Review by Deposable530

Reviewed: 01/24/06

Don't believe other reviews, this game is good !

I have read a lot of reviews about this game and I can honestly say, they are all wrong. Splinter Cell DS is very fun just as much as the console version if not more.

Sound 9/10

Well done musical pieces. Their catchy and fit the moment. What's amazing is they sound almost exactly like the console versions. You don't get those annoying GBA tunes. The gun firing and foot steps sound just like their counter part. I have no real complains about the music or sounds.

Graphics 7/10

I could almost give this an 8. But since the frame-rate is laggy, it does slow you down a bit, but it isn't a big problem at all. Don't get me wrong, It is fully rendered 3D. The light/dark shading is great. For a DS title, the 3D graphics are good. If you are playing video games for graphics alone. Go watch a movie.

Gameplay 9/10

I can't tell you how fun this game is. Sam's movement and jumping are smooth and responsive. It feels just like Splinter Cell. It don't feel like dumb down at all. The missions are long. A lot longer than I thought they would be. The enviroment's are big but not huge. The lock picking is fun using the touch screen. Sniping with the touch screen is awesome too.

Controls 7/10

If you're bad at video games and only like three button games. You better not buy this game. It has advance control (their not difficult). Sam has a lot of moves to master. The touch screen works perfect for menu's and putting on night vision goggles fast. Moving the camera with the touch screen is great and easy. Shooting is easy too. Moving and shooting for me is hard... because I'm left handed. But you don't have to move and shoot anyway.

Like I said before, DON'T BELIEVE OTHER REVIEWS ! This game is great and should be played. It has a few flaws, but their not major flaws. The touch screen is great for splinter cell. I like it more than the console version... seriously. Go play it !

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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