the game (although can be tedious). Not much else wrong here.

Gameplay: 6

Though the controls respond well enough, too much exertion is needed to control the camera in the game. For a game that requires the player to analyze the environment to plan out his/her move, moving the camera around can be such a hassle. The framerate affecting gameplay is bad enough but (as mention before) it drops to unplayable levels if you switch on a night vision or thermal pair of goggles.

Overall: 6

If the creators of this DS game have worked a little harder on the flaws, this game could have been great. But this game along with Prince of Persia Revelations (for the PSP) have convinced me never to buy an inferior version of a multi-platform game even if is portable. There are a few exceptions, but that's another story. Stay clear from this game and buy the XBox version.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/27/05

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