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"Nothing more than a cheap tech demo"

Electroplankton is a very intriguing music game that lacks in variety. There are two game modes; Audience Mode (which is basically "demo mode" in which the game creates music on it's own) and Performance mode. Performance mode is your primary go to mode and it's from here you go on to select which style of plankton you plan to experiment with. Audience Mode is nothing more than a demo of the game playing on it's own like a typical videogame would do if nobody presses a button.

While in Performance mode you'll be given the option to select from ten different plankton to mess around with. Each plankton has their own unique feature to them but you'll never be able to use multiple combinations of any two or more plankton thus limiting your variety in your current song creation. After selecting your plankton you'll be taken to their setting (some plankton will have more than one song/beat to their style) with their odd and unique environment in which it is then up to you to customize a song. Not all plankton are the same so you'll have to experiment around with how they react to their environment to create your own song. As you venture through the melody play of the plankton, you'll soon realize how dull and lacking the game can be. The music itself isn't as customizable as it could be and as a result, you'll never be able to create a song that you can call your own. Eventually all the songs you try creating will sound a like plus/minus several "dings" or "dongs". What's really missing from the game is the option to save your song/data which could allow you to work on it for later improvements. Despite lacking such options, Electroplankton isn't all bad due to the soothing melodies of the game.

The music in this game is perfect for relaxation. Even though there isn't much for the variety in music tones that are available in the game, the quality of the melodies are very clear and crisp for the most part. The music in Electroplankton is so soothing that I could leave it on and fall fast asleep while listening.

Electroplankton scores high in innovation but overall it suffers severely from lack of melodies/options given. Do not go into buying this game if your intention is to create music, rather you should pick it up only if you plan on pushing some buttons for awhile and then calling it quits. I wouldn't recommend going through all the trouble of importing this but maybe if it comes stateside it wouldn't be such of a bust.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/20/05

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